Operation: Scarlet Spear: Titania Prime 27.3.6

Warframe3 - Operation: Scarlet Spear: Titania Prime 27.3.6



Play tricks on your enemies before decimating them as the terrifying temptress, Titania Prime. The mischievous pixie arrives with the Pangolin Prime and Corinth Prime!

Titania Prime
Tempting and terrifying, this is Titania in her ultimate form.

Corinth Prime
Heavy in the hand with a bone-crunching kickback. This prime version of the shotgun adds remote detonation of the weapon’s airburst round. The Corinth Prime boasts a 20-shot magazine with a reload that applies to the whole magazine vs. one shell at a time!

Pangolin Prime
Honoring one of the first Tenno clans, their house sword has been beautifully redesigned. With each killing thrust one can almost hear it sing.


You can find Titania Prime, Corinth Prime, and Pangolin Prime Relics in their classic spots (Void, Derelict, Defense, Survival, etc) with the addition of Railjack missions. PLUS the Relic rewards from Ground Assault and Murex Raid missions have been replaced by these new Relics in Operation: Scarlet Spear. Check your in-game Codex for Relic drop locations!

Get the newest Prime gear with Titania Prime Access and Prime Accessories here: https://www.warframe.com/prime-access


*For the Gigelorum Prime Syandana, please be aware we are working a second bonus version of this that is better optimized for Titania Prime's state changes / design. This means anyone who purchases the Accessories / Razorwing bundle will receive a bonus "Modified Gigelorum Prime Syandana". Stay tuned for images / more details on this throughout this week and next!

Limbo Prime, Pyrana Prime, and Destreza Prime have entered the Vault.

With this Vaulting comes the shift of the following Syndicate Sacrifice:

  • Replaced Steel Meridian’s Sacrifice of Destreza Prime Handle with Redeemer Prime Blade.

If you already wield the power of these Primes or have their Relics in your Inventory, they will remain after the Vaulting.

The usual Riven Disposition changes that come with each new round of Prime Access is being held back until Consoles have been caught up to date with Operation: Scarlet Spear: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1178205-titania-prime-riven-disposition-update-plans/

General Scarlet Spear Changes & Fixes

  • Added a ‘Waiting for Satellite’ UI line when players are in the Murex Raid with their Oplinks down but have neglected to place the Satellite first. A few cases of ‘not receiving codes’ were a result of user error that this should fix.
  • Increased the Sentient AI count per player when Defending Oplinks in the Murex Raid mission.
    • Previously the number of spawns didn’t match up with how many players there were in the squad, and oftentimes there was nothing to Defend against. This should feel more to scale with the number of squadmates present.
  • The Flotilla Instance number now displays alongside the Flotilla progress at the center hologram of the Flotilla.
  • Murex Raid Score is now shown in the mission UI just as it is in the Ground Assault mission.
  • Players that have not completed the activation of their Railjack (via Reliquary Key) will no longer be allowed to Host the Murex Raid mission, due to conflicting objectives occurring while playing.
  • Potential fix for players sometimes not uploading their scores, resulting in no placement on the Flotilla leaderboards and no rewards at the end of the Murex Wave.
    • We’ve also integrated some internal tracking to better determine the cause of this issue if it continues to happen.
  • Fixed Solo player squad mission status not being wiped when exiting mission to return to the Flotilla, which resulted in seeing your name in one of the active squads for a Ground/Murex mission.
  • Fixed a case of players ending up in Scarlet Spear Flotilla 0, even though they were invited to a different Flotilla.
  • Fixed a case of being in the incorrect Flotilla when inviting a player post Ground/Murex mission.
    • This could result in numerous issues such as not being connected to the Flotilla chat and inability to form a squad with a player from the same Flotilla.
  • Fixed the UI incorrectly stating that you were ‘Sending Kill Codes’ when an Oplink is deployed in a Murex Raid. It will now properly state that you’re ‘Awaiting Kill Codes’.
  • Potential fix for having no objective when starting a Murex Raid.
  • Potential fix for receiving a ‘Mission Failed’ screen during a Murex Raid if the Flotilla reached 100/100.
  • Fixed Little Duck’s Murex Wave Ending Inbox not indicating the difference between a successful versus failed Murex drive off.
    • In some cases this was causing confusion as to why Victory Payout was not being received, when in reality the Flotilla they participated in did not successfully meet the 100/100 goal. There are still cases where Victory Payout did not work, but this should mitigate confusion.
  • Fixed Flotilla Instance not appearing in Flotilla UI after returning from a Ground/Murex mission.
  • Fixed a game hitch every time you received a transmission during a Ground/Murex mission.
    • We’re still chasing some hitching transmissions but this fix should a good amount of them.
  • Fixed sometimes spot-loading Railjack cosmetics when loading into a Murex Raid.
  • Fixed Oplinks placed by a squadmate who has disconnected lingering perpetually.
  • Fixed objective marker disappearing for squadmates who haven’t caught up to the player who sped their way to the Condrix in the Ground Assault mission, leading to some players getting lost on their way to the Condrix.
  • Fixed Mag’s Crush ability forcing the Condrix to close.
  • Potential fix for a back-to-back Host migration occurring due to the second Host attempting to catch up on rewards during the migration and thus migrating themselves.
  • Potential fix for a Host migration resulting in the next Condrix not spawning in the Ground Assault mission.
  • Fixed the Basmu Alt Fire mode not healing on reload.
  • Fixed Venari’s Healing aura affecting the Oplink.
    • The Oplink is intended to not be affected by Abilities.
  • Fixed the Murex II and Murex III Emblems using the Condrix II and Condrix III icons when viewed in Inventory.
  • Fixed a script crash that could occur if you were standing on a Railjack exit while travelling between locations.
  • Fixed script error that could occur when warping in your Railjack
  • Fixed a script error that occurred when your Railjack had a Hull Breach.
  • Fixed a script error when placing your Oplink in the Ground Assault mission.
  • Fixed numerous script errors when exiting an enemy Crewship.

