Lich farming and helpful information

Warframe1 - Lich farming and helpful information

Flared as "discussion" as it is subject to change

These are all IMO and what I have observed. Corrections welcome. I want to put those together before I send it to Warframe Wiki. Feel free to add, discuss, and correct the content. These are observation and my take on lich farm after my 100th lich. Euphemia 🙁 because fashion frame.

Murmurs/ Thralls:

Maps spawn up to but no more than 10 thrills

Killing more enemies faster will spawn them faster, so speed running pass all the enemies in a capture WILL NOT get you more thralls faster.

Thralls have Time gate, they do not spawn at the same time

You can get more thralls out of an exterminate mission by killing the existing one, wait 10s of not killing anything at all, then kill as fast as you can until the next one spawn.

Game doesn’t like more than two thralls on the mape, it is best to get rid of them ASAP as game may slow down or outright don’t spawn thralls.

Game almost always spawn a thrall at first spawn pool on start of the mission on the OPPOSITE side of where you need to go.

Node will only be cleared after you killed more than 4 thralls in that mission. Can use this to your advantage.

Game mode that has fast enemy spawn and large enemy spawn pool and multiple spawn location is best for thrall farm, i.e. mobile defense and survival.

Tips by mission type:

Survival is the best mode because you don't move around much and the enemy comes at you endlessly. Can hit 8-10 thralls reliably every round.

Mobile Defense is second best as it has a lot of enemy pool, endless spawn, with the down side of defending and failing an objective and not having all the enemy in the spot you want throughout the whole mission.

Exterminate, you can get more thralls by killing one as soon as possible, wait 10s, and then proceed the mission normally, that way you have more spawn pool to work with without slowing down mission too much

Capture/ Rescue can be good because it doesn't have a spawn pool limit, if you know how to make them spawn faster, you can get more thralls. You also have the option of speeding through it and get exactly 4 thrall before extraction, come back, circle the map, and get 10 the next round, effectively getting 14 thralls from one node. Good options if you are running out of nodes. However, it can be more time consuming.

Sabotage the coolant option get you more thralls as it effectively turns it into mobile defense. abide more time is needed

Defense Almost not worth it if you are soloing, enemy take too long to find/ kill (because they can get stuck on map). The number of spawn is also fixed by how many player is in session and thrall spawn with new cluster. Solo means you may only get one cluster and one thrall per wave. Defense is good for about 2~3 player, just enough to get 10 thrall but not too many enemies which can make your mission way longer than it should. It is best to pop the thrall, wait for 10s not killing, then kill the mob after, so it satisfy the time and spawn pool.

Excav is not advice as the excav die too easily, you are running EVERYWHERE and the enemies don't teleport to you. So it is very time consuming. However, the unlimited spawn means you can get 10 thralls. Larger party will make them spawn more, therefore hitting that 10 faster and reliably compare to solo.

Interception Endless spawn means u can get 10, but solo means is harder to defend and the wave is slow, so you will end up spending more time and stress for not much gain. However, if you have 4 players and stall the towers, you can get 10 pretty fast and easy. Getting a squad to stall tower effectively is a whole different story.

Infested Salvage/ Defection/ other niche modes do not exist in lich mission, they will become exterminate mission when you select a lich control node. So yay.

Disruption Can be good, the conduit room tend to be a larger room, so mob will take longer time to get to you, therefore, can be slower. Full squad with full spawn will make it fast. Stall last conduit to get 10 would be good idea. Demolyst CAN BE a thrall.

————converted thrall from Liches————

** forget everything above about thralls, they don’t apply to converted thralls

Converted thralls are not the same as thralls as far as how it effect spawns. They each have their own limit at 10.

As mentioned above game doesn't like more than 2 thralls, however, that DOES NOT apply to converted thralls. so you can have tons of converted thralls, as long as map thralls is no more than two, it won't affect stuff. Just red markers everywhere.

Liches CONVERT mob into thralls up to 10 times, they DO NOT spawn them.

Liches DO NOT always convert 10 thralls, sometimes they get slower and slower, then outright stops converting. It is not usual for them to stop around 5.

Lich needs a mob to convertm, so completely killing everyone next to the lich means it will not convert more thralls.

Lich convert is almost like an ability, they convert regular mob up to 15m.

Converted thrall is easy to tell when they are converted as they will enter a blind animation.

