Operation: Plague Star on All Platforms!

Warframe14 - Operation: Plague Star on All Platforms!


Operation: Plague Star has returned on all platforms until June 26 at 2:00PM ET!

Attention Tenno! Ostron scouts have reported that the Plague Star has once again made impact on the Plains of Eidolon! Please review this handy guide and FAQ for all the info you need to conquer this returning Operation.

This run of Plague Star will be the first on Nintendo Switch! As a friendly upfront update for PC, PS4, and Xbox One Tenno, your Operational Supply Standing from previous occurrences of Operation: Plague Star is still all intact.

Operation: Plague Star

Rally your Squad and defend the Plains of Eidolon!

The infested boil that threatened the Plains is back, uglier and more putrid than before. Vay Hek possesses a toxin that can destroy the boil at the meteorite crash site, but he refuses to help. Steal his toxin and destroy the boil before the Infested make their way to Cetus.

What You Need To Do

Konzu has a Plague Star Specific Bounty for you. Completing the series of Bounty Missions will earn you continued Operation Standing to shop for all the Event Rewards! You should to speak to Konzu at Cetus to begin running the Plague Star Bounty!

What You Need To Know

The Plague Star Bounty starts with enemies in the Medium difficulty range, but you can increase the stakes. The more Bounties you complete, the more standing you earn toward something new: Operation Syndicate! Nakak, the oddities vendor, represents the Operational Supply Syndicate for Operation: Plague Star! The Rewards Nakak holds to exchange for standing aren't just vanity – some allow you to increase the stakes to earn more!

Event Rewards!

Much like the way we used a token system for the Ambulas Reborn event, we have taken that idea one step further. Reminder: Nakak, the oddities vendor, represents the Operational Supply Syndicate for Operation: Plague Star!

Visit Nakak with earned standing to choose your Operation Rewards!

Plague Star Specific:

Eidolon Phylaxis: Equip to earn more standing and make the event harder levels!

  • Infested Zaw Components

  • Event Emblem

  • Infested Zaw Exodia


  • Ether Daggers

  • Snipetron

  • Fulmination Mod

  • Sacrifice Mod

  • Note on Relics in the Plague Star Bounty Drop Table: Since Equinox Prime Access is currently live, we have swapped the Chroma Prime Relics that were in rotation during the last run of Plague Star for Equinox Prime Relics!


Cetus items are available for purchase with Operation Standing!

Clan Scoring & Rewards:

Infested Catalyst: Summon Hemocyte for rewards & a higher score! Defeating Hemocyte houses 6 Hunter Set Mods! Hunter Set Mods: Drop from the summoning of HEMOCYTES. Infested Catalyst are required for these!

  • Hunter Adrenaline

  • Hunter Command

  • Hunter Munitions

  • Hunter Recovery

  • Hunter Synergy

  • Hunter Track

Once again, you will be able to use your Hemocyte Cystolith to build Operation trophies for your Dojo! As before, the required Cystolith costs will depend on the size of your Clan. The trophy costs for a Ghost Clan are as follows: Terracota 10, Bronze 25, Silver 50, Gold 100.

Requirements for a Shadow Clan are x3, Storm Clans are x10, Mountain Clans x30, and Moon Clans x100.

Scoring Specifics:

  • Please note that a default run earns 1000 Operational Syndicate Standing.

  • Each used Infested Catalyst is worth an additional 250 (4 max).

  • Each used Eidolon Phylaxis is worth an additional 250 (4 max).

  • A Solo Player bringing 4 of each can earn 3000 independently, or a squad of 4 with one each can also earn 3000.


“How do I participate in Operation Plague Star?”

Operation Plague Star can be accessed by speaking with Konzu in Cetus. The first Bounty listed in his menu will be “Operation Plague Star.”

“Where do I turn in my Operational Supply?”

Operational Supply earned from completing Operation Plague Star can be turned in to Nakak, Cetus’ oddities vendor by selecting “Operational Supply.”

“Does my daily Standing cap affect my Operational Supply gain?”

No, the Operational Supply earned in the event is not affected by your daily cap.

“How do I summon Hemocyte to earn the Hunter Mod Set?”

The Hemocyte enemy can be spawned by mixing the “Infested Catalyst” into the toxin during Stage 2 of the bounty. The “Infested Catalyst” can be crafted after Researching the reusable blueprint found in your Dojo’s Bio Lab. Make sure you equip it in your Gear tab!

“How do I use the Eidolon Phylaxis to increase my Standing gain?”

The Eidolon Phylaxis can be mixed into the toxin during stage 2 of the bounty to increase its lethality and increase your Standing gain. They can be crafted using a reusable blueprint available for purchase once you reach the “Collaborator” rank (rank 1) in the Operational Supply Syndicate. Make sure you equip it in your Gear tab!

“Will I be able to build the Trophies for this Operation if I missed them the first time?”

Yep! You will be able to build the Clan Trophies with your existing and newly earned Hemocyte Cystolith.

“Are any items event exclusive?”

Nope! Rewards in Operation Plague Star will return in future events. This means that the Infested Zaw parts will be re-obtainable in future events.

“Can my Clan build a the Operation Trophies after the event ends?”

Yes! You are able to craft the trophies indefinitely so long as you possess an adequate amount of the Hemocyte Cystolith.

"Is my progress/rank in the Operational Supply Syndicate saved?"

Yes, your rank in the Operational Supply Syndicate will be saved when the event ends and is carried forward.

“Has my Operational Supply Standing been saved from the last Operation: Plague Star?”

It has! We have decided to keep all player’s Operational Supply Standing fully intact form wherever they last left off in Operation: Plague Star!

Thanks Tenno! Go splatter some Hemocyte guts around the Plains!

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