Mend’s description is a lie.

Warframe5 - Mend's description is a lie.

My biggest complaint will always be Night form Equinox's Mend that states:

"In Night Form, allies are healed with each nearby enemy killed.-"


Allies ARE NOT healed with each nearby enemy killed. They are ONLY healed when Equinox's recasts Mend, setting of a health bomb to those in range.

If the ability did what it said it did, it would be 1000X better, and still completely within balance of other frames.

But no, Mend is ONLY gives Shields with killed enemies, and health ONLY when recast.

"But you can get Overshields-"

Yeah, from the kills. When you pop that 32,000 "EHP Bomb" you only get your max Health and Shields restored. No Temp HP, no Overshields, just your current max's.

All of this comes together, and rates Mend, especially when compaired to Maim, a poor Ult.

It's only real saving grace:

Mend heals Equinox, all Warframes, Companions, Eidolon Lures, Hostages, and Specters within range.

But, again, that's only when you recast it.

But it think most, if not all, Equinox players would trade that last line away, for it to just do what the description says it does.

Edit: I wasn't expecting this to actually catch traction, but i'm almost out of work and will add more info on why making it Heal per kill is no worse then a Nekros running around, for balance reasons.

I also want to add that even if the description is simply changed to match it's actual effect, i'd be happy. Either way os a win.

I'll make sure to reply to any comment that hasn't been sufficiently replied to either. If it's gonna catch any more traction for change, there must be a good reason for it.

Edit number 2: Now that i'm out of work, lets get too it.

I already replied to one Redditor with this, so i'm just gonna copy paste it here:

Read:  New or Returning Player? Welcome (Back) to WARFRAME!

So it's actually probably on-par with Trinity's 4, but no different the Nekros running around.


I say this because at 50 to initially cast, and 3.5 energy per second drain, for 18 meters range, you get 25 Shields per kill, if you are inside that 18m range and only when someone kills the enemy.

Let's say we flipped this to health. 1 health orb is worth 25 health. That means you get a health orb every time you kill an enemy and are in range.

A comparable ability is Nekros with Desecrate. It cost 10 energy to cast, then 10 energy per corpse (individual limbs count as separate corpses) desecrated, within 25 meters, for a 54% chance to drop loot. Through general play, we all know Health Orbs are very common in the extra loot, so common that the Despoil Mod is perfectly viable.

These two abilities have relatively similar upkeep cost, though Mend has less range, but more consistency, however a health orb created by desecrate can be picked up by anyone, no mater where they are as long as they go to it, unlike with Mend where you have to be in range when the kill happens to get the health. They both give you 25 health per unit/corpse.

I also said it's on-par with Trinity's 4 because of how different it is. Trinity's 4 touches everyone, no matter the distance, unlike this new Mend. It also applies a damage reduction buff to all squad mates as an added bonus. With Trinity's ability to self replenish her energy, and a casting cost of the standard 100 energy, these two are not really comparable due to how differently they function.

Also, how is this any different then Oberon's Renewal?

Also, Again, I really want to reiterate that this post had one goal, with two possible solutions in mind. Either change the description to match the ability, or change the ability to match the description. The best of both worlds i think is actually this comment here:

Read:  New or Returning Player? Welcome (Back) to WARFRAME!

u/Valfalos :

Really the ability would be a lot better reversed.

Give Health on Kill up to max HP.

And give Shield bomb on activation with Overshield.

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