Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.2

Warframe14 - Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.2

1242046 orphix venom hotfix 2962 - Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.2


Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.2

With this Hotfix comes the enabling of Operation: Orphix Venom Leaderboards and Clan Trophies!
You can find links here to view the Leaderboards outside of game:

Human Readable:


Bot & Tool Readable:

orphixVenomJS - Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.2


Full Operation and Clan Trophy Details here:

1241211 operation orphix venom live on pc - Orphix Venom: Hotfix 29.6.2


Operation: Orphix Venom Changes & Fixes:

  • Reduced the bright screen range from the Orphix death to 25 meter range (from 120 meter).
  • We now show your current amount of Phasic Cells in Father’s Operation shop in the Necralisk
  • Operation Orphix will now sort higher on Navigation’s list of current events than fissures or ghouls
  • Optimized the behaviour that when casting Voidrig’s Guard Mode with exactly 50 energy, you just jam your guns and go through the animations without actually being able to use the ability. You can no longer cast when you’re at exactly 50 energy.
  • Changed the height threshold for Necramechs to do the ‘hard landing’ behaviour to be much higher. This change was made because often you’d just hop on a flat floor and be stuck in the ‘hard landing’ behaviour animations which would disrupt flow.
  • Fixed a case where you’d be unable to use Abilities in your Necramech if you resummoned it and its last position was inside an Nullifier.
  • Fixed some erroneous ‘Up/Down’ actions visible for players in a Necramech.
  • Fixed being able to damage an Orphix before it spawned (i.e slashing empty air).

Lavos Fixes:

  • Increased the vertical reach of Lavos’ Catalyze to better hit enemies above and below his casting height.
  • Fixed lower-ranks of Transmutation Probe having longer Durations


  • Fixed several crashes and script errors.
  • Fixed Archgun Affinity not saving if you had the same weapon equipped in Heavy and Archgun Slot.
  • Fixed an exploit with Ivara’s Concentrated Arrow Augment.
  • Fixed issues with Bonewidow’s Firing Line not replicating with custom energy colours.
  • Fixed energy colours not properly applying to Voidrig.
  • Fixed issues with colour customizations not saving on the Arum Spinosa projectiles.
  • Fixed an issue with Sentients persisting after Host Migration when an Orphix is destroyed.
  • Fixed performance issues with the Fluctus.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘NEW’ label on mods not appearing properly as reported here:


  • Fixed offset issues with the TennoGen Osiris Skin.
  • Fixed being able to use a Warframe if you bleed out in the Orphix zone as seen here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/kh7x8v/getting_revived_near_an_orphix_makes_your/
  • Fixed the Rank 30 Emote Icon being stretched.
  • Fixed further issues with the Lobstriscid not being fully visible when swimming or in the diorama.
  • Fixed Residual Shock effects not appearing for Clients.
  • Fixed an issue with erroneous teleporting in the RemasteredCorpus Ship in the large Vent Room..
  • Fixed the Prisma Dual Decurion being untradeable.
  • Fixed an issue where Bonewidow could Grab the Exploiter Orb. Oh lord!

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