Master List of How much Resources and Credits youd need for every Weapon and Warframe BP

Warframe4 - Master List of How much Resources and Credits youd need for every Weapon and Warframe BP

Hi there

So Ive taken in a few new players in my ghost clan and brought them up to The War Within and beyond in preparation for rail jack. Ill be writing a quick n easy guide for any mentors who wish to do the same however today I want to show off my tedious work that relates to new players. How much rare/uncommon resources will you need to build every Weapon and Warframe and how much credits does it cost to acquire every Weapon and Warframe BP from Market and Dojo?

Since looking this up on google provides no results to this question I'd figure I invest some time and find out for everyone. Well today im here to knock out 2 birds with one stone so here we go

Everything is accurate as of writing this 10/12/2019, When new content arrives I hope to add to it or someone makes an easier to read data base that'll be updated as time goes on. So for now here is everything as of today.


I excluded Common resources because they are easy and simple to get, it is the uncommon and rare resources that will take time to gather and are easier to track. I do have to make a slight correction, Every resource number was pulled from WF wiki's site and these are the numbers if you were to build every WF and weapon once. It does not include duplicate weapons that you will need to build to create other weapons but this is very close enough, so apologies. This list also excludes every cosmetic item along with reactors and forma. This list is strictly for Weapons and Warframes and other items new players need to craft to progress.

Rare Resources:

Nitain: 143

Argons: 143

Tellurium: 67

Orokin Cells: 613

Neurodes: 199

Neural Sensors: 126

Morphics: 392

Gallium: 200

Control Module: 254

Uncommon Resources

Oxium: 4,552

Cryo: 110,635

Hexenon: 2,450

Circuits: 127,125

Plastids: 104,295

Poly: 206,050

Rubedo: 158,250

Special Materials:

Kuva: 19,460

Kavat Genetic Codes: 9 (Khora)

Credit Costs for Every Weapon and WF BP in game

Now here is the real meat and potatoes of this post. The list youll see is for every Weapon and Warframe BP that can be acquired in Market and Dojo Labs (replicate, not researching). Also this does not cover how much it costs to build the item, only how much its BP costs

Numbers in Parenthesis are additional BP's/Weapons you will need to craft certain weapons that require other weapons.

The numbers that are not in Parenthesis are as if you simply bought one of everything in market.

Example: 1 Lato is 10,000 credits, But you would need 3 Lato's total to craft the weapons that need it which will be an additional (+20,000)

Market BP Credit Costs:

Warframe BP's: 705,000

Sentinel BP' 505,000

Weapons Bought with Credits

Primary Weapons: 95,000 (+15,000) = 105,000

Secondary Weapons: 135,000 (+90,000) = 225,000

Melee Weapons: 30,000

Total: 360,000

Weapon BP's

Primary BP's: 880,000 (+15,000) = 895,000

Secondary BP's: 705,000 (+180,000) = 885,000

Melee BP's: 1,220,000 (+130,000) = 1,350,000

Total: 3,130,000‬

Duplicate Information

In this section, ill detail what duplicates are needed to help craft every weapon in game.

Credit to this list for helping me organize it: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/162aGHp2C6ENUjXJo9euCt6iffw-XHDyXX_Ddx_opsAE/edit#gid=1139758953

The totals featured here are already displayed in the above information and added in with (Parenthesis).

This section is just to elaborate which additional weapons you need and how much they added to the overall amount.

Duplicate Primaries:

Primary BP's:

2 Garakata 15,000 each; +15,000

+15,000 Total

Duplicate Secondaries:

Duplicate Secondaries Bought with Credits Only:

3 Lato 10,000 each; +20,000

2 Magnus 20,000 each; +20,000

2 Lex 50,000 each; +50,000

+90,000 Total

Duplicate Secondary BP's

2 Bronco 15,000 each; +15,000

2 Furis 15,000 each; +15,000

2 Cestra 20,000 each; +20,000

3 Bolto 15,000 each; +30,000

3 Vipers 20,000 each; +40,000

3 Vasto 30,000 each; +60,000

+180,000 Total

Duplicate Melee BP's:

2 Ankyros 15,000 each; +15,000

2 Krohkur 25,000 each; +25,000

3 Dual Skana 25,000 each; +50,000

2 Kama 40,000 each; +40,000

+130,000 Total

Warframe BP's 705,000 + Sentinel BP's 505,000 + Weapons/BP's 3,130,000‬ =


Overall Market BP/Weapon Credit Amount: 4,340,000‬!

