Okay so where is the new moderation issue update?

Warframe12 - Okay so where is the new moderation issue update?

Welcome to the continuation of this post where we discuss if whenever DE have gone and swept the problem under the rug or not.

Due to this post being a continuation here is some of the best comments made in the previous discussion:


It is ridiculous how all the bad repped community mods got to keep their status. Server, Telluric, Misan all have more than enough recorded cases of unprofessional, inexcusable behavior, yet here they are, still having their "chat moderator/guide of the lotus" status.

There are thousand of knowledgable yet reasonable players out there to do the job 100x better but those three power abusing scumbags are kept in place. Bravo!


Don't forget the new Code of Conduct


"Disrespect players for their sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other identifying, personal, or innate features"

"We wish to keep the chat free of language that is offensive, uncivil and disruptive."

Or claiming that Misan's name stems from "a joke." Why, that reminds me of when this #KillAllMen professor got in trouble and started claiming it was just an inner circle joke.

Considering the circles -Misan- is a part of and what they've written on their Tumblr blog I'm having difficulties believing their name spawned from satirical nature.

There's already been people questioning Bear's impartiality, considering they ("we") stated they're friends. Would you trust Bear or DE if they've acted this late on someone with a name referring to misandry in their own moderation team?


At least Server can't trick new players into thinking he's staff with his purple text anymore. I remember he did that when Sacrifice dropped, was some bullshit.


It would be nice to hear some kind of –

"Hey all, we had a really great holiday season, but we still got your back! The big issues are on our priority fix list this year!"

Especially from the new mod in charge of this whole thing.

So guys what do you think? Do we deserve some kind of info to atleast think they did not "forget" the issues?

Its not a hard expectation to come here or on the forums and make a small sentence "We are still working on making the moderation better, stay tuned!" right?

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