My thoughts after one week (a noob’s perspective)

Warframe7 - My thoughts after one week (a noob's perspective)

Hello, Tenno (Tennos?). One week ago I purchased a Nintendo Switch and began playing Warframe based off of a friend's recommendation. He told me that it had a lot of content, a great community, and everything could be unlocked for free. Well, I played the tutorial and was immediately hooked. Not having many responsibilities since then, I've now played 57 hours of the game and achieved Mastery Rank 5 (almost 6). I've just unlocked Neptune and built my second warframe yesterday (Rhino) after starting with Mag. 57 hours over 7 days averages out to about 8 hours a day, so needless to say I've been enjoying this game. There are many, many things that it does well, some that it does decently, and a few that it does absolutely wretchedly. Here I'd like to focus on the first and third categories, so let's start with the things that I love about this game.


  • There is a TON of content to explore and I feel that I've barely yet scratched the surface. I am so excited to unlock more prime weapons, play more warframes (I have 2 in the foundry right now), and get the best mods I can find.

  • The community is great! People are always willing to go out of their way to help a noob (AKA me) and never once showed any frustration towards me for making dumb, noob mistakes. I've joined a clan and everyone in it is so friendly to each other!

  • The combat is both fun and challenging. If I want to rank up a new weapon, combat will be much more difficult, or if I want to just blaze through the mission swinging my heavily modded Orthos Prime like a wild man, I can do that too.

  • There are so many warframes to choose from and attempt to unlock. Currently I'm constructing Oberon and Valkyr (simply because I had the parts for them) and once I can figure out how to get nitain extract, I'll be able to craft Mesa Prime as well. I actually purchased the starter pack simply so I could buy more warframe and weapon slots, because there are so many that I know I'll eventually want to play.

  • The graphics. My god, the graphics in this game are INCREDIBLE for a free to play game. Practically on the level of a Triple A title.

Those are all of my main positive takeaways from the game so far. With that out of the way, let's get onto the things that have been frustrating to me as a new player.


  • The community on Switch is much, much smaller than the PC community. This can make it challenging to find teammates sometimes. To be honest, I usually prefer to solo content, but I've found that some content in this game is very difficult to solo, which brings me to my next point:

  • Boss fights. While I quite enjoy the arenas that the boss fights are set in, I find the fights themselves to be either incredibly boring or way too difficult for a solo player, often both. Of course, I am new and content will get easier to solo over time, but I could not for the life of me even put a dent in Jackal before getting shredded to pieces. Same thing with Tyl Regor. It seems that the only boss fights which aren't incessantly difficult due to stupid invulnerability phases or other silly mechanics are way too easy. Often I can just use magnetize on the boss, unload one clip from my boltor, and BAM the mission's over. This is especially apparent with the junction specters.

  • Aiming with a controller. I'm very used to playing shooter games on my gaming PC, which I don't currently have access to as I am away from home to study. However, I've never had so much trouble with console shooter games as I have had with warframe. I've decreased my sensitivity drastically as to aim better but it still seems impossible sometimes. I'm getting better, but I have to wonder how much it would hurt the game if they added a tiny amount of aim assist on the console version like so many other games have done. It could also be that I'm using the joy-con controller that comes with the switch, and it may be much easier if I had a pro controller, but I'm not sure it would make a huge difference.

  • Archwing. I'm sure it would be much more doable on PC, but playing archwing missions with a controller is just… not fun. It's impossible to aim as you're constantly drifting (and so are the enemies). It's impossible to avoid collisions (especially in the Rush mission on Phobos… who the hell designed that one?), and the damage output with the base archwing weapons is just so damn low that it doesn't even feel worth leveling the archwing in order to make it better, I'd rather just ignore the content completely. And of course, my hatred for archwing, comes hand in hand with my hatred for:

  • Sharkwing. Honestly what the fuck. I really don't have much to say about this besides what the fuck. Why is it so slow? Why is it required on basically every Uranus mission? Why must it be so difficult to find the objective? As soon as I complete all the nodes on Uranus, I am probably just never going to return, except maybe to get Equinox parts later in the game.


Anyway, with all of that said, I am still having a truly fantastic time in this game. It feels fresh and original, and there's so much content that I can't wait to unlock. It feels like almost any playstyle is viable, which is something I always look for in videogames, and the community is absurdly kind. If you took the time to read this far, thank you, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on these issues in the comments.

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