Oberon and Nekros Interactions

Warframe10 - Oberon and Nekros Interactions

The Oberon and Nekros players who want to be friends.

Oberon has an Area of Effect (AoE) heal channeling ability (Renewal) to help his team no matter the distance he is from them after the cast.

Nekros has an ability, Shadows of the Dead, that creates an army of meat shields that constantly degrade until they die, losing health every second.

They sound like they would have fun together, right? Wrong

Oberon's channeled ability drains energy for each member of his team that is below maximum health which means whenever an Oberon player finds themselves with a Nekros teammate they are at a disadvantage simply for trying to help their team.

With Shadows of the Dead active the drain at maximum efficiency is 2.91 Energy per Second. That may not seem like an unbearable amount but consider what the Oberon is doing there. Oberon is healing a minion that loses heath in percentages. You won't even notice what's happening unless you know beforehand on either end.

Let's say Oberon gives regeneration of 100 Health per Second (doing 1/3 heal for summoned units for 33 Health per Second) and that Nekros has enough duration for the decay effect to be only 1% of Decay per Second. The equilibrium would be for the minion to have 3,300 health, about as much health as half an Inaros.

A corrupted heavy gunner at level 24 has 3,388 health. So for Oberon and Nekros to have a perfectly healthy relationship they have to;

  1. Do level 24 content with fully forma'ed builds
  2. have Oberon with both efficiency mods equipped and duration at normal levels
  3. have Nekros with 301% duration for a decay rate of 1%


But when does this ever happen?

When does a Nekros mod for Duration for a Shadows of the Dead build? The enemies are also shooting at his Shadows and his Shadows heath, shields, and damage scale with his ability Strength so would he take up mod slots with tons of Duration when he can just recast to heal them with moderate Duration? With a 3% decay rate Oberon would need to heal 10 times more aggressively with a higher level minion for it to be noticeable.

And when does Oberon run low efficiency? 'Hunter Adrenaline' can, arguably, do better than 'Fleeting Expertise' in higher level content, or at least content a lot higher than level 24. Many of his abilities depend on high Strength and decent Duration leaving him little compromise for the possibility of a Nekros teammate. Even then, where is his energy going?

  • With efficiency at 130% Shadows of the Dead drain at a rate of 7 Energy per Second
  • A full team drains 7.7 Energy per Second
  • A full team's companions drain 2.56 Energy per Second

That is a total of 17.26 Energy per Second. That is the maximum drain not taking into account the drain Oberon and his companion do or that the drain doesn't activate until your team has missing health.

They are completely incompatible frames that make you feel worse for simply using them together in higher level content. With the Path of Steel update looming in the distance this is the issue I feel needs addressing the most.

The simple fix is that every teammate is considered their own entity which includes all the minions they bring to the battle. Let Oberon and Nekros players be friends, let them be happy to see each other when they team up.

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