Orb Vallis, Somachord Tones, or What I Learned By Combing Through Orb Vallis 29 Times in One Day (Rant)

Warframe15 - Orb Vallis, Somachord Tones, or What I Learned By Combing Through Orb Vallis 29 Times in One Day (Rant)

Oh, Orb Vallis. Where do I begin with you? Your blindingly white fields of snow, your hordes of angry enemies, the massive vast of space between somachord tones and spawn…. I hate you so much.

My somachord only had the seven songs from Orb Vallis left to complete it, and I decided to spend the day grinding all of them out to finish it. I quickly learned how grievous an error I had made. First off, Orb Vallis is huge. It's a vast amount of space to cover, especially for one person. If you're like me, you don't have anybody available to help you. The recruiting chat certainly wasn't going to help, so I had to do it myself. I had to literally look up a guide to help me comb through Orb Vallis; doing otherwise would've been impossible. I know that it's probably the only place in the game that has a guaranteed spawn of one somachord tone per map, but that's not saying much when Orb Vallis is as big as it is. There's so much space, the somachord tones could be literally anywhere. It's almost impossible to search for all of the somachord tones without help and/or a guide.

Not to mention that you can't see somachord tones on your mini-map (even with the proper mods, of course) when you're on a k-drive, even when you're literally right next to it. Why is that? On top of that, the mini-map view for items from the archwing is so much smaller than it is when you're on foot, even if you're only just a few feet above the ground. What's up with that?


On another note, some somachord tones looked like they were in locked caves, but ended up just being tricky and accessible through a different cave system. Some somachord tones even spawn in an open field, far away from any potential missions. Who would even randomly go to these places by chance and see these somachord tones to scan them unless they're specifically searching for them, especially on such a huge map? Plus, who had the bright idea to put pale pink/purple somachord tones on a mostly white map?

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And of course when I had one last song to grind and was on the very last somachord tone, I either overlooked the somachord tone or the map didn't spawn one at all, because I didn't find it and had to search for it all over again on another map. Note that this entire search took the better part of 11 hours (with a few breaks sprinkled in here and there), and that each mission ranged anywhere from less than two minutes to almost half an hour. You also have to search at least 28 times for all the somachord tones from Orb Vallis, and that's only if you manage to find each somachord tone per map. Now what about the people who don't have an archwing, or don't know that there's guides out there? Doing this grind could literally take several days worth of time for them.

I hate you, Orb Vallis.

Please DE, for the love of cheese puffs, never do anything like this again and NEVER put somachord tones on a huge open world map ever again. I will gladly take the RNG spawn of somarchord tones like they are in regular missions if I just never have to comb through a disgustingly huge open world map ever again.

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