Melee 2.99997 Issues that need fixing – A Comprehensive List

Warframe7 - Melee 2.99997 Issues that need fixing - A Comprehensive List

Overall, Phase 1 of Melee 3.0 is going great! However, there are still a large number of issues that come with the territory. Just figured I'd compile them all into a easy-to-find list for DE when they going into rapid hot-fixing mode in the coming weeks.

  • Aim-gliding with Exalted melee weapons drops carried items like datamass.
  • Hildryn cannot melee channel due to having no energy
  • Guardian Derision cannot be manually activated due to the aim-blocking changes.
  • Many players prefer the melee aim-glide due to the wider FOV and no aim-down-sights camera. Maybe add this as an option in the menu?
  • When shooting in Hysteria, Valkyr is no longer invulnerable. This isn't really a major issue since some players use this to regain energy with Rage/Hunter Adrenaline, but it's something to keep an eye on.
  • Hysterical Assault augment mod for Valkyr no longer works due to the new Melee Channeling keybinding
  • Fatal Teleport Augment for Ash no longer forces finishers if Primary or Secondary are equipped
  • The new melee FX cause epileptic flashing when rapidly hitting crowds with long-range weapons.
  • Nezha in particular has a weirdly broken timing on his melee combos, making pause combos extremely difficult as shown .
  • Some melee weapon classes' Quick Melees were faster/more useful than Stance combos, such as Polearms and Sparring weapons. Maybe re-implement them back into the game in some way?
  • Polearms have a funky hitbox where enemies directly in front of you aren't hit, but enemies slightly to the side are – as shown

  • The Mios lost its 2 unique Charge Attacks that differed depending if you were in Quick Melee mode or Stance mode. This will probably be a permanent causualty in Melee 3.0 but I figured I'd point it out.
  • Can't tell whether you'll change to Primary or Secondary when you LMB in melee mode. Especially important when you're using self-damaging explosives.
  • Melee mode stops you from immediately using alt-fire on your guns.
  • Auto-reload does not work when melee-ing immediately after emptying your magazine
  • For Gunblades – auto-parry interrupts your charged fire
  • Using Melee with Archgun equipped stops you from meleeing again until you put away your Archgun
  • Auto-blocking sometimes interrupts combos
  • Chroma can melee with their 1 active, but only if activated with Primary or Secondary equipped
  • There is a delay between bullet jumps when Melee is equipped due to melee Block-Glide being removed, making Parkour extremely clunky
  • When holding an object (datamass) with Primary/Melee, aimgliding will force you to drop it.
  • Hold-RMB melee combos forces players back into Primary/Secondary mode, regardless of whether or not RMB is held or released at the end of combo.
  • Ground/Normal finishers activate unreliably when meleeing in Primary/Secondary mode.
  • Frame Fighter mode has apparently turned into a buggy mess.
  • Patch Notes say that Exodia Contagion will now only trigger if aim-gliding + meleeing, but now aim-gliding forces you out of melee-mode and into a smaller FOV, making things needlessly clunky.


Feel free to point out any additional issues, and I'll add them to the list.

EDIT: Updated list as of 7:00PM EST

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