Maybe it’s time to take some of the blame?

Warframe11 - Maybe it's time to take some of the blame?

Can't wait for the absolute hell I'm gonna get for this but here it goes.

I'm not saying DE has innocence here, nor will I say I agree with them but let's face the facts. A huge chunk of the reason people burn out in this game are strictly on them. While I can't say this for everyone, some generalized things I see on a regular basis that I really wish people would stray from and would increase their time spent having fun are as follows.

  • First thing is that most people I run into don't even build their loadouts. They turn to content creators who say "Oh, this is the best, do this" and then they just drone on to get that. There is no experimental process, no trial and error. Hell, most people just buy the mods and slap then in and then farm ONE tileset into the ground which leads me to my next issue.

  • Hydron and Helene, Oh man, everyone's absolute FAVORITE place to be. I get it, you want to get those levels fast, you wanna reach that point where your warframe is respected as God tier so you can do all of the endgame conte— Wait, what's that? You're just gonna run a sort with it a few times then shelf it and build something else you saw land a red crit in a YouTube video in the Simulacrum? Alright, that sounds… Fun?

  • Oh, I really want this unvaulted prime that I have over 70 relics of, I better check what fissures are up and— Buy it from Trade so I can take it to Hydron.

  • The grand all "I'm gonna play this ONE game for upwards of 500+ hours and then blame the developers because I'm not having fun anymore. I'm not burnt out, the game is just bad now." People. You expect this game to deliver a taste of absolutely everything you desire and that's just not how it works folks, go play something else in intervals or you're going to get grind fatigue and it only gets worse the less you rest it.

  • Last thing I can't stand is the " This person said the game was dying so I just don't see the point anymore." people. Like, if you're enjoying what you're doing, meta or not, just do it. It's a game l, not a way of life, just enjoy it.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for the things ive noticed from the userbase but I dunno, hit me with all the shit talk you want. DE and the louder majority of Warframes community should both take responsibility for you losing interest. Between the drought and the way you play and how much you play, there is only so much you can do after 7 years to stay interested. I for one though, 7 years later and two platforms ago, can still say that I'm having an absolute blast.

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