Melee stances that don’t slow movement

Warframe3 - Melee stances that don’t slow movement

In pursuit of a more perfect Disruption build, I spent an hour in the Simulacrum this morning trying all the melee stances to find out which ones have button mash or hold forward combos which don’t slow you down.

My test was simple: I would equip a weapon with the stance on a frame, jump off the Simulacrum platform and run to the other end while mashing melee. If I slowed down at all, the stance slows movement.

Here’s the list of stances I found which don’t slow movement. The ones with a minus at the end mostly don’t but have one maneuver which does. The one with a plus at the end doesn’t slow movement and also has a lunge.

  • Blade and Whip: Defiled Snapdragon –
  • Claws: Malicious Raptor
  • Claws: Vermillion Storm
  • Fists: Fracturing Wind –
  • Nikanas: Decisive Judgement
  • Nunchakus: Atlantis Vulcan
  • Polearms: Shimmering Blight –
  • Rapiers: Vulpine Mask
  • Swords: Iron Phoenix +
  • Sword and Shield: Eleventh Storm
  • Tonfas: Gemini Cross –
  • Tonfas: Sovereign Outcast –
  • Two-handed Nikanas: Wise Razor –

Atlantis Vulcan deserves special mention for the awesome twirling rush you get with the hold combo.


Here’s the stances I tested which do interrupt movement: * Daggers: Homing Fang * Daggers: Pointed Wind * Daggers: Stinging Thorn * Dual Daggers: Gnashing Payara * Dual Daggers: Sinking Talon * Dual Daggers: Spinning Needle * Dual Swords: Carving Mantis * Dual Swords: Crossing Snakes * Dual Swords: Swirling Tiger * Fists: Gaia’s Tragedy * Fists: Seismic Palm * Glaives: Astral Twilight * Glaives: Gleaming Talon * Gunblades: Bullet Dance * Gunblades: High Noon * Hammers: Crushing Ruin * Hammers: Shattering Storm * Heavy Blades: Cleaving Whirlwind * Heavy Blades: Rending Crane * Heavy Blades: Tempo Royale * Machetes: Sundering Weave * Nikanas: Blind Justice * Polearms: Bleeding Willow * Polearms: Twirling Spire * Scythes: Reaping Spiral * Scythes: Stalking Fan * Sparring: Brutal Tide * Sparring: Grim Fury * Staves: Clashing Forest * Staves: Flailing Branch * Sword: Crimson Dervish * Sword: Swooping Falcon * Sword and Shield: Final Harbinger * Warframe: Slicing Feathers * Whips: Coiling Viper * Whips: Burning Wasp

Special mention here goes to Final Harbinger, which has so many jumps and spins and lunges that it almost doesn’t matter that it slows movement. Personally, I find it to be a bit too uncontrollable. Also, Bullet Dance’s button mash combo actually makes you go backwards. shrug

I don’t have these stances, and therefore couldn’t test them: * Claws: Four Riders * Machetes: Cyclone Kraken * Nikanas: Tranquil Cleave * Swords: Vengeful Revenant


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