Limbo isn’t a bad frame, there are just a lot of bad Limbos; Especially in Arbitrations

Warframe5 - Limbo isn't a bad frame, there are just a lot of bad Limbos; Especially in Arbitrations

Yes I know some people don't like playing around Cataclysm and Stasis and everyone has their own tastes; but a good Limbo can make difficult missions a piece of cake, particularly Arbitrations. The key difference between a good Limbo and a bad one is the use of Banish and the usage of cataclysm with respect to it's size:

Most Limbos learn quickly that you don't banish someone without them asking you too, primarily because people don't realize they are or are not banished and wonder why they aren't dealing any damage. However Banish (and cata) can be used to protect on a wealth of things that you wouldn't expect, Drones and Lures from Eidolon, targets from rescue missions, mobile AI allies in defense (this is particularly useful if you are playing with someone who vehemently hates cata and you still need to protect a target). Of course most people don't take the time to talk about Limbo in pugs, nor really should they considering the time it would take, which leaves most Limbos without much to do to help keep his allies safe and energized with banish. But this is slightly mitigated by the portals that Limbo leaves behind when he enters the plane which people can jump into or avoid if they wish; a sign of a good Limbo is one that leaves his portals off to the side of the tile/hallway rather than in the door frame or somewhere else unavoidable. "But mah rolling" if you jump after Bullet Jumping you maintain most/all of your lateral momentum, going as fast or nearly as fast as someone who rolls after their bullet jumps; trust me, I rarely roll when playing Limbo, or don't and test it yourself.

But let's talk cataclysm, "small cata are nice if you need a budget Frost Snow Globe" while technically true that's disingenuous to cata considering that cata is invulnerable to damage and restores energy to everyone in cata, but people gripe, rightfully so, that people in cata can't damage enemies outside cata; the other option would be to use a very large cata so that everyone is inside, but this of course doesn't allow the protective quality that small cata gave in the first place without stasis. The primary benefit of small and large cata is the energy regen, which is lovely for casting frames such as saryn, mesa, etc since they need the energy and protection to maximize their damage, of course they benefit more from small cata than large since all frame abilities travel through the plane and stasis is then not needed to keep them safe with a small cata.


Having said all of this there two things of utmost importance that separates good and bad limbos as well as people who enjoy playing with limbos and those who don't: stasis only applies to enemies that are in the rift; and Operators cannot be banished or caught in cata. The first seems rather obvious since cata stasis is limbo's bread and butter but neither banish nor cata work on a select list of enemies, primarily bosses (which includes Tridolons) and capture targets, but also Arbitration drones and the enemies they make invulnerable; this means that the drones and invulnerable enemies will not be put into stasis unless they travel to the rift plane, which while the drones themselves can't travel to the plane, enemies that stray from the drone will be pulled into the rift and put into stasis where they cannot reconnect with drones. This facilitates easy separation of drones and the enemies they are protecting, allowing for quicker safer kills on the primary enemies in Arbitrations. So the question then becomes how do you kill the drones while inside cata since frames can't hit them while they are also in cata? That's where the second part comes in, Operators can't be banished or caught in cata, meaning that they interact with anything not affected by banish or cata as any frame would outside of the rift plane; in a broad sense it means they can sill hack in cata or while banished, use any x command frames would normally be able to, etc. More on topic of the post, Operators can hit and kill Arbitration drones while they are both "in" cata, meaning that they can further help separate enemies from their drones in Arbitration. All that culminates in Arbitrations, particularly vs infested, become laughably easy with a large cata on a Limbo that keeps cata and stasis up to protect and re-energize his allies; I'm not saying that small cata Limbo doesn't have his place or that everyone has to love Limbo, but don't assume that a Limbo (particularly with a large and/or high duration cata) is useless in Arbitrations or other high level content.

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