OH GOD KILL IT (New Player Story)

Warframe9 - OH GOD KILL IT (New Player Story)

Hello, I’m a relatively new player and definitely had a “noob” moment playing with another player a while back. Looking back at it now I find it funny enough to share in the hopes that it will get a chuckle out of someone else. It is a bit of a lengthy story so I understand if you’d rather keep scrolling but I appreciate anyone willing to read it through to the end.

First, to give some context; I started playing Warframe back in 2017. At the time Gara was the newest Warframe and I had already started putting in work to get her the hard way. However I ended up quitting Warframe and moving on to other games before I finished putting her together. Fast forward three to four years later and I had decided to give Warframe another chance. Of course a lot of things changed in the expanse of almost four years, and expectedly there were a lot of things I had forgotten about, essentially there were a lot of enemies that felt brand new to me and honestly intimidated me. I’d roam the plains while on mining expeditions and would get ambushed by horrid ghouls, had to cancel fishing trips due to the “invincible” tusk thumpers and the phantom sentients made me fear going out at night. Now, in addition, I usually play solo (because that’s what I’m comfortable with) and so there are a lot of times in which I have no idea what I’m doing and usually end up having to look things up after the fact. (Like starting my first litch despite having never played a mission ranging anywhere from 50-70)

So I had decided to pick up where I left off with Gara and I had gotten almost all the blue-prints. Only one left was the neuroptics blue-print and I was struggling. Despite my rank 30 Soma Prime and Inaros, I simply wasn’t dealing enough damage to make it through the mission. So I caved and decided to play with randos.


I got matched up with one other player and pretty early on we were given an idea as to what to expect from one another as they took off with their Archwing and I crouch jumped after them. I finally caught up with them and was met with something I had never seen before. Before me was this mass of writhing tentacles, and it had health from what I could tell, so it had to have been some kind of new enemy! “OH GOD KILL IT” I thought to myself, and If I shot them enough they would seemingly die. The other player was doing it too, so I had no reason to think otherwise. I’d like to give myself the benefit of the doubt and say that there was a graphical glitch preventing me from seeing the grineer within the mass but I was simply that clueless at the time.

Didn’t take long before I witnessed my teammate summoning the tendrils themselves as they pulled in Grineer (but only after shooting at an empty mass of tendrils and wondering why it wasn’t dying). Finding myself embarrassed I apparently decided to continue the trend by getting lost on the way to our next location. The player came back for me to help me but had to hurry back as we almost ran out of time to continue the next part of the bounty.

I caught up and continued the mission but part way through a Tusk Thumper decided to interrupt us. I panicked and simply did my best to avoid it when I saw my teammate shooting it, and actually doing damage?! And in that moment it felt that I was a mortal in the presence of a god. I observed my teammate and figured out what to do so we eventually killed the thumper.

The mission proceeded normally after that as my teammate carried me through to the end. If I remember correctly I think my teammate may have soloed the last part while I tried to catch up. I don’t remember their username but Nidus player, if you’re reading this, Lol I’m sorry.

I’m a lot less clueless now and can say that I’m genuinely enjoying myself. As I grow to like Warframe more and more I’ve been wanting to get more involved with the community. So maybe I’ll see you out there Tenno. Thanks for reading.

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