Oberon and Ash do not belong in high level Railjack reward tables

Warframe15 - Oberon and Ash do not belong in high level Railjack reward tables

If Railjack really needs these Warframes in its reward tables, then they should be in the Earth and Venus Proxima regions.

The TLDR: Players who are in a position to comfortably farm the higher level Railjack missions (e.g. Veil Proxima, Pluto Proxima) don't need Ash or Oberon. They most likely already have these Warframes or have better alternatives. Players who WOULD benefit from having Oberon or Ash aren't in a position to farm high level Railjack. It's just frustrating to everyone as they're getting non-evergreen rewards that aren't really useful for them. A new player doesn't need parts for an MR 10 pistol. An experienced player doesn't need these beginner Warframes.

Having Oberon and Ash as low level Railjack rewards would give new players a more meaningful tangible reward early on. It would also give them a reason to engage with Railjack earlier, and let them farm content that they can comfortably and viably complete with their starting Railjack and low MR gear.

Oberon used to be the most accessible healing/support Warframe. Easy to get, easy to mod, easy to play. By the time a player has finished with their basic star chart, they would have gone on enough 20+ minute farming runs for various resources that they would likely have all the Oberon parts they need. Oberon is an important part of any new player's arsenal, along with Rhino. With him being locked behind the Veil Proxima and other high level Railjack missions, a new player won't be getting Oberon from progressing through the game when they would benefit from him.


By the time a new player will be in a position to farm the Veil Proxima, they will already have needed to complete so much other content to get the gear needed for the enemies there, that they would be better off farming the Ambulas boss on Pluto for Trinity or the Granum Void fissures for Protea.

And it's a similar story with Ash, a.k.a. "bulkier stabby Loki". Invisibility is a really powerful tool for a new player to have early on. Ash's invisibility is among the weaker versions out there, but it's still entirely serviceable. His kit is also relatively straightforward to use and duration-mods aside, he doesn't want or need any fancy gear to do his thing. From a modding and gameplay point of view, he's a good frame for a player who is starting to dip their toe into post-Star Chart content.

Having these Warframes early on (especially with how diluted the drop tables for bonus objectives are) would mean that new players engage with the low level Railjack planets for long enough that they will actually have some basic gear and intrinsics farmed up to move on to mid- and high-level Railljack missions.

Those drop tables should be unified as well to not have 4 different amounts of Endo or a single relic or two for a 5-10 minute long mission, but that's a whole different issue.

It's been 3 weeks since Empyrean launched, and this feedback that's been brought up time and time again isn't even listed on the Trello board. As a matter of fact, we haven't had ANY additions to the feedback section of the Trello board over the last 2 weeks. All the "feedback" sections are from week 1.

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