Permadeath isn’t the problem. Arbitrations suck and will continue to suck until the actual issues with them are addressed.

Warframe3 - Permadeath isn't the problem. Arbitrations suck and will continue to suck until the actual issues with them are addressed.

The idea behind Arbitrations is great. It's a difficult permadeath game mode that provides good rewards after completing the star chart, but there are two major issues with the execution.

THE DRONES – Arbitration drones are a core feature of Arbitrations as a games mode. It seems that their intended purpose is to provide a challenge for players. The problem is that they just don't they're a non-threat. They do however severely limit the players choice of Warframe. Any frame that doesn't have survivability that's granted by self buffing is effectively out of the picture for Arbitrations. Considering most of the mission types in Arbitrations don't require anything specific that means that the meta for these missions is incredibly stale and unvaried. You play Inaros, Rhino, or maybe Gara if you need to defend something because they're the least likely to die. Arbitration drones need new mechanics that actually test the player rather than limiting their choices.


THE ROTATIONS – This is the second issue with Arbitrations. The doubled timed to get a reward, make these missions feel like an unrewarding slog. While the ABCCCCC… rotation order is great, but it takes 30 minutes in survival to get to your first rotation C. Most players don't want to spend that long in a single mission especially when the rewards for doing so are mediocre. Endo, the primary reason to play Arbitrations can be farmed much faster in Rathuum and while rewarding Ayatans may seem like a good idea at first it quickly becomes a strictly worse than getting endo due to the rarity of Ayatan stars. There's only one mission type where this isn't the case. Excavation arbitrations are the only type I play anymore. While Gara is by far the best choice with no real due to the low and non-scaling health of the excavators it's the only arbitration game mode with a decent reward schedule. With a decent squad, you get a reward every 3-5 minute (in addition to Cryotic). Excavation Arbitrations are actually my current favorite game mode in warframe as they're the only game mode that feels like it rewards high skill with good rewards. In my opinion, the key to fixing the other arbitration game modes isn't to just shorten the timer but to make give them more unique and challenging mechanics that give you rewards faster for engaging with them. For example, DE could add pickups similar to the ones in Kuva survival that you drop into the life support towers to speed up the mission but also increase the enemy level and spawn rate.

TL;DR – Arbitration missions in their current state are a boring slog that limit player choices and aren't actually challenging.

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