Loadouts…. why is everything not together?

Warframe4 - Loadouts.... why is everything not together?

So I've been experimenting with loadouts more, especially having saved ones with specialized roles like hunting Eidolons or taking on PT. The more I look into this though, the more off, weird, and inconsistent in how it works it looks.

So you go to you arsenal. You click the button for loadout and it changes your warframe, weapons and companion. You also get more as you rank up in mastery or just buy more slots if you really need to. It's a nice feature to have. The problem is that a loadout isn't just these things.
(Edit): The parazon is on the main loadout page, but changing between loadouts doesn't change it. This item is universal. Why can't this be in the gear section with the rest of the stuff that's universal between loadouts. Oh yeah, there's a page here that doesn't change with loadouts. None of this is to say I mind this, I'm just highlighting some inconsistency the loadout systems rules have with where everything is placed.

Now we get into the vehicles section. Which for some reason has its own loadout section completely separate from the previous one. Even if you change the main loadout, this loadout doesn't, you have to change this one also. Mildly annoying, but workable. But in this section we have the heavy weapon slot…. which changes with the main loadout, not the vehicle one despite being in this section. Weird, but fine.

What really annoys me are these last 2 predicaments. For starters: the Necramech. If you change either loadouts, this spot does not change. I like using Voidrig for general purpose and eidolons, and BoneWidow for PT and Orphix when that was around. Every time I want to change between these activities, I have to remember to switch these loadouts manually because for some reason they don't change with any of the other loadouts.


Lastly, did you know Operators have loadouts? In their clothing section, you can save different outfit appearances up to 3 different looks. What I learned recently is that these different spaces also hold different operator arcanes from each other: 1 set could have Overload, while another could have Melt for example. So these clothing sets change the these arcanes…. but not the amp equipped or its arcanes. I like using other amps for things not eidolon hunting, but having to go through 3 menus behind the arsenal is just too much of a hassle, and yet we have some semblance of just having a different set up within this section.
(Edit): None of this is even mentioning that the main loadouts change the focus tree you're using (and not the amps/arcanes somehow), but you can't even edit the amps/arcanes here, you have to go through a separate series of menus before arriving at the place to change them.

So after going through all of these I have to ask: Why is this so complicated? Why can't all of this just be tied to a single universal loadout? Or even the option to tie 1 loadout page with another? I thought the whole point of loadouts was to save time on having to change equipment sets, and yet we still have to micromanage a bunch of stuff through several menus.

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