Nightwave standing feels nice when you reach the next level. There is no weird gate with a weird offering stopping you. It makes me want to play more actually.

Warframe4 - Nightwave standing feels nice when you reach the next level. There is no weird gate with a weird offering stopping you. It makes me want to play more actually.

I came back into the game recently, and my friend who introduced me into the game also joined me. She has been playing since the beginning. We started discussing the game greatly, especially today farming Toroids.

A little background, I am a power gamer and collector. Games like Pokemon influenced me and I always enjoy 100% a game. I also love farming and optimizing playthroughs. I would spend hours in FF9 and FFX just mindlessly grinding to actually feel like a "boss" when I play. I find it fun. But, in this game, it feels real bad at times.

My friend is very casual. She loves and appreciates good games that are designed well. This game is a passion project and you can see it as you play and how the developers interact with the community. She feels this and just wants to play more. But the grinding just completely puts her off a lot.

We have been playing a lot of the new content. She has been wanting to get into Plains of Eidolon, since it has been released, but just stops playing because standing is annoying. As she plays, the standing she receives stops counting when it gets gated. She then has to get out of her way to collect things which can be quite daunting. I know the thumpers are meant to help with this, but it just gives the game a jarring stop to the flow of it.

I can deal with this. I ground the standing because I wanted to get into Eidolons. And as I mentioned, I am a power gamer. I spent so much forma and time making sure I can 3×5 tridolons. I love forma'ing my Warframes because it feels great because I get an amazing return. I feel powerful. The standing doesn't feel that way at all. Vox Solaris and Ostron just abruptly stops this flow.

Nightwave feels great. There is a limited amount of tasks to do, and I just want to complete it because I get an active return in doing so. Usual standing is more of a passive return. You hit the next level, then you have to farm up more for the specific items. You don't really gain anything leveling up and on top of that you lose your standing!!!! Like wtf.

So my friend has given up. Why should she spend even more hours in grinding standing only for her progress to reset. And now the rest of the game is repetitive and grinding. She has played it all.


Nightwave doesn't do this. You clearly see your goal. You actively gain rewards once hitting each level. You gain extra resources to purchase even more things if needed. It feels amazing to gain Nightwave standing, especially that tasty mod-on-a-stick (or arcane, or forma) dangling in front of us. Guess what DE? We want to chase this and log in daily to strive for this goal.


1. Remove these annoying gates to Ostron and Vox Solaris standing (the faction standing is another beast and I am not going to discuss them here).

Guess what? We have been gaining standing for these peoples this whole time. We have been spending time giving them fish, minerals, bounties and more. Why do we need to give them even more. I am sure they are grateful.

2. If you want to put a gate, take inspiration from other games or from your own game design. Rivens are great in this regard.

We get Rivens, it feels like a gamble, and then we have to unlock it by completing a task. These tasks are hard but some are fun. Gate the next level of standing by completing a task.

"Hey Offworlder! I need some help with something. Can you X for me?"

On top of that, make it so the standing we turn in while completing this tasks be counted for the next level. It will feel great.

The game is too farmy. Way too much. This can help alleviate a lot of the mental fatigue and also have players wanting to come back and participate even more. At this point this is only attracting hard core grinders, but even I am tired of these gates. On top of that, there isn't really a late game that is unique. You go back to Arbitrations and ESO (which are fun and I am glad they are in the game) but they are just recycled maps with harder enemies. The Plains and Vallis really are unique and it feels like Monster Hunter World where you can explore a map and have interesting interactions.

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