Oberon: A Handy Guide to Everyone’s Favorite Goat (aka Bro-beron)

Warframe13 - Oberon: A Handy Guide to Everyone's Favorite Goat (aka Bro-beron)

Hey fellas! I've been playing for a while and my favorite all-around Warframe is Oberon. After watching a lot of guides some time ago and playing him for almost everything, I figured I'd make a bit of a guide to help people try him out. Obligatory disclaimer: this is all my personal experience/opinions and your mileage may vary.


If you do not have Oberon yet, simply continue to play Warframe. His blueprints drop from
Eximus - Oberon: A Handy Guide to Everyone's Favorite Goat (aka Bro-beron)

Eximus Units. You will get all his parts eventually! If for some reason you have really bad luck, once you complete the War Within (complete the Sedna junction on Pluto) look for an Eximus Stronghold Sortie. Purchase his Blueprint in the Market once you have the parts and get him going in the Foundry!

Oberon Prime has unfortunately been vaulted. If you really want him, be prepared to cough up some plat.

Abilities Overview

For simplicity, I'll provide base stats. Most of this is paraphrased from the Wiki.

Passive: Beastmaster

Oberon's passive grants 25% extra health, shields, and armor to Kubrows and Kavats. It also grants them one instant revive per mission. This is handy if you like to use Kubrows/Kavats a lot!

1. Smite

Oberon's first ability, Smite, is a single-target ability that allows you to hit them for 500 Radiation damage at 50m away with a guaranteed Radiation proc. It also spawns 6 orb projectiles that seek out nearby enemies to do 150 Radiation damage plus 35% of the initial target's max health/shields divided by the number of orbs.

This is arguably Oberon's weakest ability, since the damage doesn't scale. However, this ability remains quite useful in high-level content! You see, whoever you Smite has a guaranteed rad proc. This has two major uses:

  • Use it on Ancient Healers and Corrupted Ancients to straight-up remove their damage reduction aura!

  • Use it on a high-level unit in a group of enemies to get them to temporarily

    and fight amongst themselves. I find this useful on PoE and Orb Vallis to make patrols leave you alone. Since Smite is a one-handed ability, this can also give you a breather to reload. Always pick the toughest enemy you see, since Smite does %DMG based on total HP/Shields.

Smite also knocks the enemy down, so it lets you get a finisher off on a particularly tough unit!

Note from
/u/betacyanin: … demolishes bosses (especially Kela) due to the 35% base health mechanic. It can be spammed to hell and back, if the boss is alone every orb will flip a U and go right back into them.

Additionaly, the augment
Smite Infusion - Oberon: A Handy Guide to Everyone's Favorite Goat (aka Bro-beron)

Smite Infusion allows you to give an ally 100% Radiation Damage for 40 seconds. Use it on your Chroma during an Eidolon fight for spectacular results.

2. Hallowed Ground

Oberon's second ability, Hallowed Ground, allows him to create a field of grass in front of him. It extends 15 meters in a 180 degree arc and lasts 20 seconds. Enemies in the grass receive 100 Radiation Damage every half second with a 15% chance to proc Radiation. Allies on your grass are immune to status effects, knockdowns, and staggers. If you have your heal (3) up, anyone who steps onto the grass will also receive Iron Renewal, which additively grants 200 armor (applied after other armor buffs).

Hallowed Ground provides some semi-effective CC, as most enemies who enter it will quickly proc Radiation and begin fighting amongst themselves.

The status immunity from Hallowed Ground is also very effective, and can be used to substitute Harrow during Eidolon fights. It's excellent for enemies that like to stagger you and knock you down (e.g. Razorback) and allows you to stay on your feet!

><noscript><img src= - Oberon: A Handy Guide to Everyone's Favorite Goat (aka Bro-beron)

More on Iron Renewal later. There is an augment,
Hallowed Eruption, but the damage does not scale and I do not find it particularly useful.

3. Renewal

Oberon's third ability, Renewal, allows him to continuously heal allies! Oberon creates a 25m field around him that heals 40 hp/sec. Allies (rescue operatives, specters, sortie defense targets, etc.) will also be healed 13.3 hp/sec. This ability is channeled.

This is Oberon's most important ability, and it is a little quirky. When you initially cast renewal, you permanently create your heal field where you cast it. Renewal does not follow you around. In order to receive the heal buff, your allies must pass through this field at some point.

I find it best to cast at a central location, such as a defense objective. Alternatively, I will rush ahead and cast it at a chokepoint, guaranteeing that everyone will pass through it in order to proceed. You can also drop a waypoint (press G) to let people know where it is. Once you see everyone has Renewal, throw down Hallowed Ground to apply Iron Renewal (your armor buff) to everyone who passes through it.

If you or your allies fall through a kill-plane or pass through a nullifier bubble, you (they) will lose the renewal buff and you will need to recast it.

