Plains of Eidolon Day/Night Cycle

Warframe7 - Plains of Eidolon Day/Night Cycle

Hello Subreddit,

I would like to get some opinions from the community.

I don't know how many of the community actually hunt Eidolons but personally I really enjoy the hunts and would love to farm out the arcanes myself. But to the day I have probably still completed less than 10 Hydrolyst Captures myself. It's not that I don't have the gear or frames or the mods to do it nor do I lack the skill.

Personally I hardly ever do them because I absolutely hate the day-night cycle on earth.

I do not get any immersion or sense of satisfaction when the day turns to night or vice versa while I am on earth. Usually quite the opposite, I tend to get stressed to complete whatever I am trying to do as it is tied to a specific cycle. Be it farming flowers for Grove Guardians, farming materials in the plains or fish or as stated above hunting Eidolons.

My fix for this would be to just get rid of the "realistic" day-night cycle we have right now and just tie the current cycle to the bounty or mission you are doing. So if you go to Konzu all bounties would be available at all times and depending on which bounty you choose you have day or night in the plains. (Pretty much like old Monster Hunter pre-World if any of you can relate)

This way you could hunt Eidolons whenever you want and look for groups instead of being at the mercy of the 3 hour cycle. Might even get more players into Eidolons since they aren't pressured for time since you only have 40 minutes to complete a tri-dolon which to experienced players is enough to complete 5 or more tri-dolons but casuals and pugs sometimes struggle to complete 2 or even just 1 tri-dolon hunt in time.


Me being a 27 year old Zoo-Boomer (I am slowly transitioning to a boomer as my weekly schedule gets fuller and fuller I guess xD) struggle to get any tri-dolons done during the week since I have 2-6 hours at best after work depending on the day and have to complete other stuff daily as well like focus caps, sortie, etc.

But I play alot on the weekends if I am not taken by other things up to 18 hours in fact^^ so I guess I play as much as I can but I prioritize friends and other responsibilites when they come up. So not really casual but also not really hardcore anymore. Mid-core maybe? if that's a thing?

And as stated above I hate the constant stress during the hunt to complete it as fast as possible so you can get as many runs as possible in before you have to wait another 2 hours again -.-

What are your opinions on this? Do you think we would loose anything substantial if they get rid of the dynamic day-night cycle? Or do you think it might affect Eidolon hunting negatively if it would be available at all times?

TL;DR: I think the 3 hour day/night cycle is annoying and cumbersome and should be changed. My suggestion would be the cycle being tied to the bounty taken if appropriate (so Eidolon bounties would be always night and available all the time, and other bounties could have an option for it or be at random every bounty-cycle)

Having a dynamic day-night cycle also doesn't add much or anything to the game in my opinion.

What are your thoughts?

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