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Recently, DE released a new change to the game which completely removed the previous Alert system and implemented an entirely new system called Nightwave. Since then, both parts of the vocal minority have been split between appreciating the implementation or hating it entirely. Some have recommended adding small changes here and there to better Nightwave, but some still want it gone with the old Alert system taking its place.

Personally, I don't understand why so many players want to see the system removed when concerning rewards alone. I want to point out some simple math that supports my view on this and you're free to correct me where I'm wrong.

I want to first start off by talking about what rewards you can actually obtain through Nightwave, or more specifically, the Wolf of Saturn Six. Please look below for some quick stats.

  • 40% of the rewards offered through the current Nightwave series are cosmetic. This includes sigils, glyphs, emblems, emotes, syandanas, armor, captura scenes and k-drive cosmetics. When DE revealed Nightwave to us through the roadmap a few devstreams ago, they talk about how most of Nightwave was intended to be cosmetic-based. To simplify the 40%, 12 of the 30 items offered through the reward track are cosmetic.

  • 20% of the rewards offered through the current Nightwave series are Wolf Creds. Wolf Creds give access to items obtained from the previous Alert system. Nitain Extract is offered in groups of 5 instead of the previous 1 earned from alerts. A few new cosmetics are also offered through this system. This is not counting the Wolf Creds earned for prestiging in the system. It's also worth noting that once the current Nightwave ends, all players will lose all of their Wolf Creds.

  • 20% of the rewards offered through the current Nightwave series are offered from other places in the game without purchasing them. Forma can be obtained from playing relic missions (among other places). Kuva can be earned for playing Kuva missions. Orokin Catalysts can be obtained from Invasions, Gifts of the Lotus and Sorties. Arcanes can be earned from hunting Eidolons.

  • 13% of the rewards offered through the current Nightwave series are items that change gameplay or significantly give you a boost during gameplay. Umbral Forma is an obvious one, but I've also included the new augments that may bring those old weapons out of the closet.

With that in the air, you're probably noting that a lot of these rewards are on a track. This means you have to reach a certain point to obtain something you want, even if you don't want the items before it. I want to discuss a little math on that as well. Please look below for some quick stats.

  • You only need 30k standing a week to finish the entire reward track by the end of the 10 weeks. Finishing the reward track takes 300k. Simple math.

  • You have access to 43k standing a week (which includes the dailies for the week). This means you can skip over two Elite Weeklys and one Weekly a week if you're just interested in finishing the track. You could also skip 4 Weeklys instead if you wanted to. There's a lot of choice to be made if you're only interested in finishing the track.

  • If you're a new player only interested in Wolf Cred, you only need 240k standing throughout the entire run to reach the last Wolf Cred reward on the reward track. That means you only need to make 24k standing a week! This means you can skip over all Elite Weeklys and 1 Weekly every week, or whatever combination fits your goals. This will grant you 300 Wolf Creds. This is also ignoring the prestige system.

  • If you're a new player only interested in the slots that weren't offered previously, you only need 80k standing! This means you only need to make 8k standing a week to reach this goal. This can be done with several combinations, so I'll leave this example open. It's important to note that you'll also obtain 2 rewards of 50 Wolf Creds for going down this route.

  • All of this is overlooking the extra standing that can be gained from killing the units that randomly spawn in missions. You get 150 Standing for killing all three, but it's possible to get more than one pack to spawn per mission. According to DE, the spawn rate for these units and Wolf will increase as the series goes on. Although not confirmed, it's possible that DE may add in other methods to obtain standing as the series continues towards the end.

Finally, I wanted to discuss some other stats and worries over the Wolf Cred system. This is where I can understand some of the fear and trouble, but I still don't think this is absolutely horrible. Please look below for some quick stats.

  • If you obtain all 300 Wolf Creds offered through the reward track alone and spent it all on Nitain Extract offerings, you'd be able to obtain 100 Nitain Extract. Each bundle gives 5 Nitain Extract and costs 15 Wolf Cred a piece. If you only obtain 100 Wolf Cred through the series, you can still purchase 30 Nitain Extract if you bought nothing but Nitain Extract.

  • Going off this list, you only need 123 Nitain Extract to obtain everything that isn't a cosmetic and costs Nitain Extract. This does not include clan research. If you have 100 Nitain Extract, you'll be able to complete 81% of these items. If you have 30 Nitain Extract, you'll be able to complete 24% of these items. This is all within the 10 week period that is the first series of Nightwave.

  • If you include clan research and cosmetics, you need 190 Nitain Extract to complete every single item. This means that with 100 Nitain Extract, you can complete 53% of the items in the game that require Nitain Extract. If you can only get 30 Nitain Extract, you can make 16% of the items that cost Nitain Extract.

  • The amount of Mastery Rank obtained from items that cost Nitain Extract to craft is 141k. The total amount of mastery you can obtain (minus exclusives) is 1,543,627. It's important to note that there's a lot of items that are now exclusive and also require Nitain Extract. This means they're included in the 141k but they're not included in the total Mastery you can obtain. Using this list, one can discover that you can reach Mastery Rank 23 without leveling any currently exclusive items or any items that cost Nitain Extract. Items that cost Nitain (even if exclusive) only add up to 9% of the total mastery that can be obtained without exclusives.

  • 54% of items currently offered through Wolf Cred are cosmetic. Generally everything offered would be considered low priority for newer players outside of 2-3 different auras which would cost 40-60 Wolf Creds total.

  • The amount of Mastery Rank obtained from items that must be bought with Wolf Cred is 33k. When added to the Mastery Rank given from items that cost Nitain Extract to craft, you're looking at a total of 174k. That's still only 11% of the total Mastery Rank that can be obtained without exclusives when the Nitain Extract list contains exclusives. Players who don't craft items that come from Wolf Creds or items that cost Nitain Extract can still reach Mastery Rank 23 by crafting other items that aren't exclusive.

I just wanted to put a few numbers out there so people can discuss with a clear mind how hard things are to obtain and how important they actually are (to new players). If I've made a mistake somewhere, feel free to let me know so I can add it in. Thanks for taking the time to listen!

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