Let’s talk about our favorite rainbow lizard Chroma

Warframe7 - Let's talk about our favorite rainbow lizard Chroma

The last changes to self dmg and shieldgating indirectly nerfed Chromas ability of obtaining his vex armor buff. While I myself am not happy about the self dmg changes, since I rather enjoyed having it, nonetheless I can fully understand why people dislike it. That said I’m also happy for these changes since this means DE might finally take a third look at Chroma and actually do something about his one trick pony status he’s had since release. Because of this and as someone who has spend over 500 hours on Chroma, I’ve decided to share my thoughts onto how I would tackle his rework. But first I have to share with you my issues with his kit:

  • Passive: Nonexistent, which is made worse by the fact that it hinders fashion frame.
  • Spectral Scream: Pitiful damage, locks Chroma away from using his guns.
  • Elemental Ward: Has redudant parts to it, ehp overshadows every other advantage other elements would have making fire the undisputed best element.
  • Vex Armor: His best ability by far, but its reliance on power strength completely destroys chromas build versatility.
  • Effigy: Consumes way to much energy and debuffs chromas survivability.

With this changes I aim to rectify these issues as best as I can and provide a more tactical approach to his kit, while not overloading his abilities. That said, here is my rework suggestion:

Base Stats:

Health: Increase base health from 100 to 200 for both prime and OG version.

Note: I’ll be removing as much ehp attributes from his elements as I can, in order to make them more balanced. In addition I will be somewhat changing the values of his vex armor, which is why I decided to increase his base health so to maintain his current ehp of around 35k.

Passive (new ability): Enduring hide

Ability description: Chromas hardened hide reflects damage done to him back to the aggressor, with a 50% chance of randomly procing one of his 4 elements.

Note: The passive on its own won't do much, but its roll is solely to prime targets for Chroma to take advantage of. I decided this was the prefect passive since it goes well with his elemental master and dragon theme (since the hide of a dragon is represented as being pretty strong).

First ability (Reworked): Elemental Discharge

Ability description:

  • When pressed: Chroma fires a projectile, which explodes on impact creating an elemental DoT area based on his current aligned element.
    • Area duration: 15s.
    • Area Range: 10m.
    • Area DoT: 250 scales with vex armor and strength.
    • Status chace: 50% scales with strength..
  • When hold: Chroma cycles through his elements, allowing him to changed his alignment on the fly.

Note: This is essentially a better take on Chromas spectral scream, since it allows him to use weapons, while priming targets with status effects. The cycling is also something very important for my rework, since it’ll allow Chroma to control which buffs he’ll be getting.

Second Ability (new ability): Elemental Bane

Ability description: While active Chroma gains power from his fallen foes afflicted by status, draining them of their elemental energy, which he then releases and shares once the ability terminates. This comes at a great cost, with each kill chroma will lose hp till it reaches a minimum value, afterwhich the ability will terminates. Enemies afflicted by his 4 elements will provide these charges:

  • Fire: Stores 10% of the enemies total health per kill (scales with strength).
  • Ice: Stores 10% of the enemies shields and armor as shields (scales with strength).
  • Electric: Stores 50 energy per enemy killed (Scales with strength).
  • Toxin: Grands a 30% reload buff with a base duration of 20s, per kill the duration is extended by 5s (reload buff scales with strength).
  • Casting cost: 50 energy.
  • Casting duration: Remains active till terminated.
  • Hp drain per kill: 20hp affected by efficiency.
  • Hp termination value: 2hp.
  • Range: 15m.

Note: I had several issues with elemental ward, fire (previously ice) completely dominated the elements and the ability itself was just another egg timer with pitiful range. With this ability I aim to bring a new twist to the same ideas and increase his kit synergy in a natural way. His passive and one synergize with his 2 by allowing Chroma to proc different element and thus charge different bonuses, while his 2 benefits his 3 by damaging him and thus maxing vex armor, which increases the power of his 1. None of these abilities are required for each on of them to work on their own, but the synergies just elevates the entire kit.

Finally, my inspiration for this ability came from the armor passive of Safi Jiva from monster hunter.

Third Ability (Slight rework): Vex Armor


  • Make the buffs provided by vex armor static, scorn will now provide 1200% armor and fury 950% damage.
  • Now Chroma has to take 1500 points of health or shield damage, in order to max his buffs. Increased power strength will reduce the amount needed.
  • Increase duration to 30s.
  • Reduce range to 15m.
  • Remove the augment.

Note: Everything else stays the same, fury still scales additively with base dmg mods and does scorn with with base armor mods. Recasting also stays the same. I decided to reduce the range since Chroma will now be a lot more flexible when it comes to his builds.

Fourth ability (Slight rework): Effigy


  • Make it into a duration based ability, with 30s duration and 100 energy cost.
  • Allow it to behave like a specter, so that we can make it stay in one position or follow us around.
  • Remove the armor debuff.
  • Throw the augment into the trash bin.

Note: As a CC tool Effigy is actually good. The issue arises when we take a look at its energy economy and armor debuff, which completely removes any incentive to use it.


With these changes Chroma will have good CC in the form of effigy, decent support in the form of elemental bain and vex armor which ends up in a much more interesting kit. I really hope that Chroma is the next frame inline for a rework, since his current state is just bad. He’s been a one trick pony since release and it's just sad to see just a frame go to waste.

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