General Changes

  • Removed Umbra Forma Blueprint from the Rare Crate drops due to a security issue. Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker will bring back Umbra Forma as a reward, and we are looking at more secure places to include it back into the droptable.
  • Clarified the Split Flight Mod to include ‘Non-AOE Bows’ in the description.
    • This is to address that Split Flight cannot be equipped on the Lenz, Kuva Bramma, or Ivara’s Artemis Bow.


  • Fixed Gara’s Mass Vitrify walls blocking Coildrives.
  • Fixed weapons losing function until you land if the Shedu is equipped while in Archwing and you attempt to switch weapons.
  • Fixed melee magnetism not functioning with Titania's Diwata in Razorwing.
  • Fixed a rare crash when a zone gets destroyed (Sanctuary Onslaught, etc) in the same frame as a connectivity update.
  • Fixed Venari’s Healing aura affecting Defense Targets.
  • Fixed the Preparation Mod not functioning if you have no extra Mod Capacity. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1179175-preparation-mod-does-not-work-if-you-have-no-extra-mod-capacity/
  • Fixed losing Melee functionality after Deploying then swapping the Dual Decurions.
  • Fixed your Warframe spinning endlessly if exiting the Arsenal while previewing a weapon with a controller.
  • Fixed the Drimper Moa Bracket appearing incorrectly when viewed in Legs’ Offerings.
  • Fixed the Partner MR Locked message when Trading not stating the Mastery Rank. It will now appear as ‘PARTNER <MASTERY_RANK> LOCKED’.
  • Fixed weapon ‘Damage Total’ in the Arsenal not appearing for weapons with only one Damage type but can be affected by multishot.
  • Fixed minor issue in Arsenal Upgrade screen where the stats scrollbar would be out of bounds if you had scrolled to the bottom of a long list of stats and then removed Mods to remove a large amount of those stats.
  • Fixed a material mismatch between Nova Atomica’s Helmet and body.
  • Fixed Prisma Latron Armor being misaligned when equipped on Nova’s Atomica Skin.
  • Fixed script error if you were upgrading a weapon from Arsenal, then accepted a Trade invite and tried to select Mods to Trade.
  • Fixed a script error when a Host migration occurred in a Survival mission.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when playing a Defection mission.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when playing an Infested Salvage mission on Eris.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to play the Shawzin.
  • Fixed a script error when using Fireworks.

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