New Syndicate Related Dialogue

Warframe7 - New Syndicate Related Dialogue

Alright, so starting right off, Spoiler Warning for The Second Dream. If you haven’t beaten it, go do so first.

Everyone okay? Neat.

So, I was playing some today, and it struck me how odd some of the things my Operator said during missions doesn’t line up with what their Syndicate affiliations are. In a Grineer Capture mission, he said “The Grineer have no honor.” But I’m a General with the Steel Meridian, I’ve seen Kressa Tal and her affiliates act with honor, such as being a refuge for Kavor. That statement makes no sense in such a context.

So, what if we had new dialogue for our Operator that reflected our Syndicate allegiance, unlocked after a certain level of affiliation? Here are some ideas I had;

Steel Meridian: – If only we could grant them freedom. (Against Grineer) – They fight because they have been robbed of their choice. (Against Grineer) – We fight for those who can’t fight themselves. – For the colonies!

Cephalon Suda: – Finding a new mutation could prove fascinating. (Against Infested) – So much time, but records show such little change. (Referring to Grineer) – They learn from the past, but do they understand? (Referring to Corpus) – Fascinating. What secrets have been left intact? (Mission in Void/ Derelict)

Arbiters of Hexis: – They sold their honor for mere profit. (Against Corpus) – There is no nobility in killing these slaves. (Against Grineer) – They were robbed a warrior’s death. Let us grant it now. (Against Infested) – I shall prove myself here.


Perrin Sequence: – So many focused on amassing wealth, when they can easily help one another. (Against Corpus) – There is a better way, if only people would take that risk. (Against Corpus) – The brutes, they only know of war. (Against Grineer) – We’ve run the numbers, and my chances of failure are nonexistent.

New Loka: – Their corruption is apparent. You need only look. (Against Grineer) – Fools. They focus on the wrong goal. (Against Corpus) – Their unity is inspiring. We must use it to our advantage. (Against Infested) – My purity of purpose shall shine through.

Red Veil: – Armies of machines will not keep them safe from me. (Against Corpus) – They have ruled long enough. I have come to end their reign. (Against Grineer) – We should leave no witnesses. One way or another. – They fear what they don’t know. And they rightfully fear me.

So, what do you fellow Tenno think? Would new voice lines be interesting to hear? Any idea of what you’d like to hear your Operator say? I just think this could help flesh out our characters a bit more. Let me know down below!

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