Operation Orphix Venom Endurance is excellent squad gaming content.

Warframe1 - Operation Orphix Venom Endurance is excellent squad gaming content.

The funny thing about OVE is that you can play it in a fashion that's relatively casual and you don't especially need an extremely built out mech with squad strategies to complete all 36 waves. What I'm going to talk about is the deeper game that is just beneath the surface that is some excellent squad based gaming. I'm one of those lunatics that built spreadsheets around this event and have been grinding 3-4 runs a day. This is the deeper game that I've found as I've learned strategies and built a squad with my friends. I'm not in some high tier special clan, my clan is literally 2 active people.

We all know that running between Orphix spawns, knocking our resonators and killing the Orphix as fast as possible results in roughly 21k or so in points. With that strategy you are maximizing your points by having no Orphix on the map for as long as possible and collecting that 2 points/second. Which is fine, but there's a so much more engaging way to play this mode. So much so that I truly hope DE keeps this mode around in some fashion and doesn't necessarily patch the "exploits" (note: I'm not talking about the low FPS bug that tweaks with the timer, that's not cool). Essentially this rant is about how folks are genuenly getting in excess of 30k points, with my personal best is just shy of 32k. I'm not THE best OVE runner, but I've done it enough and enjoy it enough that I hope more folks can experience the intense squad combat gaming experience that I've come to love with this event. So how do you do this?


Those are simple statements, but what are the specifics? First, let's talk about the dance.

The Voidrig RAGE dance

I'm not going to give you an explicit build, but there are some very key mods you need to make this strategy work. Necramech Rage converts health damage in to energy. Combat Discipline heals you as you get kills. Necramech Repair covers your ass if you dance too much in the wrong direction. Everyone on the team needs to have Rage and Repair. The squad should have 3 Combat Disciplines and 1 Corrosive Projection.

What this allows you to do is park your Voidrig in Guard Mode and kill enough to heal, while taking damage to regen energy (Rage), and also have a fall back if you dance wrong (Repair). Combine that with Voidrig's Storm Shroud (4-2-4) and you shouldn't be dying unless you space out or try to dance for too long in either direction. This works well enough that we really don't need a Hildryn or Protea, although they will make your life easier. Other things that make your life easier are Necramech Efficiency and Flow. Once you've wrapped your head around the dance, what does the squad look like?


Ya'll can't just do whatever you want and hit high scores. There needs to be some division of labor. Remember, We All Lift Together.

First up: DPS Bro x2

Two of your Voidrigs should have well built Arquebex, Flow, Efficiency, and be masters of the dance. They effectively live in Guard Mode. These folks should park themselves in places to kill as many sentients as possible and also be able to hit the Orphix in a pinch to kill it. These guys should just be wrecking everything as fast as possible. Every Orphix spawn location has places where sentients spawn and DPS Bros should be nuking these spots constantly. If this is done correctly you literally get a geyser of Sentients being shot out of the Orphix for DPS Bros to slaughter. At least one DPS Bro should have the line of sight to kill the Orphix in a pinch. DPS Bro should also look around for easy to hit Resonators so Fluctus bro isn't scrambling so hard. Which obviously leads me to….


Fluctus Bro is your best bud who wants to be a team player and doesn't lose sleep over not doing 40% of the squad damage like a DPS Bro. As we all know, the Fluctus has infinite punch through and can be crucial for getting those hard to reach resonators. You need at least one Fluctus bro who's job is to get those weird resonators. Once Fluctus Bro has worked through the 2nd wave of resonators he can turn into a DPS Bro and get some stuff dead or setup a strategic Hildryn. Love your Fluctus Bros, thank them. Now on to the last role.

