My take on Nightwave challenges and why it’s not “Nightmares”

Warframe10 - My take on Nightwave challenges and why it's not "Nightmares"

It's so strange combing through this subreddit and reading all these posts on Nightwave. Somehow no one seems capable of sitting on the fence with this one. People love it and hail it as a brilliant rework that integrates rewards into an achievement system, providing both incentive to revitalize contents and juicy rewards at the same time (personally, all I want is umbral forma and it'll be worth every challenge including the kuva surv). People hate it, call it Nightmares, and declare it an example of a feeble attempt at redirecting players to contents they're not interested in (funny cuz I didn't hear complaints about that umbral forma at the end of the line tho :P).

Jokes mixed in, sure, but this is my post and let's start with where I personally stand on Nightwave: I think it's good.

I think it's a brave attempt at integrating incentives with achievement systems while trying to embrace all layers of the playerbase ranging from the most casual to the First Tenno Ever-status veterans.

Let's see what this week's challenges look like:

Complete 3 exterminate/mobile defense/spy/rescue missions.

Kill 1500 enemies

Kill Profit-Taker with friend/clanmate

Open 10 relics

Gild 1 Modular item

Catch 6 rare fish from PoE

Use Forma 3 times


So? Can you see some patterns here?

You can clearly see that there's like a layer, almost a hierarchy or a tier that these challenges are meant to fit. Complete 3 mssions for exterminate, mobile defense, rescue, and spy? Kill 1500 enemies? Open 10 relics? Absolutely easy and if you just play the game, you'll get these over the week, no problem. These are baseline challenges, there for everyone, whether casual or hardcore, whether MR4 or MR 27.


Catch 6 rare fish and gild 1 modular item? Forma 3 times? Not everyone will be able to do these, especially if you are a new player. This is say, mid-tier level challenges where if you are willing to invest resources, you will receive these points as rewards. Some may have the standings to get this done, some might not. Do you happen to plan to forma some of your weapons? Great! If not, is it worth considering forma'ing weapons for that 3k standing? That's up to you to answer.

Last but not least, Profit Orb. If you are a veteran, no problem at all. If you are not Old Mate with the Vox, tough luck.

Now, I see absolutely no problem with how this is structured. The only thing people miss out on is one, MAYBE up to 3 challenges in a week with 10 weekly challenges, 7 daily challenges, and consistent spawn of fugitives. DE rewards veterans with elite weekly challenges (pittance, but it's something) that over the span of weeks may give them a bit faster ranking than everyone else who can't do the elite weekly. However if you're a new player who can only do baseline challenges have no fear! Those should be more than enough for you to unlock everything and more, especially with daily challenges like "complete a mission" (wow).

Challenges like 1hr kuva survival is simply asking the players "is this worth it". To some it isn't. To me it absolutely was. There's nothing inherently wrong w/ it imo, it is rewarding more dedicated players like me who did it in a heartbeat. Of course there's such things as crossing the line of absurdity, but that was not the case here: 1hr kuva runs are not uncommon to see even outside of Nightwave.

TL;DR, I think Nightwave does a great job taking care of casual and new players while giving the veteran players who have resource to spend and efforts to spare just that little bit more. Whether the veteran players think that 'little bit more' like the profit orb is worth their time, is something they'll have to decide.

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