Observations and feedback after re-farming every single Warframe for the Helminth update.

Warframe11 - Observations and feedback after re-farming every single Warframe for the Helminth update.

I have just finished farming every single frame once again so I can sacrifice them them for the Helminth. And I found that a lot of very noticeable issues that suck the fun out of the game. What's worse is that much of those issues can be easily fixed in a Revisited Update. Honestly, most of these issues can potentially be fixed within a sprint or two timetable.


  • Bosses need a bug fixing/QOL update across the board. The worst offenders are Tyl Regor, Ambulas, Ropalolyst, and Jordas Golem.

  • Endless missions (especially Defection, Infested Salvage, Sanctuary Onslaught, Survival) need a fucking AABCCC…+ rotation. Seriously, there is no point in making people quit the match and restart because the enemies got stronger, but the rewards are still shit.

  • More blueprints need to be put on the marketplace rather than locked behind Simaris/Other means after you finish a quest.

Not Worth Talking About Tier:

Frames you get from the dojo, boss speedrunning, the conclave, other easy means. Easier bosses also need a revisit for sure, but at least they’re not bugged/miserable to farm.

Syndicate and Bounty Tier:

Of course, you need to farm open world resources. But let’s not open up that can of worms in this thread…

For the syndicate ones (Baruuk, Hildryn), they are just locked behind a time gate. This is probably unlikely to change unless DE revisits how syndicates and daily standing work, which is a whole different discussion.

Bounty ones (Revenant, Gara, Garuda, Xaku) have become a lot better recently especially after getting double rewards for finishing optional objectives. So not much to talk about.

Too Long or Give Us AABCCC…+ Rotations Tier:

Harrow, Nidus, and Khora (Octavia’s Neuroptics are a smaller offender here as well). For fucks sake, give Endless Missions the AABCCC…+ rotations. All three of these frames would not be as miserable to farm if this was the case. And this reward system is long overdue and is one of the main frustrations the community has with the game.

There is no point in just making players exit a game, just to restart because the enemies got stronger but the rewards are still bad.

Khora’s Blueprint should just be on the market. Locking both her main Blueprint and her systems in a tier C reward is too dumb to even talk about.

Long But Fair Tier:

This tier belongs to Ash, Gauss, and Grendel. They take too long to farm, but are manageable. They are just a time sink in the long run.


Ash is much easier to farm since Manics spawn a lot more often in Kuva Lich missions. You usually get all three parts while killing one or two liches.

Gauss is already on a AABC+ reward rotation, so he’s just a time sink.

Grendel is a contentious topic. I’ve seen arguments as to why he feels bad to farm, and arguments why he has a good system in place. Personally, he feels fair to farm. It’s challenging, but doable with enough experimentation. His locators should arguably be reduced to 20 (they are 25 each atm) Vitus Essence points though.

Ivara is so close to being in this tier, but her drop rates are just so abysmal. There many different routes you can take to farm her parts, and different methodologies of obtaining them. Her main blueprint should be in the market though, and not locked behind another rotation C drop table.

Does Anyone Playtest These Bosses Tier:

Atlas + Jordas Golem: Archwing boss. He gets his ass engines stuck in the map sometimes so you can't even damage it.

Trinity + The Ambulas: The Ambulas is such a shit boss fight because it always takes 10+ minutes for each run. Artificial waiting times with nothing even challenging happening. This boss fight is just too mind numbing to do. Really needs a revisit, potentially with reducing the timers needed to grab an Ambula.

Wisp + The Ropapolyst: This boss fight is so buggy that I personally believe it was coded by a farmer and a carpenter. Also, half the screen being blocked off every single run and hearing a long monologue…is something else. That genuinely should only be played the first time you run this mission.

Equinox + Tyl Regor: You know what’s better than having a boss that is buggy, has invulnerable phases, teleports randomly, and has unskippable animations? Having boss fodder that are also buggy, have invulnerable phases, teleport randomly, and have unskippable animations. This boss fight doesn’t even need a massive rework or anything, just a lot of bug fixes so we’re not standing there waiting for Tylor Gor to spawn again.

Oh yea.

Protea Tier:

Waiting 3-4 minutes in game every mission just to grab a coin is sure fun…

The bug with the Giant Granum Coin tile that causes the consoles to not be accessible also needs to be fixed.

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