Operation: Scarlet Spear [Live on PC]

Warframe2 - Operation: Scarlet Spear [Live on PC]


“It’s a two-prong attack – Ground team and Railjack team! “ – Little Duck

Introducing Operation: Scarlet Spear – a brand new event that requires the ultimate effort from the Tenno. The fight against the Sentient Threat has reached new heights, and the Tenno will be using the new “Operation Link” aka OpLink to wage war on two fronts! Ground teams and Space teams will be connected realtime using OpLink, working together to deter the Sentients!

Eligible Tenno will be presented with a brand new Cinematic detailing the state of the world as THE NEW WAR is waged.

For a limited time, earn a new Weapon, a new Weapon Variant, Stance Forma Blueprint, Medals, Arcanes and more! Operation: Scarlet Spear ends on April 21st at 2 p.m ET! You have 4 weeks – take your time!

What You Need To Know

What You Need to Know is broken down into 4 Sections:

1. Scarlet Spear Flotilla

2. Murex Appearances

3. OpLink

4. Ground Assault or Murex Raids

1) Scarlet Spear Flotilla

Your base of Operations,orbiting Planet Earth! This is where you must go to Participate in Scarlet Spear. Explore it and make use of its offerings – from Railjack management, to giving ‘Supply Items’ to players out in the field! Access restricted to Mastery Rank 3 players and above.

2) Murex Appearances

The Scarlet Spear Flotilla will detect incoming waves of Sentient attacks – known as Murex! There is a timer clearly displayed in the Flotilla telling you two things:

1) Time until the next Murex appearance.

2) Duration of current Murex appearance.

Use this information wisely to plan your counter-defense! There will never be more than ~10 minutes of Downtime between Murex appearances.

3) OpLink

Ground and Space Teams achieve their goals by the use of OpLink Beacons – buy one from Little Duck in the Scarlet Spear Flotilla, Equip it in Gear, and use it in your missions when needed!

4) Ground Assault or Murex Raid

Upstairs or Down, Tenno? – Little Duck.

Working together with Tenno in your Flotilla using OpLink, you get to decide where to go – Ground or Space. You will be able to tell where you are needed most and OpLink will connect your efforts.

Whether you go to the GROUND ASSAULT mission to get Kill Codes or to MUREX RAID to use Kill Codes, driving away a Murex wave depends on you!

GROUND ASSAULT – so long as you are acquiring Kill Codes by using your OpLink on Condrix, you’re helping your Space Team! The longer you stay, the more points and Scarlet Credit you’ll earn! This is also a Solo-friendly mission.

MUREX RAID – so long as you are using Kill Codes, you’re helping your Ground Team and the greater battle! The longer you stay, the more points and Scarlet Credit you’ll earn! This is a coordination optimized mission. Work together to achieve the best results! Solo may be possible, but it has not been balanced for Solo play.

Important Terms:

  • Condrix: A Sentient Transport unit deployed to Sentients in the Origin System – Ground Teams focus on fighting off Condrix and using OpLink to send information to the Murex Raid team!
  • Murex: A Massive Sentient Fragment harbouring Sentient Forces – Railjack Teams focus on Murex Raids and using OpLink to receive information from the Ground Assault Team!

  • OpLink: A beacon item used to connect Ground and Space teams. Found in your Gear Wheel.

  • Kill Codes: Data transferred from Condrix to Murex using OpLink

What You Need To Do

Head to the ‘Scarlet Spear’ Flotilla Orbiting Earth.

  1. Obtain your ‘OpLink’ from Little Duck.
  2. Complete the necessary Ground and/or Space missions for your Flotilla to drive off the Sentient threat.
  3. Lead the Flotilla to greatness against the Murex, repeat for each Murex!

Recommended Levels:

Scarlet Spear has a Mastery Rank 3 Pre-Requisite.


In Operation: Scarlet Spear, your efforts will be rewarded with Scarlet Credits to spend in Little Duck’s store, as well as with Emblems throughout the Operation.

Like the Stratos Emblem for Tactical Alerts, your Scarlet Spear Emblem will indicate how many Murex waves you successfully fended off!

Earning Scarlet Spear Emblems:

During the Attack Wave:


Rank "I" = 1000 points

Rank "II" = 3000 points

Rank "III" = 5000 points.


Rank "I" = 1000 points

Rank "II" = 3000 points

Rank "III" = 5000 points.

End of Wave Bonus Tiers:

If you defeat the required amount of Murex in a Scarlet Spear Flotilla, you will get bonus VICTORY PAYOUT. Your Victory Payout earns you more Operation points depending on your rank!

Rank I (Ground or Space): 2000

Rank II (Ground or Space): 6000

Rank III (Ground or Space): 10,000



Rank “I”= 10,000 points

Rank “II” = 30,000 points

Rank “III” = 50,000 points total

Earning Scarlet Credits:

  • Earning Scarlet Credits is done by simply playing Operation missions, the longer you stay in a mission the more you’ll be rewarded per Condrix or Murex!
  • Scarlet Credits can be spent at Little Duck’s store on the Scarlet Spear Flotilla.

Scarlet Credits can let you trade for:

  • Ceti Lacera Blueprint
  • Basmu Blueprint
  • Clan Sigils – Phased, Glyphed, Gilded!
  • Arcanes (more added each day).
  • Stance Forma
  • New Simulacrum Tile


Every Flotilla will detect incoming Murex waves – prepare to fight! Downtime will be ~10 minutes or less between Murex appearances. If you are already in a mission when a Murex is driven away, you will be able to extract and continue the Assault or Raid on the next Murex! Since points are Cumulative, every mission counts!

Go forth, Tenno!



The full Arcane offerings will be added once the event has had 1-2 days of stress testing!


The original mission design was Endless, but after testing we added a cap to help the flow and battle resolution. The cap on Condrix is 17 in 1 Ground Assault and 5 Murex in 1 Murex Raid.

Competition and Leaderboards?

This is a communal Operation with no distinct competition. As you earn Badges, you will ascend to uniquely signified ranks for the Scarlet Spear effort. Leaderboards are limited to best contributing Tenno per Flotilla.

Exploits and Exploiters?

All Exploits can be reported to support.warframe.com with the Subject Line ‘Scarlet Spear Exploit’. If you think you engaged in behaviours in-game that had unintended results, please report them to us using the support.warframe.com link. Exploiter’s missions often stand out in our Operations, and for our first Operation of 2020 we will be enforcing account restrictions on any exploit or abuse.

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