Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker: Update 27.5.0

Warframe7 - Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker: Update 27.5.0


Nightwave: Series 3: Glassmaker is arriving TODAY at 2 p.m. ET!


After a string of mysterious murders, investigate the latest crime scene to stop a cryptic killer from striking again. Step into Nora's crime-simula to witness the gruesome work of the Glassmaker. Check the shadows, search for clues and follow the trail of “glassed” bodies to crack the case… before it’s too late.

Beyond the interactive narrative, Nightwave: Series 3 also introduces new Daily and Weekly Acts! Don’t have a Railjack of your own? Railjack Acts can be completed by joining any open crew from the Star Chart.

Nightwave Act Additions:

  • Added the following Nightwave Acts:


  • Gatherer: Collect 100 Resources
  • Deep Impact: Suspend 5 or more enemies in the air at once with a Heavy Slam Melee Attack
  • Friendly Fire: While piloting a hijacked Crewship, destroy 3 enemy Fighters
  • Child at Heart: Play a game of Frame Fighter, Happy Zephyr, or Wyrmius
  • Patron: Donate to the Leverian
  • Doppelganger: Deploy a Specter
  • Swordsman: Complete a Mission with only a Melee Weapon equipped
  • Hands Full: Complete a Mission with only a Primary Weapon equipped
  • Sidearm: Complete a Mission with only a Secondary Weapon equipped
  • No Mercy: Mercy Kill an Enemy
  • Hush: Kill a Kuva Thrall
  • Reclaimed: Clear a personal Kuva Lich Influenced Node
  • Just Visiting: Visit a Featured Dojo


  • Explorer: Complete 3 Railjack Missions
  • Forward Thinking: Destroy a Crewship with Forward Artillery
  • Flawless: Clear a Railjack Boarding Party without your Warframe taking damage
  • Confiscated: Hijack a Crewship from the enemy
  • Heavy Ordnance: Kill 500 enemies with an Arch Gun


  • Grand: Kill The Exploiter Orb
  • Choose Wisely: Kill or Convert a Kuva Lich
  • Elite Explorer: Complete 8 Railjack Missions
  • Machine Interface: Complete a Spy mission with 3 manual console hacks and no alarms
  • Speedster: Finish a Capture mission in less than 90 seconds




Where once was fire is now cold resolve. A signature look for a prestige killer.


With time and fire the truth of bone is revealed. The signature Syandana of Ash Shroud.


Born of heat and cold as death, this is the signature bow skin for Ash Shroud.


All that remains is blood and dust. Become the shadow with the Ash Shroud Collection, which includes the cold-blooded Ash Shroud Skin, the venerable Causta Bow Skin and the forged-from-fire-and-bone Cremata Syandana.

Leverian Additions & Changes:

  • A new Leverian has been added for Ash! Drusus has a new tale to tell about….The Scoria!
  • Added a text box to the items displayed in the Leverian that shows the whole script of that item, so you can better follow Drusus' tale if you fail to read the subtitle in time.

Double Tap Mod Changes & Fixes:

  • Changed the Double Tap Mod description to include its stacking function when equipped outside of Conclave:
    • Double Tap (Latron) : On Hit: 20% Bonus Damage on next Hit for 2s. Stacks up to 20x outside of Conclave.
  • The Latron HUD now displays the buff combo status when equipped with the Double Tap Mod.
  • Fixed the Double Tap Mod resetting its buff on every shot, as opposed to the intended reset on miss.


  • Added a workaround for content update on improperly configured computers.
  • Improved content update support for local proxy servers on Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.
  • Optimized out hitches in item preview when a customized Warframe Skin is already equipped.

Railjack Fixes:

  • Fixed inability to tag items in Chat when using the Chat window while on a Railjack Turret.

Fixes :

  • Fixed Nezha’s Warding Halo blocking 100% of Damage instead of the intended 90%.
  • Fixes towards another case of not gaining Focus XP when switching between your Arch-Gun in both air/ground forms.
  • Fixed Vauban’s Nervos not reflecting chosen Skin overrides for Clients.
  • Fixed the “Modify Parazon” button in the Kuva Lich menu not appearing when in the Dojo.
  • Fixed the "X Items Ready To Claim" Foundry UI quantity not updating in your Orbiter unless you claim everything.
  • Fixed Skins in the Market saying you didn't own a compatible item when you did.
  • Fixed items in the in-game Market not displaying "Mastery Rank Locked" icons to indicate as such.
  • Fixed lighting intensity in the Grineer Galleon extraction cinematic.

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