Renewal has one of the most powerful augments in Warframe:
Phoenix Renewal - Oberon: A Handy Guide to Everyone's Favorite Goat (aka Bro-beron)

Phoenix Renewal
. Phoenix Renewal gives you and your allies one free death while they have the Renewal buff! After dying, you have a 90 second cooldown (on an individual basis) before you can die again! This ability is extremely useful for Arbitrations.

4. Reckoning

Finally, Oberon's fourth ability is Reckoning. Oberon picks up everyone within 15m and slams them to the ground like some sort of crazed goat god, dealing 1250 Radiation Damage, applying knockdown, and proc'ing Radiation. If anyone is already irradiated, they will receive 625 additional Radiation Damage.

If you cast Reckoning while enemies are standing on your Hallowed Ground, it will also strip 30% of their armor!

Reckoning is what I like to call Oberon's

. If you are about to die and are on cooldown for Phoenix Renewal, casting Reckoning will make all enemies nearby stop attacking you while you bitch-smack them on the ground. This gives you time to heal. Additionaly, when they stand up they will be irradiated and not attack you for a short duration.

Reckoning is an effective AoE nuke on low-level content, but unfortunately the damage does not scale. It is great for stripping armor from particularly tough targets, however. The armor-stripping and CC keep it very relevant in high-level play.

The knockdown opens enemies up to finishers, but I find Smite to be much more energy-efficient for this purpose.

Reckoning's Augment,
Hallowed Reckoning, applies a non-scaling DoT for 10 seconds and gives allies 250 additional armor… for 10 seconds. I do not find it particularly useful.

Effective Oberon Builds

Now that we understand the abilities, let's talk about how to build Oberon.

Aura Mods

Oberon starts with a V polarity, and I believe the most effective aura for him on a V polarity is
Growing Power - Oberon: A Handy Guide to Everyone's Favorite Goat (aka Bro-beron)

Growing Power. To get Growing Power, farm the Knave Specter using Twilight Apothics from the Silver Grove quest. You receive the Silver Grove quest from speaking with the New Loka at a relay after completing The Second Dream (complete the Neptune Junction) and reaching MR 7.

When you have Growing Power, shoot an enemy to proc the 25% Ability Strength. Then cast your heal. This permanently strengthens your heal. It will not go away after Growing Power wears off. Repeat the whole process if you need to recast your heal.

You may of course want to Forma your Aura slot for a dash polarity in order to use
Corrosive Projection. Until then, you can use Oberon's 2-4 combo to strip armor. This won't work in all scenarios however, so you may want to Forma the slot for
SJWPkBAE6qE - Oberon: A Handy Guide to Everyone's Favorite Goat (aka Bro-beron)
the benefit of your team.

Typical Oberon Gameplay

Before we dive into build considerations, let's quickly go over
><noscript><img src= - Oberon: A Handy Guide to Everyone's Favorite Goat (aka Bro-beron)


Your immediate priority is to get energy. Once you have energy, you want to get your entire team under the effects of Renewal (3). Once everyone has Renewal, use Hallowed Ground (2) to give everyone your armor buff.

Your job as Oberon is now basically done. Use your 1, 2, and 4 sparingly as the need arises. Never let Renewal (3) go down.

With that in mind, on to the mods.

Overall Mod Priority

Here, in order of importance, are the key mods or mod areas necessary for Oberon:

  1. Hunter's Adrenaline or Rage

  2. Vitality

  3. Ability Strength

  4. Phoenix Renewal

  5. Flow

  6. Ability Duration

  7. Ability Range

  8. Ability Efficiency

You generally do not need armor or shields for Oberon. You can get armor from Iron Renewal and Arcanes, and if you really want survivability Adaptation is probably a better use of a mod slot. Umbral Fiber may be useful to buff the other Umbral Mods, but it will be difficult to justify the cost until we get more Umbral Forma. Shields just make it harder to gain energy from Hunter's Adrenaline. In fact, you can run a Decaying Dragon Key to decrease your shields further.

Hunter's Adrenaline or Rage are must-have mods for energy! You can get Hunter's Adrenaline easily from a low-tier Ghoul Bounty on the Plains of Eidolon. They happen every couple weeks. More on energy management below.

Vitality ensures you have a buffer for your heal and provides a large overall EHP increase combined with Iron Renewal's armor buff. I run Umbral Vitality in order to boost Umbral Intensify.

Ability Strength increases both your heal rate and your armor buff. Mods like Umbral Intensify, Transient Fortitude, and Augur Secrets are good. Blind Rage is harder to use, but also effective. More on this in energy management.

Phoenix Renewal is essential for Arbitrations and will forcibly keep your team alive.

Flow and Primed Flow provides a buffer for your energy management. More on this in energy management.

Ability Duration reduces the cost of your heal, acting similar (and more useful) to efficiency. It also provides a tangible benefit for Hallowed Ground. If you intend to use Hallowed Ground for CC, duration will make it more effective. It will also provide more time for your teammates to step on it. Note that your heal buff is permanent once applied, meaning ability duration is less critical.

