New game mode idea: Stranded Survival

Warframe2 - New game mode idea: Stranded Survival

The idea of the game mode is to add endgame of Warframe via an endless "wreak as much havoc as you can" game mode without a limiting condition like Survival's oxygen or Defense's objective. The mission will require all current quest completion, as well as a few runs of Arbitrations and Elite Sanctuary Onslaught.

The mission starts by Ordis locating an asteroid base that doesn't show up on any of his long-range sensors or starcharts. Flying in to investigate, a trap is triggered! The Grineer are developing a mechanism that locks onto the unique Transference signal used by the Tenno and our Warframes, teleporting our Operator directly to the mission.

The first objective is to locate the prototype device, the Interlocutor Name subject to change and either: Hack it, Destroy it or wait for Ordis to lock on to its location after 5 minutes and disable it. Ideally in a different way depending on the host's landing craft ability The idea here is that different methods of progression allows for greater versatility in team variety. Hacking it wouldn't require much in the way of Amps or Operator gear, and promotes stealth gameplay. Destroying it will often be the fastest, but could be the most difficult and risk each Operator dying and failing the mission before it even begins. Waiting for the 5 minute marker is the slowest way, but could render greater rewards and allows an unprepared Operator loadout to still participate. I'm thinking an A rotation reward as soon as this objective is complete, with maybe a B or AA reward for waiting it out. Much of the post is open to suggestions. Let me hear what you think in the comments!

Once the first objective is concluded, Ordis immediately sends down each player's Warframe and loadout Either cutscene, or random locations that the player must fight to. Umbra, Sentinels and Pets will help defend the Warframe until the Operator arrives but in his rush, Ordis couldn't send any ammunition and without Transference there's no starting energy – you also do not have any of your Gear, like in Index/Rathuum or Onsalught.

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Your equipment recovered, and perhaps damaged you proceed to fight as much Grineer resistance as the game engine can manage to throw at you. Ideally, triple the spawn rate of normal missions. The mode could require level 30 equipment or limit resource drops as needed. This isn't a grind mode, it's a fun mode. Survive for 10 minutes for a B rotation reward. While fighting off hordes of Grineer, additional objectives appear, such as Mobile Defense, Sabotage, Spy vaults, Kuva Siphons or perhaps something new. The bonus objectives are optional, do not fail the mission if lost, and award bonus A rotation rewards based on difficulty (1x A, 2x A etc).


You may notice a lack of C rewards. More on that below, but ultimately it depends on what DE would make the C rotation limit. I'm not even sure what the rewards should be though I'm thinking Kuva or something new; maybe another Syndicate Token system like Arbitrations.

While smashing face is fun, fighting only Grineer can be a bit dull. I've imagined some optional things for the game mode as well, and would love to hear any similar suggestions! For now, here's a few I've thought of:

Corpus Payday: After 30m or an hour, or a a variable of time thereof, the Grineer pay the Corpus to assist in your downfall. Corpus enemies begin appearing alongside the Grineer, especially Nullifers and Comba/Scrambus units. These are among the hardest enemies to fight and prepare for, and this would cause team composition to change based on how long players choose to stay.

Infested Meteor Collision: Between 45m and 1h30m, the Infestation appear as well. Unlike the Corpus and Grineer fighting together, all units can be attacked by the Infestation. This prevents Ancient Healers buffing Heavy units or Nullifiers, while adding a layer of excitement and another twist to the loadout. Many players prepare the elements of their weapons to damage certain factions more, but what do you prepare for when there's all three?

Super Siphons: With their experimental technology, the Grineer have begun beefing up Siphons by removing the Operators from their Warframes in the vicinity. Debating allowing Umbra to wander inside This is another optional objective that appears and rewards Flood level or better Kuva each time.

Read:  New or Returning Player? Welcome (Back) to WARFRAME!

Estimated War Funds: If added, this beauty will be present the entire mission. An estimated cost of damage the Tenno (and perhaps Infested) have inflicted upon the Grineer. This includes containers and environmental damage, fatalities, equipment costs, Siphons destroyed, objectives completed etc. Corpus units like Nullifiers are especially costly. This could be used for aesthetic purposes or high-score leaderboards, but also makes a great Rotation Reward objective.

Let me know what you think, or what you would change, in the comments below! Thanks for reading 🙂

/u/Iceedemon888 Weapon Collection: Like in the 'Captured by Zanuka' special mission, your weapons are spread out after the first objective. After recovering your Warframe, the weapons are strewn around the map. Unarmed, you must make your way to your other weapons to reclaim them.

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