Negative 29k Plat Balance: Why I am thankfull to DE for banning me

Warframe7 - Negative 29k Plat Balance: Why I am thankfull to DE for banning me

Hi everybody,

This is a post about how I got banned for buying Platinum and Prime Access through a third party Website and how it actually made me realise how much I love this game and how I ruined it for myself. This will be a long post but I will put a tl;dr at the end.

I started playing warframe around 5 years ago. I instantly fell in love with the game, especially with the gameplay and the way you move in the game. I recently had dropped out of university and had a lot of time on my hands, so I startet grinding. There was so much stuff to get and to farm that I startet looking up "Best of.." guides to find out which setup was the beste/fastest/coolest/most op. I can't really remember how my progression went but I remember sitting in my room and grinding T4 Defense with my recently aquirred Frost Prime until I fell asleep. But it was still to slow. So I startet spending some plat here and there to make everything go a little bit faster. Eventually the plat ran out and I.. Just bought more. At first only with the discounts, then even without the discounts (don't do that btw). There came a point where it couldn't go on anymore so I stopped playing the game for almost a year.

I came back to warframe because I saw some friends playing it on steam. We got together, started a clan and had lots of fun until we ran into a problem: Slots. My friends just didnt have the plat to get more and we didn't have the knowledge or the means to make some plat in the game. So I started spending again. This time I bought the current Prime Access. The plat was gone after a couple of weeks. Since the next prime access was to far ahead, I began looking for other ways to get cheaper plat. That was the first time I ran into a website where people sold their accounts and other ingame items for real life money. I was naive and believed the sellers on the site when they wrote stuff like "Me and my friends farm the plat by selling prime stuff". I didnt hesitate.. I think I bought around 2k plat the first time and 2k more a week later. The more plat I got, the more I would spend. The rate for plat at this time was around 12$/1k. I would chat them up, send them the money via paypal and they would trade me the plat ingame. They had rules like "No chatting ingame" and the instantly blocked me in warframe after the trade. I never traded with the same account twice. They would also tell me to put some Prime Junk in the trade or a rare mod so the system wouldn't flag the trade.

Then a new Prime Access came around with some really cool accessoires but I didnt want to spend so much money on "such a little amount of plat" since I was used to the 12$/1k. That was the point where some new guy on that website startet selling "Prime Access and Steam DLCs". The biggest Prime Access Package was 40$ – to good to be true.. So i tried it out. I send the money and I got the credentials for a steam account. I was supposed to log into it, start warframe and claim the pending steam content. It worked. So I bought every steam dlc as well as every prime access from there on out. Until the Mesa Prime Access. My usual seller stopped answering and eventually he deleted all his posts on the website and there wasn't anyone selling Prime Access anymore. All this cheap plat was like a drug to me at this point. I couldn't play the game without buying everything instantly when it dropped. So I stopped playing again.

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Two weeks ago, my buddy wrote me that he could use some more buddys to play with in warframe again. So I reinstalled it. I knew that eventually I would run out of plat again. So i vowed not to buy any more and instead play the game like it's supposed to be played. It was fun and refreshing and I remembered why I used to love this game so much.


A couple of days in my friend suddenly was thrown out of my session and got the usual "failed to join session" after I invited him again. So I logged out and tried logging back in and I got hit with a message:"You no longer own Steam purchased content that was applied to your account, the content in question has now been removed"I panicked and pressed ALT+F4 and went to my warframe account page. It displayed my Platinum Balance: -28985

Everything I ever bought through the black market was gone. I instantly knew, and the Support reassured me a day after, that I would never get my account back. I was devestated. Almost 2000 hours of progress gone. I didn't know what I should do know.

I told my buddy that I was off for the night and went to sleep. The next day I opend the Support ticket that would tell me that my account was banned due to my involvment in a multitude of fraudulent activity like buying ingame Products through a third party which is not steam.

I was angry and ashamed with myself and I couldn't talk to my buddy again so I just sent him a screenshot of my Platinum Balance. His only reaction was "oof" and "If you want to restart I would be happy to grind with you together to get you back on your feet". That really took me by surprise as I thought that my warframe days would be over. So I gave it some thought and rememberd the early days without my addiction to plat and made the decision to start again. This time with some rules:

* No TOS Violations (so no illegal plat) * Never buy stuff for plat in the ingame store that I could farm * No buying prime parts 

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So I went ahead and made a new account and instantly bought the Equinox Prime Access. Mostly as a way of saying sorry to DE and the community for cheating the system and because Equinox was always my favourite Frame vor any mission.

I started playing with my buddy and right now I am at MR4, working my way through the starchart and quests. I am having more fun than ever and playing warframe now feels less like a chore and I can actually see my progress in the game. I am hundred of hours away to where I was before, but I am looking forward to every step of the way (except leveling archwing.. Sorry)

So in the end I am glad that DE caught me and banned my account. They gave me a chance to restart and fall in love with the game again. I am sorry that I did what I did and hopefully I can at least be a warning to other people to never even consider buying illegally optained Platinum or other ingame Stuff for real life money through shady third party websites. You are not only hurting the developers of the game you like. You are also ultimately ruining the game for yourself.

Sorry for my english and the long, propably timewasting, post but I wanted to share my thoughts on the matter and shed some light on the illegal plat trades.

TL;DR: I bought every prime access in the last 2 years via the black market andeverything got removed from my account a week ago. I know have a negative Platinum Balance of around 29k. After my buddy motivated me I now started a new account. I am glad that DE banned me and gave me the chance to come clean with my self and the game, as well as help me fall in love with the game again without being addicted to Platinum.

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