Normal missions could and should have railjack’s seamless mission loading

Warframe10 - Normal missions could and should have railjack's seamless mission loading

Right now in railjack, you'll notice there are no loading screens, instead this is replaced by a void wormhole that transports you to you destination. I personally think this is my favourite detail in the game. Doing away with loading prevents immersion from being broken between missions and makes me feel like I'm in an actual real space with real locations and places to go, rather than going from fake scene to fake scene.

I have an idea for a similar thing in normal missions.

It seems to me like the orbiter is divided into two sections, the liset, and the main body of the orbiter. Now that I think about it, the liset seems to be nothing more than a flying pod that returns to the orbiter, which does include the front room, but personally I feel like It would be much cooler if the front room was instead a shuttle that split off from the main ship instead and perhaps the lisets were made much bigger to show they can fit an entire room, not just one tenno, or just done away with? I also think it's about time that the ship you pick determines what the front room looks like, but that's for another day.

Moving on to the plan, if lisets are big enough to fit the front room, I think that they should do the following when you travel to a mission:

  1. Void wormhole identical to railjack, that ends right beside the mission location.
  2. Unlike railjack, the ship automatically flies down/towards the location, which is obviously much easier to implement as it is usually just the ship model and the skybox, with the level being loaded in later.
  3. When it arrives at the location, for this example being a corpus ship, It will do a 180 turn and then attach it's backside to the side of the ship.
  4. The bottom of the ramp actually has an airlock door, which was the inspiration for this post. The ramp will go down and then the door will open, revealing the level in front of you once the level has actually loaded, imagine walking from navigation down into a corpus ship, instead of the rest of your ship! Perhaps the lotus's opening transmission can be done inside the ship to add some more time to allow the mission to load, as well as hyping up the mission, and for the likes of assassination, showing an image of the target along with some backstory to make you nervous? The ramp will take 5 seconds to lower and the doors 5 seconds to unlock, disabling the airlock system and releasing pressure, before opening.
  5. Just like that, you can literally walk from you ship into the mission, which is really damm cool and makes you feel like you actually just broke into an enemy ship!
  6. Upon completing the mission, there is no longer an "extraction". You will instead go back to you ship and just walk in, the doors will shut and pressurise, and then you will warp out of there! Perhaps you could even get mods for your ship that would give it a healing aura, a turret, a damage amplifier etc when you are near it, so that you get a personal bonus while waiting at extraction!

This would pretty much be a tenno version of the railjack boarding parties, for anyone struggling to imagine, you would literally attach your front room to the side of a ship like a barnacle, and then breach the walls, getting in, with no loading screens at all!

For ground missions, you ship would just park instead, but you would still of course walk from your ship to the ground mission.

I also understand that this is identical to how loading works in open world areas. Personally I love it, as it makes you feel like the actual location is right outside the hub area, when in reality they are two different maps. I know this seamless loading can be janky, which is why I suggested a few things to pad it out, as well as allowing the player to listen to the mission brief so they aren't bored, just like open world areas. I'm assuming that the wormhole, the docking/parking of your ship and the door opening would be more than enough time for everything to be loaded in properly, and would make sure there are no awkward silences between the mission announcer and the mission itself.

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