Negative Platinum, and why You Should Care

Warframe11 - Negative Platinum, and why You Should Care

Negative Platinum.

How many people here have heard of it, or perhaps some of you have even experienced it for yourselves? For those who don’t know, negative platinum (according to Digital Extreme’s support website) is described as this.

If you have a negative balance, it may be due to a payment problem involving your financial institution or payment provider that caused a purchase to be automatically refunded, or you may have requested the refund yourself.

This, however, does not show the full story. On paper it seems simple, right? If you purchase platinum and then chargeback the purchase, the platinum is removed from your account and will potentially send your balance into the negatives if you happen to have a lower balance than what you purchased. However, this description does not show the full story.

If you receive platinum in a trade from somebody who has purchased it, and they chargeback their purchase, then the platinum will still be removed from your account.

Read that once again. Say you’re a newer player with very little plat, and you trade your first mod or primed set to begin raising your balance. Excited by this, you finally buy that skin you’ve been wanting, or you instead purchase items off of somebody else. A few days later, how would you like to receive a notice that you are locked out of your account?

This doesn’t only affect players with low plat balances. Those who trade Rivens worth high amounts of platinum are also at risk and can catapult their balance into the negative thousands if the person who they received platinum from charges back their purchase.

You might be asking at this point, “What are my options if I am locked out of my account?” and, as you might expect, there are a couple of options that are available.

  • 1. Contact DE support at the digitialextremes zendesk link. File a ticket and hope that, with enough explanation, you can have your account unlocked and your negative platinum set back to 0.

This is where it all begins. If you’re lucky with your explanation, or if your balance is only slightly in the negative, then there is a good chance that DE will restore your account out of the goodness of their hearts. But what happens to those who are unlucky, or are severely in debt?


  • 2. Out of pocket, pay for the amount of platinum that you are in the negative by.

This second option is far more common than the first — even after a bit of explanation, DE says that they would like you to pay off the platinum that your account is in the negative by. For some people, this might not be an issue. Perhaps you’re slightly in the negative and don’t mind shelling < $20 to recover your account, and there are certainly people who are invested in their account who will pay off whatever the debt is to keep playing. But what happens when you’ve traded an amazing riven away for 1k , 2k, or even 3k plat and it gets charged back? Considering the fact that being locked out of your account means that you cannot even receive a coupon for logging in, you are down hundreds of USD to recover your account.

You can see the initial idea for this idea. The reason this is in place is so that you cannot buy platinum, trade it to an account, and then charge it back while still keeping the platinum on that alternate account. But this system flags so many false positives on a daily basis that this cannot be called *good* by any means. There is room for improvement, and this is one of the many things about the game that needs to be changed.

Being part of a few clans with people numbering in the thousands and an overall alliance numbering in the tens of thousands, I decided to write this post because I am tired of not being able to go a week without hearing that somebody has been locked out of their account. Whether it be a player new to the game who has yet to spend a dime or it is players MR 25+ who have already spend much on the game, many people I know who have been affected by this end up quitting. This is a flawed system that is slowly turning even more of the most loyal fans of the game away.

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