My endgame Nova build that can both SLOW AND SPEED enemies on demand in the SAME loadout!

Warframe3 - My endgame Nova build that can both SLOW AND SPEED enemies on demand in the SAME loadout!

A bunch of clan members were asking how I was speeding up and slowing enemies within the same match. I decided to make a post to show everyone who also might be interested that it is possible to be a slow and speed nova all in one build and it is very end game viable.

Neutral/Slow Nova: https://i.imgur.com/GxNSEfI.jpg?1

Speed/Neutral/Slow Nova: https://i.imgur.com/oWXaQyp.jpg?1

Deth Cube: https://i.imgur.com/QB6H7fZ.jpg?1

The trick is to use Power Donation Aura that donates 30% of your power strength to allies. By default this makes you a speed neutral nova while unbuffed. You then counteract that power reduction using Energy Conversion, which will increase your power strength by 50% on the next cast after absorbing an energy orb. With an energy conversion stack on standby you have the option to become a slow nova if you choose to be. If you wish to revert back to a speed neutral nova, simply refresh your null star with Neutron Star. I use Deth Cube and it's exclusive Energy Generator mod to get unlimited amounts of energy orbs so that I always have the option of a slow molecular prime, however, most of the time I use that stack to boost her other abilities until those "Oh shit" moments when I want to slow everyone down.

What I love most about this build is how flexible it makes Nova. This build is good on any level of Survival or Defense missions because you can alter your CC affects based on the current situation. Most people want the enemies to be fast/neutral in the beginning stages, however after an hour or so when the enemies start to hit like trucks; the slow option becomes more practical and desirable.


Another massive advantage to this build is that you don't have to use overextended to reduce your power strength! One of the best aspects of running a slow nova build is having the negative power range so that your null stars (which contribute to your EHP) don't immediately fly off forcing you to constantly refresh. Having the negative power strength from a speed nova and the negative power range from a slow nova all on the same build is like having the best of both worlds.

Finally, Hunter Adrenaline, Quick Thinking, and Pain Threshold synergies extremely well with the super high power duration and low power range to make her have endless amounts of energy and EHP for tanking.

Yes, I know for min/maxing purposes that this build cant make you the slowest slow nova or the speediest speed nova but it does make your nova get the benefits of both builds while eliminating most of the drawbacks that can hinder yourself and other players!


I forgot that r3 Molecular prime adds a default +30% slow. Power Donation will only reduce her to default speeds. I went ahead and added my original slow/neutral/speed nova build (before power donation was a thing) that uses Overextended + Energy Conversion + Growing Power to make her actually dip lower than 30% for the actual speed boost. It just sucks that adding overextended takes that extra mod that I would love to use for the null star augment.

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