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Warframe10 - New Index Strategy?

I have not seen anything like this mentioned anywhere. If this already exists my bad.

Basically me and a friend were playing some index when I realised that the investors just seem to get a lot of points out of nowhere. I wanted to see if that was the case, so next round I told my friend to just die a lot and I would camp the investors' cash in. What happened was pretty astounding. I would kill any investors I saw coming to cash in points, my friend would pick those points up, then go off and die on purpose. After 3 minutes there was around 60 index points on the floor in front of me. I think that this is caused because when you die, you also drop you bonus points? And then the investors get bonus points off your bonus points – basically by dying you increase the amount of points on the map. (I think). I haven't been able to do some decent tests, but I think that this has some potential.

The Strategy: Intentional dying

– 1 player camps the investors' cash-in area. (The 'goalkeeper')

– The other three players (The 'pawns') get enough points so they get a bonus. (5 points)

– After acquiring 5 points, the pawns go and find an investor and intentionally die.

– The investors will then try to cash-in, but be stopped by the goalkeeper.

– The dropped points are picked up by the pawns, which go out to die again, and the cycle repeats.

– The runner (explained below) picks up the stacks of points that are eventually dropped and cashes in ftw.

– This process should take less than an average index run, I reckon it could be done in under 3 minutes with a really good set-up. Personally the fastest I've done it is in 4 minutes, but that was with 2 people and with an inferior version of the strat.

The Details:

The Goalkeeper:

– Someone that can reliably keep the investors from cashing in. I use Khora but Limbo, Gara and some others would probably work too. On Khora I build good efficiency and duration, decent range and disregard power. Bring a ranged weapon that can quickly kill investors from range i.e Rubico.


The Pawns:

– Ideally, the pawns should be as squishy as possible, to die quicker. equipping dragon keys is also going to help. A theoretical 'pawn' trio I have thought of consists of:

– Banshee: Banshee's serves the role of locating enemies with her sonar, so the pawns can seek them out faster, she is also extremely squishy.

– Loki: Loki serves the role of the runner. The runners job is to pick up the stacks of points near the end of the round and cash them in. A frame like rhino could probably do this easier but I dont have rhino so I dont know. Loki is naturally squishy but can turn invisible to pick up and deposit all the points.

– Support Slot: I actually dont have a certain frame in mind, but some options are; Volt, to speed up the Tenno when they go out to die and assist the runner. Protea/Trinity etc. to ensure the goalkeeper doesn't run out of energy/ammo. Still not too sure what should fit in this slot.

The Cons:

– Still don't actually know if this is faster than a full squad playing normally, I think it has the potential.

– Can't be used solo. I have tried to use this solo but its really unreliable with the bots cashing in too early not dying etc.

– If the goalkeeper dies/runs out of energy/messes up, the investors have a chance to cash in a ludicrous amount of points. It happened to me.

Ok, that's all. I hope this was helpful or at least interesting. Please comment any comments/criticisms/recommendations/ideas you have. Also let me know if this is a known strategy, I dont believe it is, although it's likely that others have thought of this before me. If this works let us pray it doesn't get patched immediately. Whatever happens, I hope you found this useful or at least interesting to read.

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