Lessons I learned pubbing tridolons

Warframe13 - Lessons I learned pubbing tridolons

Background: So in the past month or so, I started doing Eidolon hunts. I never did them before even though I was MR20+. I played for a few months after PoE hit and never had the urge (the economy on PoE was also far more grindy at the time) so I didn't feel like grinding it. Took a long break, came back, and decided it's time to do PoE stuff like Eidolons. I started out with a basic amp and pubbing Teralyst, getting carried while trying to learn the mechanics. I just, for the first time, carried a pub team for tricap – did about 75% damage, killed most of the synovias, and was Trinity so keeping the lures alive as well. The team was two Trins and two Chromas. The two Chromas didn't seem to know what they were doing, combining for about 10% damage. This was my 34th Harry cap.

These are some things that I've observed. I'm pretty sure many of these do not apply if you're doing them in pre-made groups for 4×3 or above. This is meant for people who haven't tried Eidolons and are afraid to jump in because of the reputation of it being toxic.

1) Pubbing Teralyst is definitely the way to learn. At least when/where I'm playing (Asia) it's pretty chill. Teralyst is a good place to start because it doesn't really have attacks that will knock you out with one hit, unless you're really not paying attention. It's fast, and sometimes too fast if teammates are good. It's also a good way to rank up Quills while you get access to better amps and arcanes. If there's at least one person who knows what they're doing, it can be done quite easily.

2) Staying alive is job #1. The most annoying thing in a pub mission (and doubly so, I'm sure, in a pre-made group) is when someone goes down repeatedly. Going down once in a while happens – getting downed multiple times, especially early on, means you're not really ready for the fight. If your teammate isn't too busy and is coming to revive you, don't revive yourself – you only have four and you might need it later when everyone's busy with the Hydrolyst.

3) 2-2-3 is a good amp, but 7-7-7 is indeed better once you've got some waybound skills for the operator, increasing survival. 7-7-7 lets you blow your ammo all in one go pretty quickly. If you aim for an area where you get multiple hits, it takes down the shield pretty fast. But you really need to stand right up against or under the Eidolon, so you die pretty fast too if you are on default health/armour.

4) Rubico is probably the easiest to use sniper for this. I tried Lanka, but the travel time isn't for me. My Rubico is a pretty standard radiation crit build with no riven and three formas. I can probably squeeze some more damage out of it but not a lot.

5) You don't really need to have maxed out focus schools for pubbing purposes. Sometimes you run into a few people who one shot everything with void strike. Most pubs end up doing it at a pace of around 2×3. Obviously if you want to do faster runs then it's advisable to have most of the skills unbound and appropriate schools selected depending on your role, but if you're new to Eidolons you probably have no business in those groups.

6) Pay attention to chat – if someone says something like "-2" that means you're short two lures for a cap. Don't kill the Eidolon by accident – that'll stop the whole thing dead. It's sometimes hard to keep track of how many lures are alive on screen because the icons overlap and are hard to see with all the effects. Also it's usually good form to not shoot a limb unless you have one lure ready to keep the Eidolon from running away. You need 2 for Teralyst, 3 for Gantulyst and Hydrolyst. It's usually good idea to bring one more for Teralyst and Gantulyst so you have a charged lure ready for the next guy.


7) DPS is probably the easiest to start with – I started out with Rhino, as that helped me stay alive and modding for roar means I could help even if I didn't know what else to do. Once I got comfortable and was able to reliably DPS for whatever team I'm in, I started looking at what else I could do. In pubs Trinity is really useful – keeping lures alive is a high priority and it's the single most likely place to break down for pub missions, so I decided to try playing Trin. Volt is useful, but only if you have someone who can take advantage of your skills (or you do it yourself). In pubs you can't be sure of that – so I'd say DPS or heal is more useful than the others.

8) Everyone needs to help out with the shield in a pub. Unlike pre-made groups, where you have guys who can void strike everything in a hit or two, pub groups generally don't have that and you need to whittle down the Eidolon shield. If there's someone taking down shields really fast, then sure, sit in your frame and get ready to shoot. If not, help out. It's especially bad when the Eidolon calls for heal and nobody go hunts down the Vomvalysts.

9) Don't bring stuff that is useless to the fight. I've met quite a few people who obviously don't really know what's going on, and bring weapons or frames that contribute very little overall. It's fine if a player doesn't contribute much, but also don't just be useless from the get go. There are surprises though – the other day I had a Limbo who helped us avoid energy spikes with a max range cataclysm. I didn't know that works. TIL.

10) If you hold the lures, be mindful of where you are at key moments. I've met a guy who controlled two lures and who simply refused to get close enough at the end of Hydrolyst because he's been downed too many times, and didn't hand control over (or didn't understand how it worked). One of the other players just decided to kill and move on instead of wasting more time. It sucked.

11) Get Itzal and learn how the rewards spawn, and use the 3 skill to suck up all the goodies. One frequent problem with pubs is people don't know where the Brilliant Eidolon Shard is that you need for the next summon (I've seen it spawn on top of a tree). Don't be that guy.

I actually rather enjoy the challenge of pubbing – sometimes when I encounter people who are one shoting everything, it's actually a bit boring – sort of like taking an OP frame in to kill the Sergeant. With pubs I have to figure out what I need to do and what's the most effective use of my abilities. It was also pretty satisfying to go from not being able to do anything to now feeling good enough that I know I can probably handle most teams thrown my way. It was a good power progression that I can't really get from the main game anymore, so there's that. I still have a ways to go though – my focus trees aren't very well fleshed out, and I'm sure I can be more efficient in doing stuff (and grind out full arcane sets…) Pretty sure there will be lots of players who tell me what I'm saying here is wrong at the elite level – well, yes, but to become elite one has to go through the noob stage.

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