Modding 3.0, Damage, Stances, Augments.

Warframe15 - Modding 3.0, Damage, Stances, Augments.

Modding is a contentious issue, that a lot of people have vested interest in.

One of the most common outcries from the player base is "there's too many mandatory mods." When it comes to weapons, the first main culprit is the Base Damage Mods. Serration, Hornet Strike, Pressure Point. I've seen it suggested that all these mods get rolled into the base stats of the gun, but ranking these mods is part of the core progression of the game. My criticism is that if they are, they certainly are NOT framed that way. I've met a fair number of new players who just don't have them on.

My suggestion: Base-Damage slot. Like an Aura or Stance slot, it would boost your mod capacity, prompting you to prioritize them. But now that we have a whole slot to themselves, they should have competition. Amalgum Serration, Heavy Calibur, Thunderbolt (for bows, and give it a damage boost, and fix the non-scaling blast damage). If they're going to be mandatory, make it known. Make it obvious, and give us options. Especially if they're going to add an exilus style extra utility only slot to weapons. The lack of mod capacity on weapons really shows it age.

But what about Melee? It already has an aura type slot, with Stances.

My suggestion: Replace it with a Base-Damage slot. And now that stances are being reworked with inputs becoming standardized, we could be setting the attack individually per input type. Like, a set of little toggles, on the side of the mod screen. Each input method would have a toggle with multiple notches. So you could just slide it over to the move you prefer. Owning the stance would just unlock all the moves from that stance for you to choose from. They'd become their own non-mod, non-archane, type of item.


With the introduction of a non-mod, non-archane, modification. These little side toggles. I'd like to see the same thing apply to warframe Augments.

My suggestion: Make Warframe Augments a per-ability toggle, on the side of the mod menu. On-off. With a really cheap drain on mod-capacity, but the more you turn on, the drain on mod capacity increases. Activating 1 Augment would be super negligible, like 1-2 drain. 2 Augments, 5 drain. 3 Augments, 9 drain. 4 Augments, 14 drain. This would remove Augments from competing with your mod slots, but if you're going overboard on them, they would compete with your mod capacity. So you may have to choose to use less draining mods. Maybe just Flow, instead of Prime Flow. That sort of thing.

A lot of issues stem from Warframe's Mod slot system. With only 8 precious slots on your gear, the most valuable real-estate for modding, are those 8 slots. That's why we've seen Exilus slots, Aura slots, Umbral mods, Arcanes. These are all new opportunities for modding, without just opening a new space to add more power. Because Power will fill every vacuum its let into. The Base-damage slot and side-toggle idea, is a way of moving certain mods out of the main modding area. Reducing competition between power and utility or function.

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