New Player Experience From a New Player’s Perspective, Part 2

Warframe4 - New Player Experience From a New Player's Perspective, Part 2

Hello there, it's been about 2 months since my last post here about the game's new player experience and after another 140 hours in the game since that post, I think there's some more things I'd like to point out that I may have missed or not gotten to yet.

Focusing the Player

This is something I didn't speak of much in the last post and I think it is by far Warframe's biggest problem. Very commonly my friend will ask me how I don't know about or remember something when I've already done it and my answer generally boils down to "Just before, during, and after that, I was doing 10 other things" which he usually understands. Sometimes the game will do a half decent job at teaching the player a new mechanic, character, or some other thing. The issue is when other new information, plot lines, or mechanics are being thrown at them too. Prime example: The glass resonance stuff. It was not until about 120 hours in that I realized (realized is a strong word; my friend told me) you could shoot the crystals on the glassy people to make them able to take damage. When I had first encountered them, seemingly at random and with no explanation from the game, I just spammed melee and hey that worked, so I had thought that was how you were supposed to do it and went on my merry way finishing my mission at the time. If the game wasn't dividing me between learning the base mechanics, doing my mission, and multiple storylines, I probably could have noticed this detail, even though Nora says "Find their weak point to weaken them" or something. I think that if this problem is going to be solved, new elements and mechanics need to be delivered much more linearly. Don't blast the new player with 3 different stories, many characters, the game's base mechanics, and newer mechanics all at the same time. Slowly inject more and more things and give them the option to focus on one thing at a time so they actually retain what they experienced.


Nightwave Acts

There are some dailies/weeklies you get that are self-explanatory. Do 3 mobile defenses? Sure, I know that! It's a mission type! Kill 20 enemies while sliding? Easy enough, the game thought me how to slide in the tutorial. Complete 3 Sorties? Maybe that's a quest? I have no idea. One daily I got a few weeks ago was to hijack a ship and I kid you not I spent literal hours googling what in the world that meant and just gave up trying because nothing I found helped explain what it was. It's not uncommon for me to get Acts that I either have no idea what to do or I literally cannot do because I haven't progressed far enough. Safe to say, it's frustrating enough to get a challenge that you have no knowledge of how to do, let alone getting a challenge you literally cannot accomplish. My simplest solution to this would be to make the descriptions more… well… descriptive… and don't give people challenges they cannot do. If I don't have access to the Arcade stuff (a friend tried explaining it to me that you could do something on the login screen but it went over my head) or I need to do a quest to do an Act, just give me a different Act. Give me Trampoline, or Expressive, anything that I can actually do to get it out of the way and progress on my Nightwave.


Just rework the whole thing from the ground up. It's so unbelievably useless for new players and I don't imagine old players use it much when the wiki is easier to maneuver and has better info. I spoke in the last post how the Quest tab was just too unorganized to be of any use, but the Codex as a whole is just a mess. The Warframe, Weapons, Mods, and Companions tabs are literally just the model, its base stats, and some small lore if the item has it. Everything else is just models with junk stats, essentially serving no purpose. My friend said that I had no excuse to not know about something because it was in the Codex, I showed him how the Codex didn't have that information since it had been reworked since the last time he checked it. For the time being, just replace everything in the Codex with a link to the associated Wiki page. As for a rework, well, have a lore tab for starters. I still don't know what's going on 200 hours in. Make a separate stats tab and stuff all that juicy information in there.


I still enjoy Warframe, I'm slowly learning more and more, but I can't say that's because of the game. Like I said last time, if you don't have someone with an encyclopedia of knowledge about the game with you when you're starting out, it's not fun in any way. The best boiled down explanation I could give of the experience is that DE hands you a shotgun and wants you to follow every projectile at the same time instead of giving you a pistol to follow one projectile.

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