Now that Scarlet Spear is over, here are my thoughts on it

Warframe5 - Now that Scarlet Spear is over, here are my thoughts on it

I have played a lot of this event. Like…like way too much. When the event started I had but a few arcanes and through the event I maxed out almost all(except the bronze ones), got all the new items etc. So it's safe to say I learned this event pretty well considering the points needed to get all these items.

The bugs and redesigns

Obviously the event was pushed out earlier than it should. It was barely functional the first week. However because I encountered fewer bugs than most people and because the event dropped right when the quarantine happened in my country, I was glad it was here. This is not an excuse for the poor state of the event it's just a coincidence.

Now in addition to the bugs there were a lot of redesigns of how the event functioned. This is typical of DE as they put out a core idea which most of the time needs work and within a week the idea is formed into what the community wants. And after the first week this is what happened. The event got redesigned to fix all the issues people had with it and I liked it all the more for it.

The missions

There were a lot of complaints that "it was just one mission on repeat for hours omg" which I disagree completely. The reason I disagree is because every event ever created in warframe has been only one mission. Two If we're lucky. The plains cyst? One mission. Fomorian invasion? One mission, two if you count the farming for that mission. Stalkers? Zero missions. You just do regular missions until they show up to get to another regular mission that you're sure that they'll show up.

Look my point is that the game has always been repetitive. It's perfectly fine if it's not to everybody's tastes it just so happens to be in mine. Warframe is my antidepressant. I use it to relax. I just want to jump in and get some progress that will make me feel good. And that's exactly what this event was. However a problem I have after 1.5k hours is that I want more challenge. By challenge I mean higher levels so as not to fall asleep while playing. I like using my many warframes and arcanes and abilities to make a level 180 grineer filled room easy. I don't necessarily like it when I do the same on a level 30 room because…well I don't need to. So I did like the fact that the most efficient way to farm this event was to reach this high levels.

As for the mission design itself I loved the ground mission and how hectic it could get on a non-coordinating team. I liked the railjack mission but I wish there was more incentive to battle fighters instead of just rushing to the murex ignoring everyone and everything. My favorite experience was being in a weaker railjack and "halting the mission" to send 2 of us to kill the crewships while the other 2 defend the ship.

The points


Now I have an issue with the point system. As a core system I like it because, again, I like jumping into the game doing something and feeling like there is progress. But…and that's a big BUT. I haaaaaaaaated the cap. Not the fact that there is a cap in victory points but the amount of points it capped. Why? Well I was trying to farm rank 3 emblems both on space and ground. While in space it was usual to do 2 runs with a group before they leave because the max points were around 3.9k and you needed 3 more murexes to cap, people tended to do second runs. That is not the case with ground. Because on ground the max is 4.1k. And the victory point cap is 5k. This means that people needed to do another 8 condrix run to reach 5k which is about 10-15 mins depending on the group. This was not point efficient so people would leave and since the emblem is tied to the floatilla you couldn't leave to find another group so you were stuck alone soloing 8 condrixes in 30 mins when you could have done it in 10. This would be an easy fix. So DE, please. The next time this event comes(because it will) make the points needed for the emblem the mission cap ffs. *breathes*.

We couldn't defeat them but…

And then there's this. Look, I don't have an issue with how the system worked. I have an issue story-wise. The whole concept of defending against waves and waves of murexes is really cool. I loved it. I loved feeling that all of us are fighting off this gigantic invasion. However that feeling goes away when we lose a wave and…nothing happens. If there's not fail state then the whole invasion defense breaks apart. I'm not saying to penalize players that don't won't to fight in an empty floatilla, obviously gameplay comes first. What I want is something. A consequence for our failures. Maybe some new nodes on earth with Sentients that manages to get past our defenses and set up bases. Add something to make this more "real".

I remember when I first started the game asking my then veteran friend "why is this relay broken?". It was broken in an invasion event that we lost. That was really cool and it was even cooler when we rebuilt it. I wish we had more of that!

The story

I really love the story, my only complaint is that lately it's been full of prologues and no missions. Like "oh here's a new cutscene you get by doing nothing, see you next year!" and I dislike that. I get that they're prepairing for the new war but if the new war comes out underwhelming then all this set up will get damaged too. While if say the sacrifice came out underwhelming then it would never damage the second dream for example. This has to do with another complaint I have with them spreading themselves too thin with nw story and regular story and event story etc. But that's a complaint for another time.


I liked this event more than any other event in warframe. With a few tweeks, I would enjoy having it be a yearly thing. I do have a few issues with it, it's not perfect, but I enjoyed it very much and it made my quarantine less depressing.

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