Parazon Concept Rebuttal: If I kill an enemy they should die, let the player choose when to use the Parazon

Warframe9 - Parazon Concept Rebuttal: If I kill an enemy they should die, let the player choose when to use the Parazon

This is a partial response to this thread. I've been on the "make the Parazon the DOOM chainsaw" train for awhile now, love to see it getting traction again, hate to see this implementation be the one that pops up again.

TL;DR of what the hell I am talking about…

  • We need an innate energy/healing economy
  • Parazon exists… we should use it
  • Have Parazon-ing an enemy drop health, energy, and ammo AT BASE
  • Make Parazon-ing enemies more accessible

The part of the proposal I think is bad, directly quoted…

Instead, when an enemy "dies" they have a 15-25% chance to enter an "agony" state for a few seconds, basically an extremely slow and "agonized" death animation, in which they will be open for a mercy kill, hence the name, mercy kill. I feel that this option would allow for a much more reliable way to execute mercy kills since in later stages of the game, you won't be able to purposely leave an enemy with such a low health percentage without outright killing them.

Is this better than what we have now? Yes. Would this work? Absolutely. Would I be content if this is what DE went with? I'd sleep happy.

Is it the best solution? In my opinion, hell no. Normally I wouldn't care enough to make a rebuttal like this but I have seen this same suggestion over and over and over again. I love the enthusiasm, but if we are going to push to get the chainsaw in Warframe we should push to get the right chainsaw.

There are two massive problems with this method of making Parazon finishers more common.

  1. It is out of the player's control. Energy orbs are already RNG, we don't need to replace RNG with more RNG.
  2. A shower of energy, health, and ammo is a reward. And how are we rewarded? By watching an enemy we thought we killed not die. I shot that enemy with a contained nuclear explosion from my Lenz, they should be dead, not kneeling over like a washed up method actor.

Let's take a quick look at what the DOOM chainsaw does because it feels like we are skipping over some of its roles.

  • The Chainsaw is a tool used to refuel your murder capabilities.
  • The Chainsaw can be used to tactically remove enemies you deem need to extra-die.
  • The Chainsaw allows you to choose the right moment to refuel.

The bad proposal hits that first bullet point but completely fails at the other two. And while we shouldn't always want to copy other games one-for-one, those second two bullet points are vitally important for why the DOOM chainsaw is such a major success.


But hey, I'm not just a negative Nancy, I'm also here to sell solutions to the problems I find.

The good Parazon proposal:

  • Gaining affinity from any source (your kills or ally kills) builds up a Parazon charge. Up to four Parazon charges can be held at one time. When you have a Parazon charge you can interact with any enemy at any health value and immediately dispose of them, consuming all of your Parazon charges. For every Parazon charge consumed you get additional Health/Energy/Ammo.

Not only does this fix both the RNG and power fantasy problems, it actually enhances our power fantasy. New players hate Bursas and Nox, imagine the catharsis of a baby Excalibur being able to immediately wipe them out with a fancy animation. Furthermore it adds emergent strategies to the moment-to-moment gameplay. Maybe you want to save your Parazon charge for that special someone. Maybe you know you are about to spam a ton of abilities and you want to be ready to top-off on energy after. Seeing as energy/health/ammo are party-shared, maybe you work together as a group to stagger Parazon usage for a constant stream of fuel.

It is painful how perfectly DOOM's chainsaw fits into Warframe, let us have a good thing DE.

Bonus concepts to add to the "wouldn't the Parazon be even more epic if…" list:

  • Warframe-specific "universal" finishers: You know the hacking animation that plays if the game can't figure out how to use one of the fancy animations on an enemy? Instead of the enemy just falling over, add a fancy vfx to them that is Warframe specific. Ember causes them to burst fire, Volt electrocutes, Garuda does gore things, Wisp teleports their body away, you get the idea.
  • It would probably be too much effort but we could go even further… fully unique animations. Rhino throws the Parazon then charges into them while pulling the enemy towards him. Limbo does jojo things. Grendel uses the Parazon to yeet the enemy into his gut. Saryn could break even more Geneva conventions.

Final note: The "enemy doesn't die" mechanic isn't all bad. In fact I think it would be a fantastic way to rework Eximus into "lesser-Liches" (enemy spawns as normal, instead of dying they become downed, if you don't Parazon them in time they revive as an Eximus). But I don't think it should be the primary we use our Parazon in combat and I especially don't think we should be dependent on it.

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