Nyx is underwhelming (Rework lackluster, Rebecca seemed upset)

Warframe10 - Nyx is underwhelming (Rework lackluster, Rebecca seemed upset)

When I looked back in the workshop section in the forum, I was expecting it "could be great" when it lives.

  1. Mind Control gained bonus damage when Nyx or allies deal damage on it within 4 seconds.

Some players expecting that the "Grineer Heavy Gunner" would deal damage same as what Nyx have dealt with their weapon chosen. Expected Tigris with 20k corrosive so Heavy Gunner can deal 20k corrosive per shot…..

Nope, it's just another flat damage buff to the Mind Control's weapon damage. Because Gorgon, their weapon is impact based, they won't deal enough damage to other grineer because its fking armor.

Without Psychic Bolts, it's bad rework that cannot be useful by itself.

Solution to the Mind Control and its other fix

  1. Mind Control gain Pseudo exalted weapon from Nyx's current equipped weapon's mod.
    If Nyx use Tigris Prime with "Base damage, Multishot mods, 4x 60/60 status elemental mods, Fire rate mod", those mods will benefit Mind Control's target.

  2. Mind Control gain Specter AI and commandable.
    a. Because minion AI is so bad at moving and attacking, Specter AI is superior because it knows what they do. They don't relentlessly shoot enemies that take cover behind walls, but attack the one that near them that dont take cover.
    b. Allow Nyx to force Mind Control to stay position and "irregularly" protect the objective wont waste Nyx's time and energy after giving them power.
    c. This also make Mind Control to be immune to stun proc like, Fire panic but still take knockdown by Heavy Gunner's slam.

  3. Mind Control boost stats and damage to Eximus' power and other abilities by Support units.
    a. I dont know why, but Arson Eximus's Firewave not even deal that much damage because "horde vs player" stat, they should gain through the "wind up" bonus damage and Mind Freak augment.
    b. This also should improve Ancient Healer's healing, Shield Osprey overshield, Ancient Disruptor's damage reduction.

  4. One handed action.
    a. Allow for wind up damage build, and fluid combat movement.

  5. Mind Control target allow Defense mission to bypass wave kill requirement.
    a. If you don't kill Mind Control in Defense mission, the wave won't progress, so allowing mission to progress while the ability is active is good change.

2. Psychic Bolts has great debuff but it get worse in other part.

Psychic Bolts rework made it strong like Ash's Seeking Shuriken Augment but it has more. It remove both armor and shield at 80% base (can be increased with power strength, 130% strength stat can reach to 100% completely remove armor and shield), temporary remove infested ancient aura, and slow down Infested movement by ??% (unknown).

It looks great and better you may say, but it cannot spam cast. In other words, it stay at debuffing 6 target (cannot be increased with power strength anymore) until they are killed, you "cancel it by holding down the button", or run out of duration.

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Solution to Psychic Bolts and other addition.

  1. Psychic Bolts now force command both Mind Control and Chaos targets to attack the debuffed enemies.
    a. Because of only 6 targets and cannot be increased with Power Strength, telling your manipulated enemies to attack the debuffed targets to kill is good when comes to crowd controlling especially during Defense and Interception. Giving Nyx a whole new level of Psychic command.
    b. Similar to Attack on Titan's Abnormal titans, Chaos targets will ignore Allies and only attack debuffed psychic bolts targets.

  2. Psychic Bolts can be recastable, but only number of affected target is below 6.
    a. Similar to Revenant's Mesmer Skin function casting, Nyx can recast the ability as long as number of affected targets are below 6. Which means, when Nyx cast but only 3 targets are affected, she can cast again to make sure to fill the quota.

  3. Psychic Bolts number of targets can be increased with Power Strength.
    a. Allow players to boost number of targets by sacrificing some Range mods for Strength, it also open up possibility and synergy to Mind Control.

3. Chaos no change but should receive buff to not contradict Defense mission.

Chaos is the most powerful tool, Loki's Disarm are being challenged by this ability. Remember that Chaos prevent Eximus and Ancient auras to benefit to their allies. Because Chaos turn each enemy into their own self-faction, all Eximus aura cannot be given to the "hostile" debuffed target, which also make Psychic Bolts' remove infested ancient aura rebundant.

To make sure Nyx and their other 3 allies to progress mission faster, I give these ideas.

  1. When Psychic Bolts is active, Chaos target move faster at chasing the debuffed target.
    a. Because, Psychic Bolts now force command all Chaos target to attack the debuffed, they should gain temporary movement speed until either the ability runs out.

  2. When Mind Control is active, Chaos target will passively take toxin-like psychic damage status effect whenever they are close to it.
    a. with 15m range, Mind Control will deal psychic offensive AOE aura that deal 5% of it's max health as damage per second to Chaos enemies, until either ability has run out of duration. Similar to Leech Eximus but it deal damage to health bypassing armor and shield if Chaos players don't want to build around Psychic Bolts.

  3. When Absorb is active, force command is override by the ultimate to allow Nyx to absorb as much as damage.

4. Absorb received buff to absorb dynamic damage but it still doesn't work as ultimate rather than being god mode.

Because of the scaling from absorption to damage output is low, and absorbed damage type is mostly Physical damage and less Elemental damage, Absorb only great for Assimilate build that allow Nyx to use other three abilities while being invincible.

Solution to buff it or change entirely :

  1. Absorb has a base range of 15meter.

  2. While absorb is active, partial of the absorbed damage will overshield nearby allies and companions.

  3. The higher the absorption points, the higher the status chance to proc for "EACH" dynamic damage type.
    a. This idea will make Nyx the best dynamic to proc every status affect that she absorbed, almost all factions deal slash and puncture which good against infested and armor. if she absorbed 10000 damage and released it, proc slash to surrround enemies will kill all of them.
    b. Even if its overpowered, she still need more energy and need enemy and allies to deal damage to her Absorb bubble, if allies over dps her, she can go from full energy to zero.

  4. Base status chance for physical at 50% and elemental (by allies and heavy unit's weapon) at 30%.
    a. Each 1000 absorbed damage will give 10% bonus status chance (additive).

5. Passive changed from Disarm to Reduced Accuracy.

From bad to worse unfortunately, she require a passive that boost her stats and abilities every time she affect enemies on battlefield.

New Mechanic :

Nyx affecting psychic abilities to enemy allow her to gain damage reduction and power strength for nearby affected enemy.

Each enemy debuffed by Psychic Bolts, Mind Controlled, and Chaos manipulated will improve her Strength and Damage Reduction by 5% up to 50% until affected enemy is killed.

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