Let’s Talk about Void Storms… And Railjack in general.

Warframe9 - Let's Talk about Void Storms... And Railjack in general.

I was hoping Void Storms would be a decent alternative to Fissure Missions, I love Railjack as an idea and the recent update to it was great, really had us all ready to potentially embrace Railjack as part of the game. But…

  • Why would we want to do Void Storms over Fissure Missions?
    • Why would we spend potentially TWICE the amount of time to crack ONE Relic.
    • What is the point of this except to get Sevogoth and his weapon?
  • What are these Railjack Missions?
    • Why is it just an objective before the *Main Objective* which is just basic Warframe?
    • Why Nerf R-9 Cloud when it was the only Mission that actually had a purpose?

At it's current state there is still no real reason to play Railjack once you "Completed it." I wanted to discuss some ideas about how to potentially make it even remotely repeatable content to the point we actually want to play it.

Void Storms

I want to talk about this first since it's new content and it's honestly a Simple Fix.

  • Make it worth the time we have to invest for the missions.
    • It takes ~5 minutes to crack a relic in Survival and Defense (which are continuous) and less if it's Capture and Exterminate. It takes upwards to 10+ Minutes to do ANY of the Railjack Missions. They achieve the same result, One Relic Opened.
    • You get the Void Storm's Bonus Rewards for completing the Mission… but other than Okay Endo Bundles and Sevagoth's parts(for now) these feel like just something that doesn't matter.
  • Let's make it where we can open Multiple Relics for the time we invest. Even 2 or 3 would at least be something.
    • If we take ~5 minutes = 1 Relic opened in base game, then Railjack having Missions that take 10+ minutes could easily compensate with 2-3 Relics.
    • Ideally we could do upwards to 5-10 because people who play the game, have literal hundreds of them, why not give them a way to clear their stocks?

Rail Jack Missions

And this one is honestly quite simple as well. In fact we could lump it as the same solution

Make it worth our time.

The Prime Example of Railjack's potential that got nerfed R-9 Cloud. It showed that people like being rewarded for excellent coordination.

Was it a bit too good? Yes, but the major thing I want to point out is: Why nerf it instead of bringing the other missions up to snuff?

It was mentioned that it was a bug, and was firing the rewards ~7 times.

Well why not make it fire 3-4 times and make every Railjack mission do the same? Or how about making it where it progressively increases depending on the level of difficulty? Veil Proxima obviously being 4 times and scale down from there? It would literally give us a reason to keep playing Railjack beyond the Required reasons.

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