Permabanned for nothing without chance to appeal

Warframe14 - Permabanned for nothing without chance to appeal

tl;dr: got banned for nothing (from my side of view) without chance to appeal and no real explanation, any suggestions how to restore 4 years of playtime account? Maybe contact DE devs directly? Skip to Ban for details.

Me and game

I've been playing this game for 4 years, got 1k+ hours of gameplay (Steam even tells 2k, but that's not real ingame time, I think), and even if sometimes I get tired of it I'm still returning for awesome new stuff that is coming and because the gameplay is great. Just master rank 21, didn't even finish main campain because I don't need to force it – even after 4 years I want to extend the pleasure and just play the game. I've started solo, then my friends joined me, after some time they got bored and left, but I'm still here.

I want to add that I hate cheating in multiplayer and don't like it singleplayer. Also I don't like microtransaction for ingame loot. Well, no, I don't like when there is no way of getting ingame loot from the game itself. So that's why I've never bought any amount of plat with real money and I've never used plat discount. Only in game trading for prime parts and mods after long grind.

I've got no bans, no warnings, until 2 days ago…


"At 12 May I first entered the game about 12:00 and started to trade 3 riven mods in trade chat. I've sold 2 of them for 50 and 60 plat and decided to open some rivens that I have about 14:50 UTC+4. I've startedsurvival on Erida about 2 times, but failed the riven goal. Then I've decided to try extermibation and did open 1 riven, but on the way back to my ship I got "Failed to update account info" message again and again for 5 minutes, so I've decided to restart game. And after that I've been notified that I was banned." that is what I sent in the ticket to support.

After 2 days I've got an answer that they "have detected multiple instances of suspicious activity on this account", and "upon manual review of your account, there is no question that the suspicious activity was indeed in violation of the EULA", but no exact explanation of what I did violate, so "ban will remain on your account and there are no further options for you to appeal against this decision." I've already opened a follow up for clarification.

From the part ME I can say for that 1k+ hours of gameplay I got some part of soul very tied to my account, and without cheating and donating you need to grind A LOT in this game to get some good equipment. So loosing that 4 years of life in one moment is quite painful.

Support service

I've read the EULA and have some thoughts about reasons why I was banned that I will write later (skip to Possible reasons), but for now I have some things about support that I don't like:

1. No confirmation email of opened ticket – after the first day of waiting I thought that I didn't open it because of error, it is not crucial, but autoemailing on ticket open will be great addition;

2. No explanation/context of ban reason – that generic messages of "suspicious activity" and "violation of the EULA" after even "upon manual review of your account" don't tell me anything. If you does indeed "manual review" you can tell what was wrong, just link me EULA or ToS paragraph(s) at least. "You should know for what you've been banned" thing is not working on non telepaths.

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3. The "no further options for you to appeal against this decision" – the topic was closed and I can't even reply in the same topic for the same reason – only create a follow up that they can also close and after some time I will need to jump accross several topics to get to the first message – thats strange. And the line itself sounds like "death sentence".

Possible reasons

I've searched for ban reasons and found some reasons that were somehow related to EULA/TOS, but not really, and some cases of bans for "nothing". So I gathered info on my playtime for last half of year to find out what was the possible reason:

1. I'm (was) playing with my GF from the same LAN, and sometimes she logs in using my Steam account on my computer because her notebook is crap (20 fps on lowest). But she doesn't know my account pass, nor I know hers, and as I thought you CAN use the same Steam account to log in into Warframe because you need ANOTHER login to enter the game. If I was banned for sharing my account it was not the case. What if you have 5 brothers or sisters? You need to relog to Steam for everyone to then log into WF? That's stupid if it's the case.


2. 1.5 month ago I sold my GF trinity part for 90 plat (that was median according to WF market site), is it bad? Before that (about 4-5 months ago) I gave her some gold mods in exchange of prime parts, maybe that was not "market pricing", but she wanted those mods, I wanted some of those prime parts so the exchange was fair from this perspective. Or what, I can't even give a gift to my GF without using "paid" gift from ingame market? Please, create some kind of gift system for such cases where you don't need to give something in exchange.

3. One month ago I was on a trip without PC, but with android WF app, and so I've got notified about 3 Lotus Gift missions with weapon skins rewards. I wanted those skins, so I've used TeamViewer mobile to connect to my computer to finish them and… it was really hard, because you can't move with WSAD, only roll, jump and slash, your sens is over the top and you have a tiny screen to play on. The hardest part was to escape the survival mission, because now you need to get to the exit by yourself. But I really wanted those skins, so I managed to finish those missions, erased my fingertips, and even on survival I was the second top damage dealer. Maybe that triggered macro or bot using, but you can use same controls on you PC with some ingame settings changed. And it looks like TeamViewer is permitted for use, so it's not some "third party app hack" .

4. Last transactions for 2 bad riven mods. It was nothing special, I was using ingame trade chat to find buyers and, because of NOT WORKING PORTS for about a half year (plsfixit) we exchanged on Maroo's Bazaar. It took me about 3 hours of constantly copy-pasting "WTS …" in trade chat every 2-5 minutes with sometimes longer AFK periods while I was working on Windows images in VBox. It was not "dark plat" because my accout still have it on balance. Or maybe it was "dark plat"? IDK… but it is not my fault anyways. Maybe it is AFK trigger? But why then you can't create offline store ingame on bazar?

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5. After selling mods I went as Loki to solo missions, because rivens are for "stealthy" goals. I've left 2-3 times in 30 seconds after missions start because of failing the task and forgetting to take the right weapon – that can be susspicious (?), but not really the reason for ban. But after I've managed to open the riven I was immediately banned. I don't know even what riven it was, I was banned on the way back to the liset. Maybe it is connected to the case?

For now I can't find out any more possible reasons, and if you'll read them without context you can say that some of them are PROBABLY do violate EULA or ToS, but not really.


I've decided to create this topic firstly to solve my case, because I'm quite depressed after that "death sentence". But also, after searhing the internet I found some cases of perma bans without real case, resolution, feedback from support and information that instantly put me in despair. For me it looked like that if you got banned you are banned forever without a chance to appeal. And even if you get unbanned you must be thankful for it because they do it for "ONE TIME ONLY CHANCE". And they do forgive real cheaters, but for me – permaban, nothing else. It looks bad, because I won't create new account and won't have a chance to support this great game because that part of soul was lost with the old account.

P.S. That'is quite a lot of text, but for me it is an important case to tell, that it is not fair to take away 4 year of joy from me and telling me that I am a cheater or some bad guy. Let me at least explain myself if you indeed have some evidence of … " suspicious activity". I just wanted to play the game that I was playing for so long.

P.P.S. Because of ban I'm loosing rewards for current Wolf tactical alert, Lotus Gifts and my 175 Wulf currency will be gone after 19 May. It's not much, but I woun't have a chance to get them even I will be unblocked, which pisses me off…

P.P.P.S. Sorry for my bad english.

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