Nightwave emphasizes DE’s tendency to abandon content.

Warframe15 - Nightwave emphasizes DE's tendency to abandon content.

Before I start my rant I want to say a few things.

  1. I actually enjoy nightwave as the new alert system. I have enjoyed most of the challenges (except the forma and gild one) and think most of the criticism could be more constructive. Ex. They could have made the forma three items challenge to level up any items three times to 30.
  2. I understand DE is pulled in numerous directions by players and that by focusing on certain areas they draw complaints from players concerned with other areas of the game. I understand it can be hard to please everyone and if DE focused on fixing bugs people would complain about a lack of new content.
  3. I am bringing forth my issue with the hope that DE recognizes that a huge portion of content in their game needs fixes. I still enjoy Warframe, but I am finding that the enjoyment I am getting from time invested is diminishing. If you don't enjoy Warframe…quit. No game is worth your time if you are getting frustrated to the point where you do not enjoy it anymore. Warframe might be free to play, but many people have invested large amounts of money in it…don't use this as justification to keep playing. That's a dangerous line of thinking and just because you're down at the roulette table doesn't mean you should keep going to try and win your money back.

It's no secret that DE has a tendency to abandon content. The conclave is a mess, archwing is only relevant with the release of gravimag and cetus/fortuna, and so on. However, nightwave brings abandoned content to the forefront of the player experience. Conclave is largely irrelevant to the average player and archwing is more of a temporary obstacle. However, sanctuary onslaught, arbitrations, eidolon hunts, etc. are not only relevant to many players, but have been made even more relevant given the nightwave challenges that pertain to them. These activities are plagued with bugs that can make them literally unplayable or literally unrewarding, many of the activities nightwave requires players to participate in are still dragged down by poor design. Having challenges that "require" players to participate in broken content is not a good idea as it negatively impacts the player experience. Nightwave highlights not only the brokenness of content that challenges pertain to, but also highlights faults in other content of the game. An unhappy player is more likely to notice (or less likely to disregard ) other broken content.


Some glitches/issues with nightwave content:

SO/ESO host migration causing players to lose mission

SO/ESO host migration causing players to lose rewards

Enemies not spawning in SO/ESO

Being unable to use abilities after going in operator (yes this glitch still exists and affects eidolon hunts, orb fights, etc.)

Unable to change lures' follow state

Lures getting stuck

Eidolons being killed despite charged lures being close by

Eidolons teleporting on limb destruction despite lures being nearby

Losing eidolon hunt rewards

Camera messing up when entering into operator

Archgun not being summoned

Archgun timer not showing time before archgun can be re-summoned

Archgun not being dismissed properly

Profit-taker's limbs regaining health

Glitch where the game thinks you fell into a pit and resets your abilities

Getting glitch killed in arbitrations

Loosing arbitration rewards

Host migration causing mission failure in arbitration

I really could keep going on about how many glitches exist in nightwave relevant modes, or how nightwave has highlighted glitches in other modes *cough* loosing rewards from toroid farming *cough*, but hopefully my point has been made. Although feel free to add any glitches/issues with modes I didn't mention

I am excited for the rest of the year based on DE's dev plan, but I am cautiously optimistic. I'm afraid that if DE continues to neglect their older content and continues to only resolve some of the issues with everything new they release that the amount of enjoyment I get out of Warframe will not justify my investment.

TLDR: Nightwave challenges pertain to glitchy game activities thus highlighting DE abandoning content and bringing faults of the game to the forefront of the player experience.

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