Dojo BP's Credit Cost:

Bio Lab:

Primary: 195,000

Secondary: 95,000

Melee: 300,000

Sentinels: 50,000

Misc: 285,000

Total: 925,000

Chem Lab:

Primary: 90,000

Secondary: 45,000 (+15,000) = 60,000

Melee: 90,000

Archwing Weapon: 30,000

Misc: 275,000

Total: 545,000

Energy Lab:

Primary: 280,000

Secondary: 140,000

Melee: 60,000

Sentinels: 15,000

Misc: 540,000

Total: 1,035,000

Tenno Lab:

Warframes: 400,000

Archwing/Weapons: 225,000

Primary: 105,000

Secondary: 75,000 (+15,000) = 90,000

Melee: 240,000

Misc: 125,000

Total 1,185,000

Duplicate BP's:

Chem lab:

2 Kohmak 15,000 each; +15,000

Tenno Lab:

2 Akstilleto 15,000 each; +15,000

Every BP in Dojo Labs : 3,690,000‬

Excluding the misc categories in the every Lab since it is just gear items, which arnt needed for mastery but are bought at your own time.

However the 4 Ship Segments in Tenno lab are included in this new total

-1,185,000 From Misc Items

New Total: 2,505,000 For Needed Items such as Warframes, Weapons and Ship Segments

Every Weapon, Warframe and other important items will cost a Grand total:


8,030,000 For total for every item in Dojo included

Quick tips about credit farming:


Of course you knew it was comming. I waited for free double cred weekend for my clan because buying the market booster during that time does stack with it resulting in a 4x credit return, so on High Risk Index, youd get back 1 mil a round. But id stick to medium risk because its quicker to do. Def run index if your student happens to get a cred booster from login reward or a rare crate in game.


This one can reward 250k credits a run, and my fastest runs so far are 5 mins flat with Chroma, just be sure to use Chromas effigy right as the Profit orb stands up one last time and falls dropping its loot. During the time Effigy is out youll get double credits which was 125k normally, but 250k with Effigy out. Plus you can have the Smeeta Kavat with you and if he gives his buff to you thats an easy 1 mil and ive had it happen a few times now to consider bringing him along. Of course with a booster itll double all of that resulting in 2 mil a run with cat buff and 1 mil without cat buff in that simple 5 min game. Their is only one big catch to it, you need to be max ranked in Fortuna syndicate to even attempt profit taker so itll def take a while for a new player but if you help em out with ranking up and save the credit farming till later. I think itll be worth it. Also you get the Toroid Profit taker drops so you can collect those for easy Lil Duck syndicate farming.

The Big Brain Credit Farm Idea

Well this one borrows from profit taker but listen to this. You know those Thermia Fractures that happen every now and then? well sometimes during these fractures you can receive double credit and resource buffs only in orb vallis. So what do you do? Simple, Do profit taker during that bonus (it tells you under bonus if double resources or credits are active.) The bonus does stack with market booster as well, so in the example above. using Chromas Effigy youd get 500k every single game easy. and with cat buff youll get 1 mil, their are times my cat gives me the buff twice and yes it stacks and that could result in 2 mil that game. And of course if the stars align and we happened to get a double credit boost weekend, along with a double credit Thermia Fracture Event. Then without market booster youd get 1 mil a game, 2 mil with market booster, 4 mil with cat buff and boosters, and 8 million credits if cat buffs you twice!!! I know its a small chance of happening but it has happened to me a few times in the past. but even still, having 1 buff or no buff during these exact conditions will make it rain credits for you and your friends. Will def make a video on the day that happens.

That is about it, took a few hours of cross checking and making sure I didnt mess up on my math. I just knew that if you had at least 10 Mil credits youd be good but now i really know how much you need everything. Let me know what you all think, I didnt do a list for other things like Amps and whatnot but maybe I will. I still gotta work on my Tutor Guide for Vets teaching new players the ropes and how to quickly progress them through mainline quests and star chart as fast as possible for Rail jack and other content in the future. Hope to see you all for that guide and Thank You for reading!

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