Operation: Scarlet Spear: 27.3.0

Warframe13 - Operation: Scarlet Spear: 27.3.0

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Operation: Scarlet Spear: 27.3.0


Operation: Scarlet Spear

“It’s a two-prong attack – Ground team and Railjack team! “ – Little Duck

Introducing Operation: Scarlet Spear – a brand new event that requires the ultimate effort from the Tenno. The fight against the Sentient Threat has reached new heights – and the Tenno will be using the new “Operation Link” aka OpLink! Ground teams and Space teams will be connected realtime using OpLink – working together to deter the Sentients!

Eligible Tenno will be presented with a brand new Cinematic detailing the state of the world as THE NEW WAR is waged.

For a limited time, earn a new Weapon, a new Weapon Variant, Stance Forma Blueprint, Medals, Arcanes and more! Operation: Scarlet Spear ends on April 21st at 2 p.m ET!

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During your voyages into the unknown you will stumble across new Sentient enemies – be prepared!

Once again your favourite cross-armed lady, Little Duck, has taken her interest of Exotic Goods even further to aid you in Operation Scarlet Spear. Keep in mind that you won’t see all of Little Duck’s Exotic Goods right away, as some items will cycle in and out over the duration of the Operation:

  • > A device used to manage coordination and resources during Operation Link missions.
  • Basmu Blueprint
  • > This Sentient war instrument can either barrage targets with explosive bolts, or draw on its regenerative battery to create twin plasma beams that chain through targets. When fully drained, Health is leached from nearby foes for a short period.


  • Ceti Lacera Blueprint

    • Forged for veterans of the Scarlet Spear conflict, this Lacera has been modified to enhance nimbleness and lethality.
  • Warframe Arcanes (Unranked)

  • Phased Clan Sigil

  • Glyphed Clan Sigil

  • Gilded Clan Sigil

  • Scarlet Spear Hologram Decorations

    • Murex Console: A Sentient Murex projection for the Orbiter.
    • Earth Console: A planet Earth projection for the Orbiter.
  • The Ballroom Simulacrum

  • A new arena for the Simulacrum. Who will you invite to dance?

  • Stance Forma

  • Modifies a Stance slot on a Melee weapon to be compatible with any Mod Polarity.

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Arm yourself with new Railjack Avionics to bring aid in the wake of Operation Scarlet Spear! Find these Avionics from new Sentient Fighters, officially known as Gyrix and Ionix, in the Railjack mission of Scarlet Spear.

Breach Adrenaline

Increase Shield Regen during a Breach

Sentient Fortitude

Decrease Shield Damage from Sentients.

Revo Reducer

Omni Revolite consumption reduced.

Sentient Scalpel

Increased Gunnery Damage vs Sentients.

Hardened Casing

Reduce Breach Chance.


Increase Maximum Ordnance Munitions.



A crucible of reactive energy harnessed within a streamlined facade.


Harness the reactive power of Nova Atomica. Features the Nova Atomica Skin, Alamos Sniper Skin, and Radia Syandana.


Compose ballads of old threats risen anew, with this Shawzin.

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If Biomasses, Biofluid and Bones are your vibe then strap yourself in for an abundance of new Sentient themed Dojo Decorations!

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Add these new Mods to your Arsenal to spice up your life! These Mods can be purchased from the Arbitrations Honors store in Relays.

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Preparation (Warframe)

+100% maximum Energy is filled on spawn.

Aerial Ace (Rifle)

On Kill: Refresh Double Jump up to 6x while Airborne.

Mending Shot (Rifle – No AoE)

Shoot Health Orbs to obtain them with +110% extra effect.

Energizing Shot (Pistol – No AoE)

Shoot Energy Orbs to obtain them with +110% extra effect.

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Not everyone desires the Passive attributes that Zephyr, Nezha, and Titania bring, but still want to use them in battle. With these new Augments you can now rid yourself of their attributes and bring them to a more grounded version.

Zephyr: Anchored Glide

Disable Zephyr passive ability. Increase power strength by 15%.

Nezha: Controlled Slide

Disable Nezha passive ability. Increase power strength by 15%.

Titania: Ironclad Flight

Disable vacuum in Razorwing. Reduced damage by 40% while airborne.

The New War Chapters:

As you may already know, in Warframe Revised we added The New War Chapters section of the Codex that allows you to shortcut to the Chimera Prologue and the Erra Quest (Sacrifice Quest completion required).

For those who have not logged in since before Warframe Revised, you will be presented with a welcome screen that now includes a direct shortcut to The New War Chapters to get you up to speed before you play Operation Scarlet Spear.

We’ve made a few changes to The New War Chapters section of the Codex:

  • Selecting a completed New War Chapter will show the End of Quest screen.
  • Selecting a New War Chapter in progress will show the Quest details like in the Codex.

Ensure you’re ready for the next chapter in The New War!

General Additions:

  • Open your eyes to a new Drusus tale with the Nova Leverian! Access the Leverian through the Codex or Market (via Nova).
  • Mastery Rank 28 Tenno can now practice the Mastery Rank 29 Test in Cephalon Simaris’ Relay room!
  • Added custom reload sounds for the Miter!
  • Added an option in Captura to ‘Enable Self-Knockdown’.

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Impact Changes:

Instead of ending in a knockdown or ragdoll, accumulating 5+ Impact Effects will now result in a "big stagger" with smaller staggers leading up to it, which has a random chance to activate a Parazon Finisher if the enemy is under the Health threshold. Each Impact Status adds 10% chance for the Parazon Finisher to be available.

Gas Changes:

  • Gas Effects will continue to tick radial Damage-over-Time for the average of the remaining Effect duration if their host dies.
  • Gas Status Area-of-Effect radius increases with the number of stacks, to a max of 10 stacks.
  • Removed Gas damage resistance from Toxic Ancient Auras.

Status Chance Mod Changes:

  • Increased Hammer Shot Status Chance from 40% to 80%.
  • Increased Shattering Justice Status Chance from 20% to 90%. Shattering Justice has also changed from being an additive rankup to a multiplicative rankup.
  • Increased Stunning Speed Status Chance from 10% to 30%.

Kuva Lich Changes:

Based on feedback with the recent overhaul to Status Effects in Warframe Revised 27.2.0, the conversation of how Status Effects should react with Bosses or VIPS has started. Our first step down this road is starting with Kuva Liches. Currently, there are two special rules to this “Boss Status enabling”:

  • No Status Effect will exceed a maximum of 4 stacks, with the exception of Impact which can stack up to 6 times. Keep in mind there is a cooldown to how quickly you can stack up Impact Status Effects to avoid stunlocking the Kuva Lich.
  • Radiation does not change the enemy’s Faction, and instead of increasing Damage done to enemies with stacks, it increases the Damage taken from enemies who have turned on him/her.
  • We look forward to your constructive feedback and we work towards applying this to other Bosses/VIPS.


  • Further performance improvements towards Titania’s Lantern when cast on a large group of enemies. This particularly affected systems set to Low Particle Quality.
  • Improved cache optimization to clean up even more space in the download cache.
  • Improved world-state synchronization for Alerts, Sorties and other global events (there may have been up to a minute of desync).
  • Optimized backdrop rendering performance in all levels.
  • Fixed Codex generation randomizing the block order of the Fragment entries (this should be deterministic to avoid updating several MB of resource for no reason).
  • Improved game synchronization in hostile network environments.

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