My personal settings to making the game easier on the eyes

Warframe10 - My personal settings to making the game easier on the eyes


I've played warframe for a long time and in this time it has changed a lot, both visually and gameplay wise. when i was never in warframe i enjoyed the effect galore that occurs in missions, but lately not so much.. now i try to make the game more visually appealing and easier on the eyes allowing for more focused gameplay and less puking unicorns. this could also be good settings for streamers.

Below i will show my settings and explain why.

  • Interface 1

mcqrms5wbbg61 - My personal settings to making the game easier on the eyes

  1. custom menu scale: set to 75 because i think it looks cleaner.
  2. UI cursor: all 3 settings are on lowest because i don't want any of those effects on my mouse.
  3. pet marker: ON– makes it easier to see your pet both on minimap and normally.
  4. Fps counter: ON — this is a personal preference.
  5. HUD ON obviously. damage numbers can be turned off if u are playing a long endurance run and u know how much damage u are suppose to do.

  • Interface 2


  1. Affinity numbers : Off since u don't really need this information, it can be useful if u play a warframe that can kill in a large AOE (saryn) to see where enemies are dying. but its not worth the clutter on screen for me.
  2. Player list: ON . this is useful to see your teams HP/shields/energy and also to see who is the host of the mission by the numbers (1-4) on each players name.
  3. ability dots: OFF. i don't know why this is even a thing. its better the get a habit of checking your abilities down in the right corner instead.
  4. ability banner on cast : OFF. there is no need for this since in warframe u get both a visual and sound queue when an ability is cast .
  5. teammates names: ON. u want this to be on since it can help organize a squad in missions, or to show u who is ruining the mission. :3
  6. Enemy names : OFF/on i prefer this setting to be off since i already know all the enemies so i don't need to see their names, but for newer players i would recommend keeping this ON since it can help u identify special enemies that u are looking for.
  7. enemy health bars : ON obviously..
  8. Hud motion : OFF . this setting can be either way . i just prefer it off.
  9. Hud scale : 100/ lowest. this setting makes a huge difference in visual clutter on the screen. reducing the size of the Hud frees up more space for gameplay. it might take some getting use to but once u do, u wont go back to a big HUD.

  • Display 1


  1. Graphics engine : enhanced beta . if your pc can..
  2. refresh rate : should be set to your screen maximum refresh rate.
  3. vertical sync : OFF
  4. Max frame rate : NO LIMIT . set it to your screens refresh rate. (not recommended for 60HZ screens) if u have a 60HZ screen like me you will get a much smoother gameplay if u set it to OFF or higher then 60. preferably 100+.
  5. Brightness / contrast : 57 / 52. this rly depends on a lot settings on your own pc and display. just try to get a good balance. DO NOT put brightness/contrast on max.
  6. Field of view : 90. this setting is very new and thank science for it. this makes it so the camera is a lot more zoomed out away from the warframe and in return the warframe takes up less of your screen. which makes it easier for you to see more important things going on in the mission.
  7. screen shake : OFF. cause no one likes to puke from getting motion sick.

  • Display 2


  1. Reduce teammates visuals : ON . this is another new setting that allows us to tone down teammate's visuals of their abilities and weapons, this is a great new setting
  2. Effect intensity : (30-50). is my preferred setting, this helps a lot to reducing bright flashes or high effect abilities . for newer players i do recommend setting this to around 50 since if u put it too low it can make it more difficult to see certain abilities and similar things. but for those who know what to look for i recommend putting at 30. KEEP IN MIND this setting affects Ephemeras. but that a price I'm willing to pay.
  3. Local reflections : ON . cause its nice.
  4. volumetric lights : ON. cause its looks better.
  5. glare : OFF. our eyes are not a camera lens . turning this off will remove an annoying glare effect on your screen which is there a lot otherwise.
  6. film grain : OFF. cause why would u want it.
  7. Ambient occlusion : ON . cause looks better.
  8. High shade quality: OFF / ON this makes shadows a lot more fine detailed BUT it is however also tied in with the new reflection effects we got a while back and as of making this post the reflections are broken and look like crap. turning this off will remove the new reflections and save u a big chunk of FPS as well. (at least for me)
  9. geometry : High. if your pc can .

  • Display 3


  1. particle quality : HIGH. if your pc can.
  2. gpu particles : OFF . this removes a lot of clutter off your screen so you can actually see enemies after an explosion occurs. instead of the entire screen being covered in particles. this setting might take some getting use to, cause the game will look kind of empty/boring right after u change it.. but trust me once u are used to it, u are not gonna want tons of particles again.
  3. shadows : HIGH . if u can.
  4. texture memory : HIGH. if u can.
  5. Anisotropic filtering : 8X . if u can.
  6. Anti-aliasing : SMAA / MEDIUM . the reason why this is set to medium is because the higher setting TXAA forces Motion blur on moving objects. and it makes everything that moves look like a blurry mess. so if u are doing a CAPTURA you should use SMAA/medium.
  7. Depth of field : OFF . this should be turned off in missions to allow the landscape to be clearer on your entire screen and also to make enemies more visible and easier to see at a distance. this also effects your warframe when u aim down sights on your weapon, with the settings turned ON your warframe will be blurred when u aim with weapons. and we don't want that. YOU CAN turn this ON in CAPTURA to utilize depth effects.
  8. Motion Blur: OFF . in every game always.
  9. Distortions : OFF. not sure what this does exactly, put if it makes my screen less clear i don't want it.
  10. Bloom : ON . ( 1-10 ). this is a setting that Warframe has set way to high on the default value .. i don't know why its that high default but it makes the game look like SH*T with every light source in the game is like a sun burning your eyes. my preferred setting is around 5 for a low but still noticeable glow effect , in CAPTURAS u might want to set it to around 10-15 for some more glow on weapon and frame energies.

  • Display 4


  1. Color correction: OFF . this setting will add vignette and other effects to your warframe to try and match it to the environments. however this is an old setting and was used to try and fix some (at the the time) bad lighting stuff . but its still a rly ugly effect and it will 10/10 times ruin your fashion in missions. The only reason to turn this setting ON is when u are doing Capturas since it will give u access to some cool filters to use in your shots.
  2. Weapon Elemental FX : ON . this setting will display elemental effects (fire / toxin etc.) on your melee weapons, i personally like this effect to much to turn it off . who doesn't like elemental swords?

  • side notes:

using darker energy colors on frames and weapon will help as well but keep in mind some abilities might become very hard to see .

some melee weapons have a much higher impact on visuals when used, nunchucks being the most flashy (at least as i can recall) using a dark energy color will help a lot with bright flashes from impact on enemies.

Hope this helps some of you atleast, i know it has saved me from a lot of headaches in longer sessions.

smash like and subscri…….wait this isn't YouTube.

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