My take on unvaulted Relics in the Void, and why it’s a bad thing

Warframe13 - My take on unvaulted Relics in the Void, and why it's a bad thing

With the April 2019 unvault of Loki Prime & Volt Prime, we've received a curse nobody should ever have to fight against: obtaining relics in the Void.


Bounties are a subset of missions found at Cetus (Konzu) or Fortuna (Eudico). They provide a variety of challenges to the player, and, with rotating drop tables, allow for focused farming, decreasing drop table dilution. They require constant attention from the player, and encourage a variety of different frames.


Void is a sector of the Star Chart located in ancient Orokin structures. It has multiple nodes with different missions types, each one already having a defined "META", extremely diluted drop tables, repetitive tasks and encouraging semi-AFK behaviour. Obtaining specific relics in the Void is a massive time sink, with many players reporting up to one hour of farming netting NO unvaulted relics.


The recent unvaulting placed all unvaulted Relics in the Void, meaning players must endure the same boring missions, boring squads, boring gameplay, extremely low drop chances, waste a lot of time in pure uncertainty and generally do dull, repetitive tasks to obtain what they want.

Bounties, on the other hand, allow for focused farming, due to rotating drop tables, engaging gameplay, requiring the player to traverse a diverse open world, varied squads, due to the challenges changing, and generally having a much better gameplay style than Void missions for obtaining specific relics.

In the Void, the Axi L4, for example, is best farmed in Interception nodes, with a 12.50% chance of being dropped at rotation C. It takes a lot of time to get there, for a mere 12.50% chance of obtaining the relic you want – it's abysmal, to say the least. Meanwhile, in bounties, not only is the chance of obtaining the relic bigger, it also increases as the bounty goes on, which is very nice for anyone focusing on them.

Read:  The RNG is not the problem, the problem is that the RNG spread is too wide.

"Oh, but if they're in bounties, the drop tables there are diluted and you can't get <insert X relic from newest prime here> in them!"

Digital Extremes can make bounties rotate to include such relics, or even keep them BOTH in the Void AND in bounties.

"Oh, but if they're in bounties, they're too easy to obtain!"

This is a very bad argument. They're still challenging to obtain, just not plain ol' dull. The Void is not challenging at all, it's simply boring.

"Oh, but if they're in bounties, there's no need to buy them later! Everyone will have them!"

This is a very bad argument, again. They're still challenging to obtain, and, as exemplified by the early-2018 unvault, prices go back to normal relatively quick.


Add unvaulted relics to bounties AND the Void, OR just bounties. The Void is a slow and painful place that slowly takes the sanity away from the player.


Void BAD.

Bounty GOOD.

I encourage you to read the whole thing, however, basically:

  • Void is slow, tedious and unsatisfying, doesn't allow focused farming.

  • Bounties are quick, engaging and satisfying, allows focused farming.

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