MR14 Tenno Helps Me Out, A Cranky Old MR24

Warframe8 - MR14 Tenno Helps Me Out, A Cranky Old MR24

It was the strongest feeling of community I've had in game in a long, long time.

TL;DR – a real cool cat helped me power level my Arcwing stuff.

So, to my own discredit it has taken me this long to even really touch my archwing content. Been playing since closed beta and have nearly 2000+ hours in. I've had the stuff all built and collecting dust for…over a year now. Yeesh. I just never wanted to mess with it since its rocky start.

Now by having it "all built" I mean I had all the arcwings and all the weapons at 0.

Got a 14 hour affinity booster and I finally think its time to stop hanging out in the 24 club and start the final climb to mr26. So I sigh and que up for the Neptune node. Load in with one other Tenno and I said right off the bat-

"I'm no good at this arcwing stuff, just fyi but I'll hang best I can."


To which my wingman (get it?) Says


"Yeah, finally time to grind arcwing MR."

"I got your back, Goose."

And that was it. This tenno hung with me until I got it all done. Every last horrible weapon, every awesome arcwing ability, everything from 0-30.

To me, as someone who spends my "endgame" without any friends left playing the game, not overly concerned with getting MR any higher, and giving advice and help when and where possible to new tenno in PUGs- it meant something to have backup again.

After it was all done I said thanks and we both went our ways. Gifted him a couple weapon slots and some forma but feel like I had to share the story.

Thanks for reading.

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