Converting a Samaris target can happen

It takes at least 20s between thralls conversion.

Mission type where mob comes to you is great

Mission type where you go to mob is not so great, you will have to leave some mob for lich to convert. leaving a teammate behind who is tanky and run circle around the lich can be beneficial as it will keep the mob there for lich to convert. If all the mobs are dead…don't waste time just stab it.


Survival You can mob up per usual on this as survival is endless spawn, stay near the lich, that way the mob converge to your location, so there will always be a mob nearby for lich to convert. Take caution to not down the lich in the process. If you leave the tile set entirely, lich would have no mob to convert

Mobile Defense Same as above, but you have to leave, it is best to just go to next location, defend it, and come back for it later, as lich "may" follow you

Exterminate as you GO TO mobs and lich MAY NOT follow you. Just run by the area without killing anyone.

Capture/ Rescue Same as above

Sabotage first half, same as exterminate and capture, treat second half like mobile D

Defense kill the mobs that's not near the lich first, kill the mob near the lich last to get the most out of it

Excav finish the mission then come back to the lich later, if you have full squad, leave a player around the lich

Interception same as above

Infested Salvage/ Defection/ other niche modes

Disruption same tip as excav but you dont need to move as much


Revenant has the unique ability of taking over a lich ONCE with his 1 for a short duration. This can be used to relocate a lich to a better spot for thrall spawning or to bring units TO the lich so they can convert it.

** based on information provided by u/GigaFerdi

————fighting Liches————

If you are more than 10m away from them, they like to vault at you, so if you don't want to move as much, stay closer.

You can actually dodge the grab. You can hit them with melee while circling them without taking damage as they will try to grab you but they can't.

If you have a Toxin lich, Lich armed with Nukor, radiation weapon lich, pay EXTRA ATTENTION to rad proc because you can fail mission super easily or wipe your whole team. For the love of God stop using explosive.

You will get ragdoll at end of a grab animation, not so fun on places like gas city.

Lich CAN grab through your ability, you just don't take the damage if you are using something like Nyx' or Valkyr's 4

Anti-stagger mod is really useful.

Mag Lich will stagger/ ragdoll the sht out of you

as long as your HP is not at minimum at the end of the grab animation, you will NOT go down. So if you get heal in before the animation is over you won't die.

That being said, Oberon/ wisp's HP regeneration almost always means you will not go down due to grab.

————Rage meter————

It has 5 levels, and is about 20 thralls kills per level

Rage meter will only fills when you kill thralls on a node that your lich actually control

Rage meter just means how likely they will spawn. So yes, they can spawn with an empty rage bar.

Rage meter will reset COMPLETELY after a fail attempt. Thralls killed during that mission will get counted toward the new mission instead. So if you go into a misison, a lich shows up, you stab the lich, without killing any thralls, you will have an empty rage meter.

Tip: Also base on that information. you want your lich to show up at the beginning of the survival mission so you can get up to 20 thralls in that 5 min run, and come out with a rage meter already 20% filled. This is the most common trick I use to speed up lich runs. I use this trick to get 20 thralls and lich spawn for 7 games back to back.

A level 5 lich WILL NOT loose rage, so if you have the weapon, level it up to level 5 ASAP may be a viable option, as lich will show up more often and you can get that thrall count by keep on failing him, and more thrall conversion.

—–Stabbing / Leaving it alone—–

In any endless mission is almost no good reason for you to stab it since you can get more thrall out of it. Also you can't leave the mission early anyway, …..There cannot be two lich in the same game at the same time, If someone else' lich spawn, yours may not spawn until he deal with his, this is one of the most common excuse I see ppl to down someone else's lich in a public squad so theirs can show up. well if you don't want someone else's lich to spawn instead of yours, why the hell are you in a squad. If you can't deal with your own lich and needed help, pick a node that your lich have control over, while others don't, so only your lich can show up.

In mission type where you go to enemies, like capture, if there's no more mob near the lich, just stab it, as it has no more mob to convert. also stab fails means you will get to level 5 faster, and it will cover MORE nodes, which means more game mode you can choose. If resource doesn't matter to you, I like this option, not so good for new player.


The amount of resource stolen is based on how many nodes the lich controls

Lich bank, you can abuse this and store your maximum void traces into your lich and then max your traces again. So on prime release, given if you already medallion farm, you will have the new prime relic and double the void traces for that sweet rad.

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