Parvus Granum Lore implications

Warframe7 - Parvus Granum Lore implications

Since Deadlock Protocol Came out (and everyone pressumably cleared it first day) i've been thinking of how deep Parvus Granum's weight on the Origin system is in terms of Lore. But is a handy topic since we don't know enough to resolve said value entirely. So now i'd like to see people's thoughts on this. I shall begin:

As we know Parvus was trapped in the Void Granum ever since his pressumed ''Death'' back when the Oroking were still alive, and the Tenno hadnt fall asleep just Yet.

The first important thing to Notice is Protea's powers, pressumably the Oroking should've had more Proteas on their army or acting as Personal Guardians for Other orokins. If that's true, it means more Pocket Dimensions like the Void Granum should be helding more Orokins ''Alive'' (since they supposedly don't die at all?) by either Protea Pilots or Protea Specters. If this is true, Parvus likely has an Objective after being freed from his own Prison, if you know what i mean.

The second and most important is how the Granum Void Works. When we're doing the Quest we can notice how Biz talks about us as if we never Entered the Granum Void (First time we enter) and if we could Rebobine time mintes before entering the Granum Void as if nothing ''in the future'' ever happened (Second time we enter) . This is important since Parvus Granum did abandon the Granum Void, Therefore there are 3 Possibilities

  1. Parvus Granum returned to the Time before he had entered the Granum Void, before his Assasination, he returned to the Orokin Era (Minutes before his Ship Explosion and aware of what will happen)
  2. Parvus Granum returned exactly to the Moment of the explosion of his Ship, therefore he fucking died
  3. Parvus Granum escaped the Granum Void at the exact moment we also did, therefore he's out there on the Wild Space with Orokin knowledge

I know 3 Seems like the most Likely one since well, we actually get a message from him after the Quest is Over. But i like to believe 1st one is also a big Possibility since nothing would have impended him to stay in crio-stasis as Tenno did up to the Actual Era (and also did things in the past Knowing what the future beholds) and then sent us a message knowing who we are.

Whichever turned out (except the 2 of course) I believe the Oroking didnt just give Parvus a Warframe guard as powerful as Protea by no means. I believe Parvus has a Contract with the Orokin and could potentially have the Key to Revive the Orokins, on our time. And actually be said resurrection a Cause (or ender) of the New War.

The Third and least important thing to Notice. Parvus is an Orokin-Era Corpus, the very Founder and Big boss of the Whole Corpus. Proven that he is actually Smart. He could potentially lead the Corpus to Match the Grinneer on Strategic/Military enforcement and Union the Corpus has always lacked. Therefore converting them on the biggest Threat after the Sentients.

But this whole thread is just my thoughts on the Quest. I'd like to see what other folks think if you would let me know. Thanks for reading if so here's a TLDR

TLDR: Parvus could potentially revive the Orokin and be the next Antagonic Face after the New War

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