Hybrid Bro/The Shot Caller


A key aspect of maximizing your points is making sure that the DPS Bros can be pew pewing sentients as long as possible. This is where Hybrid Bro comes in. They are the shot caller, they determine when the Orphix gets dead and how much time to leave for the squad to get to the next Orphix spawn. Hybrid bro can look at lot like a DPS Bro, but they should be helping Fluctus Bro with resonators, picking up the slack if DPS Bro(s) dance poorly, keeping the nullies away, and ultimately timing/calling the killing of the Orphix. When I say calling, I mean telling a DPS Bro to kill the Orphix because Hybrid Bro isn't dancing as much, he might not have the energy 100% of the time to get that Orphix dead. When I need it I literally just drop a "kill" in chat and one of my DPS Bros rotates and kill. Hybrid bro should also be watching his DPS Bros health and locations. Is there a more optimal place where a DPS Bro can be placed? Get them there! Hybrid Bro should also be watching the score, are you actually generating more than 2 points/second at this spawn? Ideally Hybrid Bro is not a Fluctus Bro in my opinion, having the Maus's Alt Fire is very helpful in a pinch.

The Maps

General consensus is that the Corpus Gas City is the best tileset for high score runs and this bares out in my runs as well. The Grineer tilesets don't have quite as good Sentient spawn locations and can have awkward lines of sight but you don't have Nullies to deal with. Which is to say not all tilesets and all Orphix Spawns are necessarily worth pushing the limits with. The pattern can be a very significant factor as well.

An ABCCBA pattern is way better for maximizing scores than an ABBACCA pattern because you need less travel time between spawns, meaning Hybrid Bro can consistently leave the Orphix on the map longer while DPS Bros are dancing with joy and even allowing Fluctus Bro to get in the dance too!

Calling the shots

But how does Hybrid know when to call/kill the Orphix? If you've got an A -> B movement my general rule is about 35% control. If you're going for an A -> C, more like 25-28%. This also depends on how fast your squad is. Can they boogie between the spawns or are they a bit slow? Hybrid Bro has to juggle that in real time. Are you calling it a bit too close? Knock that control target down a few percentage points, maybe 30% for an A -> B rotation. Are you twiddling your thumbs waiting for an Orphix to spawn? Stretch the previous spawn next rotation. Basically this why I think Hybrid Bro shouldn't be Fluctus Bro, he needs to be Johnny on the spot alternating between easier Resonators, nullies, DPS, and Orhpix killing/calling and adapting to the team's performance in real time. There's also the logistics and mental effort of skipping spawns, you can 90% and 65% certain spawns if you want to skip a double rotation on a weak spawn location or maximize a good spawn. I'm not going to go super in depth on that since I'm far from the best at it, but juggling all this mentally for 55 minutes is a bit much for me to personally add Fluctus duty in the mix. I'm sure other players can do both Fluctus Bro and Hybrid Bro, but I found my overall team performance went down when I tried to do both. Maybe I'm weak, whatever, fight in the comments.

The Flow

Once you've assigned roles, ideally before you start the mission countdown, and determined the pattern and advantageous spawns everyone settles into their roles. DPS Bros are parked wrecking everything with one of them ready to spin and kill the Orphix if called. Fluctus bro is jumping around getting those dumb resonators. Hybrid Bro is picking off some resonators and covering other areas for DPS Bros, pew pewing nullies, watching the clock and killing/calling the Orphix. Once you and your buddies have this flow down it becomes an intensely fun game mode. No longer are you rolling your eyes standing around for 40 of the 55 minutes, you're juggling health, energy, control, damage output and point gain.

The Results

The score results I think prove the point but ultimately I think this way of approaching OVE is way more fun than standing around waiting for Orphix to spawn cause you kill them quickly. My best score is just shy of 32k on a Corpus Gas City tileset with one bad spawn. On Grineer tilesets with good spawns my crew hit 28k and that was with one rando. When I jump in a full pub squad and try and rally the squad to my strategy I'll typically get around 24k. Give it some thought, try it, figure it out. Rally your Bros and play OVE the way its meant to be played 🙂

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