Ability Range helps most with Hallowed Ground and Reckoning, but the range is pretty decent unmodified anyways.

Ability Efficiency is useful to help you keep your heal up, but less useful than you might think. See energy management.

Energy Management

Managing Oberon's energy is sometimes counter-intuitive and I believe many guides fall short here. Let's go over some key concepts.

Oberon's heal is a channeled ability. Oberon is hard-pressed for energy. While your heal is up, you can only gain energy from the following sources:

  • Energy Pickups

  • Arcane Energize

  • Orokin Death Orb (only if you have Oberon Prime, who is vaulted)

  • Hunter's Adrenaline and/or Rage

That's right. No energy from Trinity's Energy Vampire. Nothing from Zenurik. Nothing from Energy Pizzas. Harrow can't save you. You're on your own, goat man.

This is why Hunter's Adrenaline is so critical for Oberon. You take damage to gain energy, then you heal it right back up. It's also why, until you are at high-level, you don't necessarily want to run Armor or Adaptation. Either of these will make it harder for you to take the damage you need to maintain energy.

The scarcity of Oberon's energy makes him tough to use against infested. A few Parasitic Eximus can run you completely out of energy and turn you into a nice snack for a Toxic Ancient.

Ability Strength increases your heal rate, but does not increase cost. I see a lot of builds out there where people sacrifice ability strength to run energy efficiency mods. Don't do it! If you increase your ability strength, you spend less time draining energy to heal and spend less energy overall. Given the choice between ability strength and efficiency, for Oberon always go for Ability Strength. The armor buff means that your allies take less damage, meaning you spend less energy healing them as well.

Fleeting expertise is particularly ineffective, because the decreased Ability Duration also increases your ability cost, nearly cancelling out the efficiency gain. It will, however, make you 1, 2, and 4 cheaper should you want to spam them with reckless abandon.

Depending on how much damage you anticipate taking, Blind Rage may or may not be viable. If your efficiency gets too low, your energy can become volatile. If you want to run Blind Rage, I highly recommend running Primed Flow so you can accommodate wide swings in Energy in between taking damage. It will also be difficult to use your 1, 2, and 4 as necessary due to the large cost.

Healing too many allies can create a not-insignificant energy drain. At base, Renewal drains 3 energy per target per second just to maintain the buff. This means that if you apply renewal to too many people, you will find yourself out of energy very quickly.

Generally, you will be okay healing a team of 4. However, there are certain situations you will want to keep an eye out for:

  • During defection, it is difficult to maintain energy while healing all of the defection operatives and your teammates.

  • During Tridolons, it is nearly impossible to heal 8 lures and your teammates at the same time without running out of energy. For this reason, many people run both Hunter's Adrenaline AND Rage if they intend to use Oberon for Tridolons. Trinity works better here. I personally only run Oberon for the Teralyst, where I only have to heal 2 lures.

  • Using too many specters can make it difficult to maintain energy. As glorious as 4 Clems are (that is 8 Grakatas for those keeping count) you will probably run out of energy healing all of them.

  • Certain Warframe abilities will deplete your energy, such as Nekros's Shadows of the Dead. You will heal each of his Shadows should he cast that in your Renewal AoE. You can counter this by dropping Renewal out of the way and having your allies pick it up, so the shadows don't inadvertently wander into it.


Oberon is an effective tank. For low to mid-level content, just increased Ability Strength will make you unkillable while your Renewal and Iron Renewal are up. For high-level content, I recommend running Adaptation or Arcane Guardian. Both of these mods require you to take damage before they proc, allowing you to gain energy, and you will heal it right back. I don't recommend running Armor mods because they may prevent you from taking enough damage to maintain energy.

Exilus Mods

I personally run
Mobilize because I value the increased speed.
Power Drift is also effective for Oberon due to the Ability Strength it provides. Your choice of Exilus Mod provides no critical benefits.


Arcane Guardian will increase Oberon's tankiness, and Arcane Energize provides an additional source of precious energy. I highly recommend these. Alternatively, if you really want to run Umbral Fiber, I recommend Arcane Grace to heal you if you run out of energy, or an additional Arcane Energize.


Focus ways are largely inconsequential to Oberon, especially since he can't benefit from Zenurik while channeling Renewal. Vazarin's Mending Soul may provide some enhancement to your support role.


Hopefully you found this helpful! Feel free to point out any inaccuracies or issues. To summarize:

  • Use Oberon's 3-2 combo to build a health and armor buff for your entire team. Maintain Renewal at all times if possible!

  • Use Hunter's Adrenaline to gain energy. Build for Ability Strength overall.

  • Build with Phoenix Renewal to drag your teammates kicking and screaming from the clutches of death.

  • Use Oberon's 2-4 combo to strip enemy armor.

  • Use Oberon's 1, 2, and 4 for CC when necessary.

Oberon is a powerful addition to any squad. Go forth and Goat!

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