orphix venom tips for beginners after MANY x36 runs

Warframe15 - orphix venom tips for beginners after MANY x36 runs

So last night I finally finished my last incomplete arcane & was in discord talking to a couple frustated new(ish) freinds, I've also talked to randoms while running these & theres some things that might seem obvious for hardcore players but are less so for beginners, anyway I thought I could post a few tips that can hopefully make this easier & more enjoyable especially for people struggling to make it to 24/36…

•build for corrosive: if you've done a bunch of eidolon caps, radiation might seem like it makes sense but unlike the eidolons, the orphix have ferrite armor.

•forma: this event is a great opportunity to rank your gundams to 40, & if you have a bunch of these to do you will definitely be able to 5 forma both of them…. but, if you have limited forma, put it on the exalteds first. I think 3 will do it.

•rage/repair: energy is the one problem that seems pretty common later on, while hildryn can make up for that, running pubs you won't always have one & these mods will make your life easier. for bone widow you can alternate meat hook & shield to help mitigate while restoring energy & voidrig it's more about casting shield right at 900 or so health.

•fluctus: can shoot the resonators through walls, big help if one or two people have these, but theyre not for dps & you will usually see at least one person with one per run so not a big deal if you don't have one.

•mausolon: is really good for quickly deleting the lower leveled orphixes, if you've sunk like 4 or so forma into yours, one charged shot should do the job up to like 12.

•sabot rounds: I use this on my voidrig exalted, that little bit of punch through made a huge difference for me in that I can just hit somewhere near the weak spot & still do damage (I'm not that great at hitting it with voidrig's exalted I think compared to scarlet spear the weak spot is a bit small tbh). It also adds damage, win/win imo.

•bonewidow: seems like it can do the most sustained dps & doesn't have to worry about weak spots but the orphix are often in weird places (like 50m up on the ceiling or almost out of bounds) you can build for range & still be able to hit them but that's a bit inconsistent. There are some maps that are just easier for using bone widow in & some that just aren't. meat hook allows you to actually fully heal your gundam which is nice but without storm shroud you definitely have to be more careful & keep an eye on health later on in rounds (24+).


•voidrig: my choice most of the time, storm shroud up 90% of the time unless using rage/repair routine, & for dps, if possible being somewhat close while center mast of the orphix, & aiming slightly above the weak spot allows me to do more consistent damage.

•get out of the gundam lol: even if you're not hildryn or even paying attention to the rotation, there's no rule that says you have to stay in your mech the entire time. running from location to location is much easier/faster (at least for me) in your warframe or potatochild. If nobody in your group has a fluctus, it's sometimes better to leave the gundam in a good dps position & just use your potatochild to take out resonators., I think any amp would do the job fine, also void blast works.

•warframes to use: hildryn is an obvious choice for energy orbs, but getting the hang of rage/repair can pretty much solve your energy problems…. personally my memory is garbage & I never could quite get the hang of the rotation/maps & ended up using wukong, volt or gauss most of the time, to get around quicker & you can also add protea's helminth ability to any frame. plus I tend to turn my brain off by round 12 or so.

•magus elevate/repair & lockdown: just in general make life easier in this game, if you don't have them yet start adding to them asap.

A few builds:

bv895sN - orphix venom tips for beginners after MANY x36 runs


HXqMz8G - orphix venom tips for beginners after MANY x36 runs


Arquebex (voidrig exalted):
Ter3Ixt - orphix venom tips for beginners after MANY x36 runs


Ironbride (bonewidow exalted):
EOIxaht - orphix venom tips for beginners after MANY x36 runs


xBadwMS - orphix venom tips for beginners after MANY x36 runs


cFD6LWy - orphix venom tips for beginners after MANY x36 runs


Thats all off the top of my head buy if yall have anything important to add please lmk

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